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  1. This could be a spoiler but it's Twitter Tween speculation from their stalking of filming locations. I wonder if I can't get rid of this space here. I also wondered about Brett and Hawkins. That was telegraphed pretty strongly. Ugh. I really hope not, though. We have three invisible wives on this show. If Casey actually leaves, he can be an invisible boyfriend, and it leaves space for Jesse Spencer to guest star without it being weird. As it is, Kara Killmer has been on the show since season 3 and is as much a risk of leaving as any of the originals....and this is the time
  2. That's a good point. So, Jan was out for 7-11 days. How much would four extra days change? Do orchestras have FMLA and job protection? I would note, however, that podcasts usually drop on a regular schedule. If the team broke their schedule to make the correction, then I would presume they dropped the episode earlier than expected. For example, if they dropped the Dimas Did It episode on Friday, then the correction from them would have been between Saturday and the following Friday, but probably earlier. It wasn't a listener saying it was last week's episode; it was Oliver. I doubt the te
  3. I agree with this, but it was apparently only one week between the end of 1x8 (when Jan was stabbed) and the beginning of 1x9/this episode. In this episode, Oliver issues a correction for "last week's podcast" that falsely accused Dimas of killing Tim and says it's good news that last week's episode was not their finale. So, Jan was out for one week tops, which seems highly unlikely...unless the wound was superficial and didn't hit any major organs, arteries, intestines, etc. Interesting?
  4. Maybe they'll do what Noah Wyle/John Carter did on ER, and he'll leave for about a half-season and then come back, only he won't have a Kem and Brett won't have a Luka...? :-) I have a hard time seeing Brett leave right now with her new paramedicine program, but I could see her leaving at the end of the season. When the whole Brettsey thing became real and not the writers trolling Dawsey fans, I wondered what would happen if one of them left, since both actors are essentially OGs (i.e., liable to leave) and neither character really had "time" for another failed endgame relationship. And h
  5. That's the thing. Unless something on the Oregon end completely changes, like Heather suddenly gets out of prison or gives Matt permission to take them to Chicago, there is no good way to walk this back without ruining Matt's character. He can be a firefighter anywhere and could probably land a batt chief spot with Portland Fire and Rescue (if they're near Portland; no idea). Ben looked like he was on the cusp of overdosing in every scene. I'd actually love to see him as a foster/adoptive parent instead of having him do it off-screen, but, if Spencer has actually decided to leave, this would b
  6. What if Tim shot himself in response to hallucinogenic or depressant side effects (for TV purposes) of mixing the bourbon that Sazz "found" in this episode with the barbiturate that poisoned him? Then, the fire alarm was actually pulled in relation to the murder in the park that Mabel mentioned in Episode 2. Someone is the poisoner, but Tim is the shooter...and the police are wrong about primary COD...and Jan/Allison is a complete red herring. (I'd note that presumably Jan was playing the bassoon in Episode 1, right before Charles shut his window and cued up Cinda's podcast. I don't know if th
  7. Holy shit, they’re writing Matt out…!? Did Jesse Spencer pull a [actor from a procedural also airing right now that you may have heard about] and agree to only do up to the 200th episode before exiting? If so, mad props to Spencer for doing that, giving resolution to storylines and to Casey, and DOING IT AFTER DAWSEY WAS NUKED FROM ORBIT. Or it's a massive red herring and he doesn't end up doing it. They did a nice casting job with the Darden teens. It’s been a while since I watched season 2, but I could see young Ben in teen Ben in terms of acting/expressions. Both look way older than th
  8. These are all great ideas, and both are absolutely viable....except, man, if I'm Bunny and have it in me to kill someone, I'm going after Oliver first. 😅 In all seriousness, I'm so torn between the poisoner being the shooter or the poisoner and shooter being different people. Right after I posted, I had a thought: could Tim have pulled a fire alarm from within his apartment, as he was dying? I've never been inside a condo to know if there are alarm buttons in the units or only in the hallways. I've only noticed each unit has a white phone in the Arconia.
  9. In Episode 1, when the team briefly snooped at the crime scene, Dead Tim was fully dressed in the same clothes he had been wearing in the elevator, and he was laying near his front door. When the team searched his apartment, there was at least one lamp on the floor and other signs of disturbance. I couldn't/can't tell if that disturbance was due to a struggle, or if Tim took some lamps and side tables down when he collapsed from the poison. But he was definitely fully clothed and near his door, and all the blood from his head wound was pooled in that one spot. The fire alarm could be a ke
  10. No, the evacuation scene at the beginning of Episode 1, when SWAT is raiding the building, Charles and Oliver are running down the stairs together, and they find Mabel all bloody, before the show cuts to "two months earlier" and then the elevator scene with Tim.
  11. I wonder if anything will come from Dr. Stanley/the therapist complaining to Lester about "it sounds like someone is shoveling snow over my head." It was a complete throwaway moment...or was it? He lives on the sixth floor, the same floor as Teddy Dimas (per Episode 2). Someone crawling through the vents? I don't know what else it would be, if it's anything at all.
  12. I think Jan got demoted to second chair and didn't want Charles to know. It seems like her bassoon playing is her identity and a critical point of pride; I wouldn't blame her for hiding a big blow to her career, especially since she and Charles have really only known each other for a few weeks. Total speculation. As a general comment: If this whole Jan/Allison thing is a red herring, then I'm thinking Evelyn the Cat confused the bassoon cleaner for a cat toy and carried it into Tim's apartment, and then Tim confused it for a sex toy and put it into his box. I used to have a cat who w
  13. Yeah, I thought water was involved in the calls, too. I think Joe Minoso gave an interview that also mentioned it's more about water. In any event, how Severide barged up to Cruz's apartment door, told him to drop everything going on in his life to meet at the Academy, and then repeatedly forced Cruz into the smokebox in order to get his job back while Tony and Capp awkwardly watched, seemed a lot more like a hazing incident than an evidence-based supportive technique. If Cruz had suffered a heart attack in the box, what the hell would Severide have been able to say for himself and his piss po
  14. Ursula hated Tim, managed package deliveries (see also: Oliver's first scene at the Arconia before the first elevator scene), likely had access to all apartments for deliveries, and also apparently managed records of complaints about residents (she had the stack of complaints about Tim). Her Gut Milk has been prominently featured in the background of a lot of the Arconia scenes and was even being carted around in Oliver's dog stroller in this episode. She has been low-key featured much more than Bunny or any other Arconia resident except the Cat Guy and Jan but in a conveniently forgettable/th
  15. Good catch! In episode one or two, Charles was on the phone with his agent and begrudgingly agreed to audition for the part of someone who looked like Brazzos. He was on the way to the audition, when he ran into Mabel and they did podcast stuff instead (possibly broke into Bunny's apartment? The episodes run together now). I wonder if Pataki landed the part for that show. With some discussion here of Pataki ending up mistaken for Charles by the killer, I'm wondering if Pataki is the stabbed tie dye person from the opening scene of episode 1.
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