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  1. I agree about it being boring. I'm having a hard time getting through this season, or even caring about the competitors at this point in the season. My SO and I re-watched the first four seasons before this one premiered, and I miss (1) a competitor winning a challenge having some gravity beyond "you're unsurprisingly safe from elimination AND waitforit will now have a most amazing ~~reservation~~ to eat somewhere stunning! Wow!"; (2) the team challenges; and (3) even the "dreaded" pressure tests (...can't believe I'm saying that...). The total and complete emphasis on cooking and critiqu
  2. The showrunner/writers have put themselves into a corner with finales. The showrunner interviewed that he's basically always looking to one-up himself and make each finale more shocking or complex, at the same time he's gutted almost all of the non-51 relationships and personal stories. We haven't seen Boden's two boys in years, and we see Donna once a season in a low/no-impact way. We maybe see one of Herrmann's kids once a season, in a way that doesn't really relate to Herrmann's job. We haven't seen or heard about Mouch's biological child since that story was first established. We never see
  3. I will/would be PO'd, too. Ideally, the blue room office in the bullpen would go to Casey, which is what Boden wanted when Casey promoted to captain in season 6. Casey decided to keep his shoebox office. When Herrmann brought up not having an office in season 8, Casey should have moved into the blue room office, and Herrmann should have been assigned Casey's old shoebox office. If District 4 Relief Lieutenant Kidd gets an office space at 51, let alone the blue room office, it'll be yet another sign that the writers are putting to script their laziest first-pass ideas. The other issue wit
  4. Yep. I only stick around because of seasons 1-4ish and wanting to see resolution for many of the remaining original characters, like Casey and Boden. Once they're gone, I'm gone. I also think the show still does fire and rescue better than the bits of what I've seen of 911 and Station 19 (I can't stand their brand new, clean turn-out gear), and that part of Fire is still fun to watch...although, unfortunately, this part has been waning. I'm hoping the current showrunner, Derek Haas, puts his full-time energy into the new FBI International show and hands off Fire to someone who takes it se
  5. I see Taylor Kinney acting the way Taylor Kinney has always acted, although maybe a bit shaky with having to emote, converse, and laugh. That’s not Severide, and I imagine it must be hard to try to play your established character of eight years while reading lines and doing scenes that, at best, belong more to a character like Casey. Severide isn’t a sweet, supportive, mentor-type guy who’s aw-shucks always ready to drop everything, handhold, and console. Even with how he’s been with Casey, such as complaining that Casey didn’t confide personal problems and multiple times being will to dive in
  6. Without getting into specifics, I've long thought that their entire romantic relationship was carried on the momentum of sporadic high-emotion events, starting with Hallie. Even as recently as season 8, Casey mentioned to Gallo that it took him a long while to come to grips with Hallie's death. The season 9 writers really could have used that to help unravel Dawsey at the end. Hindsight being what it is, I've wished that they'd kept Hallie long enough to have her hop over to Chicago Med. The lead of Fire being married to the lead of Med would have lended a lot more to "One Chicago" fee
  7. They definitely were! :) Seriously, enjoy these seasons. They were good. I really enjoyed and liked Gabby - and Matt and Gabby together - until sometime in season 5. I'm sure you've picked up on details in the talk of later season episodes, but without saying anything too specific, I don't think that what happened to Gabby was limited to Gabby, per se. I tend to think all of the characters ultimately became reduced to the most extreme of their primary traits, but Gabby's primary traits happen to be ones that are annoying when not tempered by anything else and she was the female lead hooke
  8. From the Chicago Fire in the Media thread: That's a really good point. It was refreshing that they had a tight friendship without a clear romantic element. On the flipside, I'd argue that they were as emotionally hitched as Casey and Gabby, if not more so. There was no overt romantic passion, but they definitely met or exceeded each other's commitment and psychological intimacy needs, and they were all up in each other's sexual business and traded a few partners, IIRC. And they agreed to have a kid together, which is just about as far as Dawsey ever got and is further than Stellaride h
  9. I never liked Shay when she was attached to Severide; I found them to be super creepy and weird together, but Shay was pretty cool when she was with Gabby, Rafferty, and even sudden friends with Casey near the end of season 2. And I still don't understand what happened with Mills/Charlie Barnett; what a waste of a good character (I'd rather have seen Cruz leave than Mills, hindsight being what it is). Other than that, I liked Newhouse, too. But almost all the characters were awesome back in the earlier seasons. The characterizations and writing shifted so much by season 5-6 that it's pret
  10. She knew enough of his antics to not make him Chief, almost bitterly so. And vicarious learning of consequences is a thing, too - look at how much Natalie's gotten away with. Kidnapping some parents' kids and screaming hysterically at them didn't get her fired. If that doesn't, then nothing will get any of these lunatics fired. It's all bad writing, but, at some point, it does reflect on the characters themselves. Goodwin is nice but she's a terrible manager. I try not to disparage actors. Anyone with half a brain cell would be thinking "if I throw the real culprit under the bus, will tha
  11. I'm probably projecting a real-life situation I'm navigating right now (heh, I'm not the one who should be fired and I'm not the manager, though), but bad managers enable bad employees like Will. Every inappropriate thing he's done without consequence has reinforced that he's safe and can do whatever he wants, because, although angry and disappointed, Goodwin will more-or-less have his back. Of course he's surprised. After six years of stunts, he literally never saw this coming. As a manager, Goodwin is a fake hard ass, which, to me, is the worst kind - she puts on a great talk but heads rarel
  12. Haha, I'm of two minds on this again. In the earlier seasons, Casey absolutely had the respect of his people. They often approached him like they approached Boden - don't mess with Casey with stupid stuff, but you can rely on Casey and know he has your back. Casey was a smooth-talking, crowd-raising politician for a while there, too (as much as I hated that story), who demonstrated tons of charisma. If we just look at season 7 onward, when Casey essentially became a shut-down shell who didn't talk to anyone, then, yeah, I don't see it, either. There's also the issue that Boden has NEVER steppe
  13. I agree about Monica Raymund. I kinda think the will-they-won't-they this season was the showrunner waiting to see if Jesse Spencer renewed; if not, off to Puerto Rico with Casey. (There's still been no official announcement on contracts, though...) In hindsight, I don't understand why, when Monica left, they just didn't have the white shirts come down and say a captain can't be at the same house as a spouse, and then have Gabby transfer to a different shift. She'd be his off-screen wife, like Cindy, Donna, Chloe, etc., with plenty of room to maneuver. But no...write her off to Puerto Rico whi
  14. I'm two minds of this. I loved Boden in the first few seasons, but then he fell victim to the same marginalization and caricaturization as Herrmann, Cruz, and Mouch. He's just about already at cameo/guest star status in terms of screentime and storylines, like Cruz. It is a complete waste of Walker and the rich life the original writing team built for Boden between seasons 1-3. When they showed the family photo with Donna and Terrance this episode, I thought it was sad that Terrance has grown up so much but hasn't been on the show in years (I had to look up the kid's name). I still miss the sl
  15. The thinking is that there is no way to advance Kidd to lieutenant at 51 unless one of the current apparatus officers leaves (Casey, Severide, Herrmann). Boden leaving and being replaced by an outsider doesn’t “help” Kidd (from a writing standpoint). All the officers would stay on their current rigs and report to a brand new BC. But not if Casey slides into Boden’s BC position and thereby vacates his officer position on Truck 81. I think that’s why a lot of us here are speculating that Casey would become BC, if Boden is the one who leaves to make room for Kidd. He has enough time in as ca
  16. Altogether, from what I've seen of the Chicago shows (all of Fire, much of Med, little of PD), it seems like the writers are REALLY BAD about writing out characters, even when they know ahead of time and have time to write the departures into the episodes. Like Rhodes and Ava. Like Gabby on Fire, whose actor gave a full 1-year notice. I shouldn't have been surprised but I was surprised that this finale was business-as-usual with these characters. I also really like Archer as a character. I don't know that I like Archer, but I like the character. He seems the most realistic and dynamic
  17. I seriously don’t understand why it had to take the entire season to get to this point. It has to be Fire’s longest continuous story arc in the history of the show. And I don’t understand why neither would commit to dating (or whatever anyone wants to call it), without first having a full commitment of true love/we’re meant to be/you’re-the-only-one. It feels like they’re committing to marriage, rather than going out as a couple for the first time. Their make-out scene in 9x2 was hot, not gonna lie. But Casey staring at Brett while she coyly held her shoes (???) was the weirdest thing I’v
  18. Tangentially related, and probably an unpopular opinion, but it seems like Severide may have bungled management of the call. All of Squad went down into what did seem like a relatively small boat with a single cabin area, despite having what appeared to be minimal-at-best surface support. Perhaps only two of them needed to dive? When he knew they needed to surface, he kept them all down in the cabin when he heard the tapping, instead of sending two up. Then, when they were all drowning, there was minimal leadership from him, except “we need to get out of here.” (I would’ve been okay with a mea
  19. The season 5 finale had Casey trapped in a burning warehouse with concrete melting around him, Mouch flat on his back from a heart attack and Herrmann administering CPR in the same fully involved fire, and Severide and Kannell trapped in a burning stairwell. Casey said his goodbyes to Gabby over the radio and then sat down to die. The season 6 opener resolved that in three minutes, faked a funeral for Casey, and then spent the rest of the episode focusing on other stuff. No one died or was hurt. Prepare for the lame. :/
  20. Agreed. It almost felt like they had to stop filming and ended on an incomplete scene (this is not the case). I think the writers of Med and Fire think the audience has a very low threshold for excitement or anticipation. Very forgettable.
  21. Remember the episode arc last season with the other Engine and 51 moving into that Engine’s House and having problems with “jurisdiction”? That house was in Boden’s battalion. Never saw it before then, have never seen it again. But Boden is supposed to be visiting, auditing, communicating with, monitoring, etc many different rigs and houses (usually 4-5 houses, with varying sizes), as well as responding to incidents in his battalion beyond what involves 51. Captain Casey is supposed to be doing what Boden is shown doing while at the firehouse, including briefings, staffing, house management, p
  22. He’s in charge of everyone when he’s ranking officer on the scene. As captain, he gives orders to Severide, Herrmann, his crew, and sometimes the paramedics. It’s caused friction every season he’s been captain except this season. His role of being in charge when they all roll onto a scene only changes when Boden shows up (since so rarely do other captains or BCs respond to scenes). Edited to add: technically, he’s over all of them as personnel of house 51, if real CFD protocol was followed. There’s the conflict. Casey knocked up Gabby when she was his candidate on Truck. They lived togeth
  23. I can see that with the current writing. Back in the day, Casey kept things pretty separate with Gabby while out on calls, which is the only hope I have. He was having closed-blinds sex with Hallie in his office back in season 1, so that would be relatively in-character for him, haha. As it is, that scenario with Casey being distracted by Brett while incident commander can just as easily happen with him as captain. Boden goes to fewer and fewer calls...he’s been made into quite the redundant, if not useless, character. So, to me, it’s kind of a wash. At least BC Casey would probably fres
  24. I'll be surprised if they're able to keep contract renewals under wraps from the general entertainment sites for much longer, let alone the entire hiatus. (Shay and Otis were able to be kept more or less secret because their actors were quietly released from contracts, IIRC.) I somewhat think that if they knew ahead of time that Kinney was leaving AND they plan to kill off Severide, then they would have pulled the trigger and killed him off in this episode for maximum shock value (...or pulled off a Will Gardner or Lucy Knight mid-season death that no one ever, ever saw coming, which wou
  25. The doll people call is something like the third EMS call in a row that has some special meaning to Brett. I wish she was able to make her own decisions without multiple people pushing her. Why doesn’t the bell ever interrupt Stellaride? The pacing on this show is bad. It goes from Casey and Brett kissing on shift at 1:00 AM, to a commercial, to the 51 crew at Molly’s at night. So, it skipped nearly an entire 24 hours…which, to me, would seem to have contained some interesting Brettsey scenes after shift. Which I guess entailed standing six feet apart and looking at each other as for
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