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  1. I could probably do without any romance.
  2. Never milk? The only crispy cookies I like are Pepperidge Farm gingersnaps, which naturally I eat with milk. (I will fight for this!) The phrase "digestive biscuits" was always enough to turn me against them, so thanks for the confirmation.
  3. That didn't even occur to me! Slapping my own self upside the head.
  4. 2727

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I've been on a vegetable cream soup kick for a couple of months -- always squash, broccoli or asparagus. Now that you mention it, I'll try cauliflower this week. I top the soup with baked cheese rounds, so yeah, it acts primarily as a crouton delivery device. Would bulky bread/bread substitutes perhaps persuade your husband to change his soup stance?
  5. Fun! Can't wait to watch and discuss.
  6. The repetitive plaintive wails can for sure be exasperating. Like you, I try to be sympathetic because I've also been one of the complainers about a book that's particularly special/meaningful to me -- I just couldn't bear to watch the (butchered, I say!) TV version. It's different when it's your bull being gored.
  7. Chasing after someone in a public place, catching up and grabbing them. As they turn around, whoops! Wrong person.
  8. 2727

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I want to take a Winnebago eating tour of North America and stop at all of your houses! Tonight I tried to recreate Walmart's bagged Southwest chopped salad -- it was one of my favorites and some doofus completely changed the recipe. My attempt included chopped cabbage/carrots, cilantro, fresh salsa, chicken strips and grated cheddar. Chipotle dressing. I didn't have tortilla chips but chili cheese Fritos did the trick. It's quite the low calorie marvel.
  9. This has to be one of the best topics on the site. Being pissed off is a fine hobby, if you ask me.
  10. What a nice thread! Reading through it has made me smile.
  11. Agreed, but he sure lets himself be pulled.
  12. From a couple of years ago -- the actor who plays Roller reportedly got dissed by the judge in a misdemeanor drug charge. (It's the NY Post, so the standard skeptical side eye applies.)
  13. 2727

    S01.E02: Funerary

    Well, Niecy is 14 years older than the actor who plays Roller. ;-)
  14. 2727

    S01.E02: Funerary

    I couldn't take my eyes off the erotic Jesus paintings in Uncle Daddy's living room.
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