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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I had forgotten how hilarious this episode is.
  2. woodstock

    The NBA

    I enjoyed every minute of 'The Last Dance' as a trip down memory lane (I was in my 20s during the Bulls dynasty). It was great reliving that time period and being reminded of the impact MJ and the Bulls had on the NBA. For me the reactions from MJ's former teammates, other NBA players, coaches, media personalities, etc. about 'The Last Dance' have been nearly as entertaining as the documentary itself.
  3. Same! I miss season 1 of this show. It used to be so much fun. Now it’s just tedious.
  4. So true. Actions have consequences and unfortunately Darryl is learning that the hard way. I’m glad Hondo checked the girl’s father about disrespecting Darryl in Hondo’s house. The rest of the episode was meh although I’m glad Luca is back in the field.
  5. This show is so ridiculous and yet I can’t stop watching...LOL.
  6. woodstock

    NFL Thread

    I noticed that too! I kept wondering if all of those folks were self isolating together or if folks just showed up for the draft. Honestly, the only people I’d want there would be my parents. The girlfriend/mama interactions...wow. Drama indeed! I really liked the virtual draft. It was very casual and some of the visuals-Bruce Arians chilling on the porch, Kyle Shanahan’s and Jon Lynch’s kids, John Elway stunting with the three Super Bowl trophies, Henry Ruggs’ robe, Javon Kinlaw’s dad rolling around on the floor...LOL.
  7. Loved seeing Yvette Nicole Brown. What was Grace wearing?!
  8. No words. I thought the season finale for A Million Little Things was bad. This was god awful.
  9. Very predictable and boring season finale. What is the point of bringing up the lake drama?? It’s just so random. *sigh* of course I’ll be back next season. This show is a bad car crash I can’t look away from.
  10. Every time Denise sneezed or coughed I wanted to wipe her down with a disinfecting wipe and spray her with Lysol! I don't think I would have let her stay in my house....LOL. Seriously, I hope they deep cleaned that bathroom especially the tub and changed the sheets on the bed she slept on. I thought it was interesting that Mixed-ish and Black-ish both had themes dealing with black folks' reluctance and distrust of doctors and the medical establishment/community/vaccines. I definitely remember older relatives refusing to go to the doctor until it was almost too late or sadly too late. I too enjoyed seeing how Bow's journey into medicine began.
  11. Is it bad that I was cheering and saying ‘Go Aaron’ during that scene. I don’t hate Zoey but she can be insufferable and selfish at times. I fell out at Doug’s ‘Look at Jesus won’t he do it? Hallelujah!...He didn’t do it’ line. What does Charlie do exactly? LOL
  12. Don’t even get me started...LOL! I’ve given money to people who were supposedly in dire financial straits only to have them post pictures of themselves vacationing on social media! So yeah I’m really reluctant to help people out. THIS! At some point you have to cut people off and stop letting people guilt trip you into always thinking you have to help them. Unfortunately, I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Duck Hunt and Super Mario Brothers...Classic!
  13. Doug is the most relatable character on this show IMO. $200k in student loans??!! Holy frak! Perfect example of researching and understanding the true cost of college.
  14. Nurse Joy is my hero or should I say ‘shero’ of the episode. I hope that’s the last we see of that booster. He was slimy and annoying. So far I like how Olivia’s podcast is being interwoven into the show.
  15. Best moments: Eddie discussing his alcoholism with Theo. Rome and his therapist discussing the stigma surrounding mental health issues in the Black community especially for men. Surprised by the no scar reveal so I’m curious to see where this is headed.
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