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  1. I won't be surprised if he's not around Daytime for long. But then again, sometimes really talented people get stuck in Daytime for some reason. Either way, I am enjoying him now.
  2. The whole scene with Carly and Brit was disgusting (on Carly's part, Brit rules of course). I felt like it's really heavily implying that Carly procures bedmates for Jason. They first must meet with Carly and she sniffs them, and questions them, maybe even cops a feel, and then let's them know she comes first, but she will allow them to share Jason's bed. WTF???!! This has really jumped the shark IMO. Give me a break. This is serious psychosexual stuff. Does Carly have to watch the bedding? Make sure the woman is performing well enough to satisfy Jason but not too well? Sick stuf
  3. I think Mo blew the line, he hesitated and then said "pound'. It made no sense. Maybe it was supposed to be suitcase full or something like that. I think he blows a lotta lines actually.
  4. Yeah I was thinking about this too. Where are the sleazy one night stands and the outrageous cheating stories? Like sleeping with your bff's wife or whatever. I don't get it. And i never in my life saw such virginal older teens. I mean, they're in college now, hello. But it's all around. It's very chaste. Very weird. OH gosh, I think Kemo is a forever beauty. I don't think she's had bad work either. She looks fantastic, we should all be so blessed.
  5. I totally agree about Austin, but am waiting to see with her and Drew. I'm not sure.
  6. I think they may chem test drew with maxie, and i have a feeling that's going to catch.
  7. IMO without BM in the role, there's no point to bringing back Dream, and I am liking Sante, so I'm okay with this.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if the PTB don't do things like this to mess with the actors who got on their bad side. Forcing NLG into a cozy scene with Ingo recently comes to mind. Kemo talked a lot about how she and Miller worked to build Dream, and we know there was BTS drama and Kemo was very unhappy. Now they have forced her to say she never loved him. So, who knows. I side eye all this stuff.
  9. Perhaps she isn't stick thin and is very shapely. She is stunningly beautiful and they should show her voluptuousness, we won't fall into shock seeing the figure of someone who isn't a 0-2.
  10. Laura is a good actress, it's nothing against her, but the character of Carly is repugnant and repulsive and I just can't. I wish they would kill her off. I am hoping Nina kicks her ass, but I'm sure that won't be permitted. omg Valentine and Anna, that actually looked real. And is there anyone Stuart doesn't have wild chemistry with? That guy is amazing. Of course, Finola is no slouch, but she didn't have chem with Fin like that.
  11. Anything but a return to the status quo.
  12. OMG. I was okay with this story IF it ended with a change of the status quo. If they are doing this so that Sonny still loves Carly, isn't torn, and everyone blames Nina, then nah. Then this was all a big waste. I would find today's show almost unbelievable if I it weren't for the fact that I'm a long time GH viewer. I guess this is about par for the course. Damn, this is actually enough to make me take a big break, and I am not one who usually says that. The last long break I took is when they had the fight with PP and had to write off Todd and McBain. I was gone for over a year. I
  13. I found today's show difficult. Maybe it's me but the scenes depicting a man burning two women alive was too much. I am sickened they did that. I realize they will be saved, but so what. I don't want to watch this kind of shit.
  14. I like this a lot better than Peter holding Jax hostage and no reveal.
  15. I figured MB was vaxxed because I saw a Zoom he did with Nancy during the height of Covid, and he seemed very stressed and taking it very serious. I think it's going to be Ingo, Chad, the guy who plays Brando, and one or two surprises. But I don't think it's Burton.
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