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  1. Wow, this is crazy. Nu-face demo? Pic is so retouched. I think she looks older than she is.
  2. While you were busy trying to Find Your Happy, 'Rona was draining your car, boat and mower batteries.
  3. Zell is very very pretty. Nancy does well on the Deuce and now has some early main channel shows. I hope they both weather the storm.
  4. "I see your true colors, shining through. Your true colors... that's why I abhor you..." Later she threw a hissy fit for the ages when some shorts she wanted sold out. "I'm calling in sick next time!" Fingers crossed.
  5. 😫🤢😫🤢 "Shenanigans galore with #Garolyn" outfit disaster of course
  6. I caught the Garolyn show from Sat. She was downright vicious. Dismissed seriousness of current events, laughed AT, made fun of, belittled Gary. This was not the strange, stressed behavior that we are all witnessing from family, friends, co-workers. This was basic Caro broken down to the selfish toddler some saw her as pre-pandemic. She borders on sociopath. Her parents are deep into the danger zone as defined by age, her husband by poor health (which she calls out) and she appears to give zero ____s. Chilling.
  7. DG last night: "I will wear this to get groceries. I tried to order and Whole Foods can't deliver until mid-April. I will wear these jeans on my couch upstairs and sit and look out over Central Park". Is that calming? So relatable. Not.
  8. They should extend returns until June 30. But old-fashioned management and operations are why they are failing. Plus many still think the virus is not a problem (gulp).
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