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  1. the son (jan and dianes grandson) suffered from depression very sad when he died....a fews years before that his father (jan and dianes son-in-law)died of cancer
  2. did anyone notice they have expanded who can be on the show?? a lady was on and she inherited $900.000.00 from a distant relative
  3. that poor cat..when they are riddled with fleas they can be anemic and die from it... lady vet did not check the eyes the pink part will look white..I know she had to take care of the sores and the fleas. and the episode before that pol was at a farm and removed a bloody cancer growth ..no gloves and hands it to the horse owner also not wearing gloves and it was bloody...do either of them have any microscopic cuts on their hands .....I mean it was a bloody lump of cancer...I wouldn't touch it without gloves
  4. yes they were called creepy crawlers and dang that mold sure got hot!!! made spiders and worms and bugs my brother had a wood burning kit one years....and still around I remember the first year skateboards came out and everyone got one for christmas that year!
  5. wanted to update florence grey was originally played by anne collings 1973-1974 now she is being played by Annie abbott! found it on general hospital fandom
  6. apparently real (taggart) is not sick he was filming something in mexico...a shame they couldn't wait and film this with him........I googled about anne cummings and who is playing florence grey and found nothing does anyone have a link?? oh never mind I just found this Florence Grey is a fictional character from the ABC daytime drama General Hospital. She was played by Anne Collings from 1973 to 1974, but reprised her role 46 years later. ... WW84 Is Being Released at Christmas - The Loop. Florence Grey Current statusRecurring Duration1973-74, 2020-present First appearance1973
  7. does anyone know who is playing florence grey (the lady in the hospital bed where laura is at) she was originally played by anne collings...she would be in her 80's now...the woman has the same hair cut as jane elliot. ( tracy quartemaine) ..are they using jane (tracy) and made her look older so they would not have to add another person on the set who would be in their 80's ????
  8. wink is 85 years old bob eubanks is 92 peter marshall is 94 and bob barker is 96
  9. oh alex stayed friends with peter marshall ( he hosted the old hollywood squares) he saw alex the day before he passed...peter said "I love you alex" and alex said "I love you too petey" oh this thread is making me cry it was like alex was a part of the family
  10. I saw somewhere the last air date will be december 25
  11. chrishnelle played jordan ridgeway on days of our lives bethany bryant on the young and the restless and amanda dillion on all my children
  12. maria broke a couple of ribs that must have been the time you are talking about...for a second I thought you were talking about the lady with the 2 artificial legs that was paired with derrick
  13. yesyou have a good memory carrie and artem met on SUTYCD (so you think you can dance) they were together for 3 years and then broke up
  14. the other soap was the young and the restless
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