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  1. alikerofthings

    S04.E10: You Can't Fix This

    This finale was CRAZY. My heart was shattered, I nearly cried when Tasha shouted in the car. I am really annoyed with Taariq. I understand that he is being a stubborn teen, but it is just so much more than that and I don't like that he is so hooked on lean. I like Terry, but keeping him around as the lawyer... he is going to find out everything. Also, TATE IRRITATES ME. (See what I did there? haha couldn't resist)
  2. Hi, as always, I have been writing about each season as I go along, here's Season 6: So You Thought You Could Relax? Let me know if you felt similarly!
  3. alikerofthings

    S02.E04: You're the Only Person I Can Trust

    I have only just seen this episode. Where has this show been hiding all these years!! It's got me stressed! I am definitely #TeamTash for now, so far, she has stood by her man, even when he betrayed her. She's not asking for much really. I am terrified of what Kanan is planning.
  4. Hi guys, as always, I have been writing my thoughts on some of the old seasons and finally reached a big one. Season 5 I am still making my way through season 13. At the moment, I am feeling kind of lost. I miss too many people, characters who have either died or left. The last episode I watched didn't even show Meredith or Alex and they are currently my two favourites. Still enjoying it.
  5. This episode really took my heart and stepped on it. Seeing Gretchen see Jimmy drive away really hit me. I am not sure whether they make each other happy, but I have a feeling that no one else would put up with their bullshit, and if they are looking for companionship, well they are only going to find it in each other. I liked that they understood the weird quirks the other had. I AM SO SAD ABOUT IT. But I suppose, to keep the show going, they need to Ross and Rachel us a bit more. Lindsay irritates the crap out of me. In Season 1, she was selfish, but I swear she was never this dumb? She's possibly the dumbest character on TV at the moment, yet at the same time, will be smart enough to be conniving to get what she needs. it doesn't make sense to me. I think the other characters are all semi-realistic, but not her. She frustrates me to no end. I am so glad Paul is standing up for himself. I like Edgar and I liked Dorothy, but I have a feeling the show wants him to end up with Linds eventually, so we can't get too attached to Dorothy. I also think their fight was really good and relatable.
  6. I have finally made it to season 13. Even though I am still devoted to the show, I do feel that it's lost some magic along with some of my favourite characters.
  7. I have been writing about Grey's and got to writing about Season 3 and Season 4 and realised how much I had forgotten about it. It seems as though it was some of the more boring seasons, but when I thought about it and reviewed it, there were some really important moments. See the review here
  8. alikerofthings

    S01.E09: Constant Horror and Bone-Deep Dissatisfaction

    I only just saw this episode last night (I know, delayed). I love that they are showing how Jimmy was vulnerable at one stage, I love a broken man. I think it sucks that Lindsay and Paul are not happy, because Paul is great, but it is obvious they don't suit each other. I have a feeling she will end up with Edgar (Who is hilarious!)
  9. alikerofthings

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I imagine that I will be all caught up by the weekend! Hahaha
  10. alikerofthings

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I started this last night and have only seen episode 1 and 2 so far, I already hate myself for loving them both. They are the WORST! Haha
  11. alikerofthings


    For me, it's Luke. Him and I would probably hate each other in real life, but I really enjoy the humour he brings to the show. Dylan is very much Ted, and Luke is Barney. (How I Met Your Mother reference). I think Evie is beautiful and I feel bad for her when she cries, but I am yet to root for her and Dylan.
  12. alikerofthings


    I'm Jonno. Hahaha, I love that most of his dialogue is just him reintroducing himself. I only discovered this show on Friday and binged it all weekend, I am now up to date. A highlight for me, having watched them all in one go is definitely, without a doubt, Luke breaking out in riverdance, I was so sure the other guy would win, especially with the eye crinkle (had a good laugh about that too).
  13. I am on season 12 now, almost all caught up. I am starting to miss the original cast :(
  14. alikerofthings


    Over the last week, I have watched all of it and now I am just waiting for some more. Especially after that ending! It's cleverly written with characters that are real and flawed and still lovable. My favourite thing about this show are is Chris and Fergal. Everything about them, they are both really funny, with crazy eyes, and I would love to see more of them.
  15. alikerofthings

    Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes and Seasons

    I ended up just making a best things about Ben Wyatt post, haha, check it out here