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  1. yes there was another fantasy island 2002 malcolm mcdowell played mr rourke lasted 13 episodes he had 3 assistants...
  2. but ricardo montalban as mr rourke i n the original was perfect!!! he would say once the fantasy starts it must go until it finishes...but sometimes he would show up in disguise and effect the out come....I am enjoying the new fantasy island let's see where it goes!
  3. she farmed out her kids to other relatives for a while now so yes she is taking care of josh.. better anna than mrs babysitter having to take care of him
  4. The man who died in the motorcycle crash was Jacob "jake" wilson he did criticize jim bob for protecting josh....the person who did the podcast "I pray you put the journal away" is named jacob thanks for correcting me
  5. you make a good point...we will see
  6. does anyone know remember jake wilson the young guy who did a pod casts earlier this year he was a friend of josh in the past and criticized jim bob for continuing to protect josh.....This young man was molested and at some point he told josh and josh went and told the molester that his victim was talking....he died in a motorcycle accident in Hawaii he was not wearing a helmet and he had a very young child.....the pod casts you could tell he had been drinking had a drinking problem and who wouldn't being raised in that cult....I hope he is at peace
  7. I know....he is the patriarch of HIS family and what the man says goes, he just had to say it to anna....I bet when they married him off they thought it was going to solve ALL the sexual problems he was having, they were so so wrong
  8. so a long time ago josh said he did NOT want a lot of kids and you could tell after the 2nd birth every time anna told him of a new pregnancy he did not care did not show interest...and he makes anna do all the child care.... that would work against oh he is a christian man and has all these kids that he loves and needs to take care of wouldn't it
  9. I remember in the original how rourke would say "once your fantasy starts it must play out to the end I cannot stop it".......but once in a while he would show up in disguise and could influence where the story went
  10. love boat was rebooted once they called it love boat the next wave 1998 1999 with robert urich as the captain.... but is has been long enoungh that they could give it a go again
  11. I just saw an original episode a few days ago with david doyle ( bosley original charlies angels) his business is kaput so his fantasy is to have a assassin kill him so his wife and young children (on the island with him) will get his life insurance, then he received a telegram with a tremedous offer that would make him rich, he tries to call off the assassin to no avail.....until the end where we find out the assassin is a total weak mommas boy and being a tough in control assassin was HIS fantasy! and rourke had his mother arrive and drag him off!
  12. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh https://www.tvshowsace.com/2021/08/26/josh-duggar-rehab-exposed-covering-abuse/ remember the place they sent josh to (no real drs to treat him) called North Love Baptist Church well 21 females came forward with abuse claims and I saw at another link yesterday there are law suits filed
  13. thanks crazy8s I fixed added what you said to fix my post......I try to be factual but I mess up once in a while
  14. austens family had a reality show (crazy8s CORRECTED me austin and family were on A show they did not have their own show) at some point, the thing that stood out was that austen was NOT allowed to have a door on his bedroom (no privacy) and a few years ago his parents had mr Pearl as one of the speakers at their camp (mr pearl wrote that horrific book called "how to train up a child") where starting when the baby is about 7 months old you put them on a blanket and entice them with a toy placed off the blanket... when they try to crawl off to get it you hit them with pvc pipe (several c
  15. this is from a witness https://popculture.com/reality-tv/news/josh-duggar-allegedly-forced-shave-head-family-church-molestation-scandal/ Per the church member's account, Josh didn't want his head shaved. He reportedly said, "I really don't want to do that." ( from other things I read he was standing up there a long time and was crying) Church members allegedly presented Josh with an ultimatum. Eventually, he decided to have his head shaved. The source told Radar Online elders threatened Josh, telling him that if he didn't buzz of his hair, one of his victims would have to. "To punis
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