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  1. January and February are hawwd to say-o. But they are cawwd too Aimes!
  2. Thanks for this, UD eye primer is the best. Good deal, these last me forever.
  3. She seemed to "click" most with Jill, actually inviting her to visit her home (this seemed sincere but what do I know). CZJ may have boarded a lifeboat with Jill.
  4. I think she looked great. I'll take a nervous scratch over non-stop Deirdre and not-Deirdre IG promotion and other blabbing any day.
  5. She also wore it an hour before that for a gift show! I wonder why it took two hours plus 5-10 minutes to stop the visual assault of that top in that size on that body. Is it possible Chaz Spaz made a call when his show ended to TPTB? He obviously likes his models to look and behave a certain way and receives special consideration (so many models in coordinated sexy clothes, the dogs, the hosts fawning over him). Her look may have offended him 😂
  6. @RubberbandGirl would you work your endless magic and place Skunk's mug INSIDE the crappy trap? We'd be even more in debt to you. 🦟
  7. The top was really cute! The item presentation was very awkward as everyone knew she had it on but was not showing it.
  8. Caro looked SO bad today and that is really saying something. At the start of the Denim and co hour she had on a WAY TOO TIGHT shiny green top. I think she saw the monitor or someone in her ear told her to put a coat on? Gah! Pam had the same top in a different color and looked lovely. ETA Aida and Crystal had it on too, easy and away from the body (also as seen in the online product listing). If someone told her to cover up I bet she took a baseball bat to their car in the lot.
  9. Who is that on the left? SK really hit the self tanner/contour, almost looks like she has facial hair. I know, I'll show myself out.
  10. He feels very carney to me, shifty, strange and fraudulent. 🤡💰🐐
  11. The cackling, screatching, BFF nonsense. Who is the target audience?
  12. Step one: tissue, step two: Flonase, step three: rehab
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