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  1. 45 minutes ago, MicheleinPhilly said:

    From episode 1, I could just tell that these people were full of 💩. DeAnne acted like because she flew "standby" that somehow negated the fact that she just told us she was dirt poor and now she's flying somewhere. You still have to pay to fly standby - it's not a free ticket lottery.

    And that story about her mother was just total BS. I don't really know anything about the tenets of Mormonism but I assume it's like other religions where telling outright lies is frowned upon. 🤷‍♀️ 

    Per the bannister story, allow me to get preachy:  What in f**k is that a good thing to teach your kids?  Mom will work her tail off to throw money off a banister?  How about taking them with you to work to see how hard it is to be a working adult?  It was, to me, stinking of teaching your kids money will be thrown at you and to worship money.  The saying is "The love of money is the root of all evil" as some people think it is "Money is the root of all evil."  Nothing wrong with earning a living (legally) but to teach your kids, in a roundabout way, to be greedy?  How about taking that money, shave ten percent off to give to an animal shelter or something, half in the bank as a cushion, then teach your kids about investing?

    Hey kids!  Here is your tiny piece of hamburger!  Mom is off on a flight!  TOODLES!

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  2. 1 hour ago, DanielleBowden said:

    Oh my goodness.  There was so much WTF in this that I completely forgot this!

    I had to back it up and again!  "Oh yeah, it was so funny!!!  You are cordially invited to the marriage of our daughter to OUR SON!  Ha ha ha ha!!  Oh the hilarity!"   Look, I have a cousin who, through my birth uncle (hate that term) passing before I was born, his widow remarrying and having a son, that male cousin and I have no blood but we ARE COUSINS.   We are related, period.

    So......you are so poor you are cutting up a hamburger to split seven ways then you are on a flight?  Look, I used to get the number two cheeseburger meal as a treat for me and my then toddler sons but I was cheap, not broke.  And I didn't then hop a flight.

    And I do not buy for one minute the "My mom tossed $3000 in five dollar bills off the banister and said keep what you want."  A couple of things:  way to make your kids fist fight each other over cash, way to treat your kids without parity and WHAT A WASTE OF THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

    I saw a LLR dress in an upscale thrift store and it was beyond ugly.

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  3. I started watching last night and after twenty minutes had to peace out but will get back into it.  THEIR DAUGHTER MARRIED THEIR SON.  Oh but it's okay, there is no blood, they never lived together.  

    And yes, $412 in 1965 equals $3439 in 2021 dollars so yeah, I would work in the mines for that weekly paycheck. 

    As someone who had WLS in 2006 and kept the weight off, it will be interesting to hear that storyline.

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  4. 12 hours ago, JocelynCavanaugh said:

    She definitely has smoker energy.

    Per Jenny:  I respectfully disagree.  She has zero energy, except for whipping that chair across the room!


    15 hours ago, Hotel Snarker said:

    He is a walking red flag. He gives me the creeps. Just bad vibes, man. He is like Brandon in reverse. I'm so glad that Alina understands that he should be able to control himself, it’s his responsibility, not hers. I hope she escapes him

    That is such a true and sad statement:  not breaks up but escapes!

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  5. 38 minutes ago, Xebug67 said:

    Jenny was having to teach her son how to get things done. 

    It reminded me about teaching my sons to be adults, starting when they were teens.  They are (almost) fully independent  One is 22, one is 24.  And no I never had to nag them.  FYI;  They don't scam or lie to the ladies.

    6 minutes ago, Xebug67 said:

    As Ari was stating her life philosophy, as you so aptly put it, about work being overrated, I totally had visions in my head of her with a cartoon bubble caption above her head, envisioning her parents dropping different denominations of cash out of the sky and into lazy Ari and unambitious Bini's laps as they're both lounging around their fancy Ethiopian home doing nothing - not even caring for baby Avi, who's in the hands of the lovely caretaker.

    Reminds me of the Finnish girl - "I am not that into working."

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  6. 1 hour ago, Pepper Mostly said:

    Steven is just a young arrogant attention hog who thinks he's so SPONTANEOUS! and FUN! and UNINHIBITED! (remember Paris Patrick? Yeah, like him)

    ^^^^^100%^^^^^  Kinda reminds me of Big Ed and how wacky he wants people to think he is.  Wacky people don't tell people they are wacky.  


    17 hours ago, KateHearts said:

    How many commercials and shows do we see where women insult and embarrass their (supposed) significant others for kicks? Think the commercial where the dumb husband changes the baby diaper on the kitchen counter (as wife discovers with rolling eyes) or the scene here where Evelyn gleefully watches and snickers as her sisters humiliate her husband? It's really awful and tiresome.

    I hate that "storyline" as well, and won't buy from companies that do use that angle.

    Whoever said upthread that Steven is looks greasy and dirty was spot on.  I want him to bathe for like an hour and steam clean his face to clean it out.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Breedom said:

    His idea of communication is to look apathetic and stare into space.

    I would pay money to see Sumit and Big Mike from Sequim decide to go out to dinner.  It would take five hours between the indecision and shoulder shrugging and stating off into space.


    4 hours ago, seacliffsal said:

    Although there has been speculation that perhaps SteVen is on the spectrum, after watching this episode I think that SteVen has a severe case of wanting attention (which Alina even referenced [he likes to be the center of attention]).  I doubt he would have jumped in the pool if the camera hadn't been there. 

    Yep, sped teacher here.  No autism detected, yet, but I DO agree with the "What can I do to get attention?" line of thinking as I see that daily, hourly in my middle school setting.  Socially awkward yes, autism, no.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Persnickety1 said:

    I dunno about that.

    I seem to recall her daughter was all about kissing Sumbitch's ass on the reunion, total turnabout from her comments during the season.

    I walked away thinking she was as wishy-washy as her flaky mother.  

    Really?  Then I take it back as I must have missed that on the reunion.  I loved the DIL's snark look on her face, though.

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  9. 1 hour ago, hookedontv said:

    I don't understand people don't work, who have no income, yet have bills and responsibilities, but expect others to pay for them. I've had a couple family members with this mentailty.

    I was just reading an article on this!  A LOT, and I mean a lot, of men don't work.  Take out homeless/mentally ill/unable, take out disabled, take out wealthy and don't need to, take out retired at 55 thanks for asking, take out stay at home dad.....there are MANY men (and women) who won't work.  I mean, what the holy hell?  Glad my siblings are all workers......and savers!

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  10. Again, this is said from someone who likes them and bought a Cameo from Alex:  Just take a break from social media for a while and enjoy your little family.  In private.  Then again I am off IG now so I won't be subjected to the many photos plus the many MANY shares.

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  11. 5 hours ago, steff13 said:

    Or is she still getting it because she is still a US citizen?  There's no excuse for Sumit to not be working, though.  

    She can still receive it as long as she remains a US citizen.  There is no excuse for Sumit to be.....anything.  His career seems to be scamming, lying, drawing things out, being weak, being broke, and being a weak simpering man.  Not really sure what they see in each other.  Maybe it is best they are together so they are off the market. but just stay off my tv.  Then again, I am only halfway in on this season anyway.  Steven to see how dorky he can really get, and, (hangs head in shame) these two fools just to mute her every time she mentions:  visa, passport, marriage, timeline, borders, "You need to stand up to your parents", or cries.

    Edited:  I prefer simpering over weak.  A man does not have to be alpha strong and smelling of testosterone.  Simpering fits him better!

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  12. 9 hours ago, Coltee Gal said:

    I hate Bini’s sisters. That’s all

    Evelyn's sisters too. I wanted Corey to not throw the soup, just get up and walk away and file for divorce from that condescending, hateful shrew and her coven of sisters.

    2 hours ago, Hotel Snarker said:

    She has never shown the same love for Bini she shows for Leandro.

    She has never shown love for anyone but herself.

    My internet is STILL out so I skim through the Sunday drop on D plus.  Can someone clear it up for me id Alina aver actually agreed to convert to being a Mormon?  Like 100% all in, yes I am telling my mom and everything?  Cause he seems like he is pushing it on her a bit too strong.  And if you do convert, is getting baptized again an actual thing?  I ask as I was baptized as an infant and that is good enough for me, thanks.

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  13. I just watched the whole thing.  Fast forwarded through a lot.  Jenny gave me a hearty laugh when she told her son oops I mean Sumit that when she makes up her mind to do something, she does it!

    I ff through most of Corey and Evelin but she and her sisters are cruel and degrading towards Corey. 

    Steven, you are weird.

    Bini and company:  don't care.

    Kenny and Armando I ff through as I am positive it is all for show.

    Sumit's parents show up next week!!! 

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  14. On 9/16/2021 at 7:43 AM, Pepper Mostly said:

    Molly is giving me fucking hives. ALL of these stupid women are giving me hives! This whole "I want my friends to meet my new guy so they can tell me if he's right for me" is so monumentally stupid that I am reduced to jibbering  incoherently  drinking heavily when these scenes come on. "My friends are brutally honest and have no filter so I know they'll ask the hard questions!". Pro tip--ask them yourself. Expecting your unsuspecting date to perform like some kind of trained seal for your rude, pushy, oversharing friends is probably number one on the checklist "How to make sure your guy never calls you again".

    Molly has always given me hives.  Her whole drawl when it comes in handy, I am a helpless female.....choosing Luis over her daughter, which f**ked that relationship FOR LIFE as my mom did that too, and that wound NEVER heals, my friends.

    If I went on a date with a guy and his friends started drilling me I would, legit, get up and leave and block him.  What is up with THAT?  "What are your intentions?  Do you have a job?  Are you going to leave him someday?  WHAT WILL YOU BE FEELING IN THREE YEARS?"

    And I fixed your response for you.


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