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  1. In the middle of watching this and am appropriately enthralled and horrified. I have lived near two nuclear power plants for most of my life. Every year, I have to authorize the school on the registration forms to have permission to give my kids potassium iodide pills in the event of a disaster. And the government issues us pills to keep at home as well. Chills me to the bone seeing why. I like how this feels visually 1986. I like the pacing and how it doesn’t seem sensationalized the way Hollywood often retells true events.
  2. Imagine my surprise when I hear my own name in the birthday ad! Happy birthday to me! And I totally did get a warning (my only one on Twop) because of YouTube. Best present ever!
  3. Boybands and The Bachelor on the same show. What a time to be alive!
  4. This show films near my work and I pass the set whenever they are on location. I look forward to seeing it.
  5. I have to say, I'm pretty happy that Nick is going to be the Bachelor. What I look for in a season is a lead that I find attractive (check.), has an interesting back story that I care about (two silver medal finishes on Bachelorette? check.) and someone that I don't want to smother while they sleep (check.) I'm a wrong reasons watcher that is always pleasantly surprised with right reasons outcomes, so this is best case scenario for me. The only guy from JoJo's season I was remotely interested in watching was Wells, and I'm happy for now that he is left out of the circus! :) I do h
  6. I agree! I am an instragram follower of his, and don't consider myself pathetic. I'm not really excited about Luke, and I really think the franchise could get someone better. I'd love to see someone else, anyone else (Wells, or even Nick would be my own current day personal choices), but I wouldn't shit talk his supporters. Not a good look.
  7. I was reading in the Bachelor subreddit that they are also leaning towards Nick. They've taken all the clues that Fleiss is tweeting and having them match up with him. I'd be much happier with Nick than Luke, so I really hope it's true. I'm still really all in on my first choice Wells, but we know that's a long shot.
  8. Wells is my favourite of this season - the closest to what I would call "my type". So I hope he gets to escape this shit show soon. Alex, at the beginning of the season I thought he had a really handsome face (think Prince Charming from Cinderella), but his insides are rotten. The rest of them are interchangeable and all have the same haircut as my 10 year old son. So there's that. I'm happy that I'm a wrong reasons viewer, because this season has lots of wrong reasons, and no real love story to root for. JoJo is a pretty girl, but there's not much going on outside of that - at l
  9. It's also available on Shomi in Canada. I'm on season 4. I haven't noticed any difference with the soundtrack yet...
  10. I haven't enjoyed Castle much for the last two seasons, so I'll be quite happy to see what season 9 brings without Beckett. I enjoyed them during the first 1/2 of the series run, but after they got together - and particularly this season with their fake separation - it became cheesy and stale. I came to this show for Nathan, so I'm happy that he has re-signed for now.
  11. This episode is so bad. You know what else is bad? Donna's Magic Mountain outfit.... jean on jean is NEVER okay!
  12. So many of the women irritated me tonight, I wouldn't know where to begin. I will say that there is not chance that those harpy twins won't be in Paradise. And I'd like them to go to the well for a new Bachelorette... not Caila. She is bland and I don't think she'd be very interesting to watch as the lead. I still want her hair (even the hair she was sporting last night). Perhaps they can look back to other past contestants beyond this season to find someone eligible.
  13. Father Pee Pants got potty trained... damn! Abraham was cold as ice to Rosita, I hope karma comes back around and gives him a swift combat boot to the ass. (Or a zombie bite to the neck). I held my breath for much of this epidode, and all but abandoned my "two screen experience" -- good on you show. I was focused, which is rare in this time of iphone/ipads.
  14. Watching Blndspot this week, a character entered a scene saying " I think Lauren B will go all the way". Even fake FBI agents on TV need their reality fix.
  15. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't cheesy. But I'd also be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. I had low expectations as an OG viewer, but it was really sweet in the corny way it always has been. The split screens made me tear up, the NKOTB dance made me squeal and Kimmy Giblers feet are still grody. Oh, and when they broke the fourth wall regarding the twins, hilarious. I'm all about being meta. I do wish I didn't hate Candace Cameron Bure so much because it interferes with my overall enjoyment.
  16. I don't like that this season currently reminds me of Vienna 2.0. And we don't need a repeat of that troll.
  17. Josh Gad won that episode on performances alone. Kaley is a beautiful girl, but she kinda seems like an asshole.
  18. Joey McIntyre!!! My first not husband. The show is cute, I didn't expect to like it, but I do.
  19. Damn Canada, we always miss out on the fun! I should actually just go visit the bowels of YouTube to watch it!
  20. I love you. This makes me really weep for the original espisodes with soundtrack intact. I always remember the post credit scene with Donna at the Juke Box "Jeremy Jordan, Alright!" that went into the Jeremy Jordan video. Good times.
  21. This is what I took away from this first episode. Cecily Strong has been stunt cast as Lace "Girl you wish you didn't strike up a conversation with at a party" from SNL Weekend Update.
  22. I didn't get the best vibe from Kaitlyn and Shawn last night. I suspect they will be broken up before they are ever married. She didn't seem genuine when she said that they rushed through the show and had all the time in the world to be together without rushing to get married. It is a true statement, but something about her delivery made me think that they are not happy. I like the idea that the superfans are CH's only co-hosts. Lets make it a nice rotating door, put in some cast members and dish about the Bachelor. Done. No need to make it more than it is.
  23. That has always been one of my favourite scenes. I got excited when I realized it was in this episode. It was as funny to 40 year old me as it was to teen me. I've also been wary of French menus since viewing this for the first time.
  24. I also remembering Kelly on Melrose Place - and if I recall correctly, David and Donna are in tow. What I do remember correctly are the Jim Walsh level threats I waged to my family in the event that someone forgot to hit record during the MP premiere. Things would never have been the same.
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