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  1. RTS

    World Of Dance

    Cutting to the judges during the dance is wearing on my very last nerve. WTactualF? It's interrupting the dance for no particular reason. It's making me hate the judges' faces and voices.
  2. RTS

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    Maja was a nightmare. With regard to the wussy therapists on this show - early on in the therapist-patient relationship, it's common practise to agree with whatever BS the patient is spouting. The goal is to establish yourself as an ally and get to a place where criticism won't be met with immediate rejection. If Maja were confronted about her behaviour in the first visit, she'd just never return. It doesn't make for very interesting TV, though.
  3. RTS

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    Ok, I fast forward all the clues and chatter to only watch the performances, and I TOTALLY guessed Nick Lachey for Rabbit right before Kenan said it. 98Degrees dance moves and a really competent classic male voice. Equally wrong heh. (In retrospect, 98Degrees couldn't really dance.) I thought on the bod/dancing that it could be Joey with a flattering corset like costume heh. Those strappings around the waist.
  4. RTS

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    True... But I think there's an element of self delusion in an addict's lies.... In the moment when they're satisfying their addiction people are like f this I'm eating. It's only later when the guilt and accountability set in that they lie. Have you ever lied so hard that you believed it? I have... it's surreal and very convincing. Haha I sound like a psychopath but in elementary school I was disputing ownership of a sparkly pencil. I really did own the pencil but it was my word against hers and that wasn't enough. I spun a tearful lie about having borrowed it from my big sister that was so convincing I actually believed it while telling it. The teacher secretly gave it back to me after school after confiscating it. /End lame story Regardless it would be hilarious to compare the diary with the calories that dr. Now could deduce from their weight delta.
  5. RTS

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    Some people are just addicted to food (much like some people are just addicted to drugs or alcohol). Holly struck me this way - her mom said that even as a baby she was always crying to be fed. One of my coworker's son's was like this... they became so desperate that they literally chained the fridge shut because he would drink all the milk if that's all there was. I'm surprised that the doctor doesn't immediately start people on a food diary. Write down EVERYTHING YOU EAT. The few times we've seen people do that on their own, they've tended to have success - I remember seeing one subject using My Fitness Pal. Certainly when I'm tracking, I lose weight.. it lets you know when you've hit your limit for the day.
  6. RTS

    The Masked Singer

    First episode that I've seen but Lion was Miley Cyrus... I'd recognize that goat throat anywhere. She sounded good but that vibrato is distinctive. Eta... after catching up on the last several pages, Miley seems too big to be on this show but it really sounds exactly like her.
  7. RTS

    Top Chef Canada

    Yeah, I thought McEwan consistently didn't like her. Personally, I thought Dustin had it in the bag (especially after Nicole got Andrea as her sous chef... totally room for manipulation in the selection of sous chefs). I thought his meal was more interesting, but of course if Nicole's food tasted better overall then that's all that should matter to the judges. I liked both of them, so I'm wasn't unhappy with the result - they were the strongest all season. I think maybe it's a tactical error to try new things when you're in this sort of competition. A single misstep can result in a dish that doesn't taste as good as a dish that has been honed over years of practice. Pretty sure Dustin's XO sauce was honed after being developed in Susur's kitchen, while all of Nicole's dishes must have been in development since her formal Italian training. Also, I crushed SO HARD on Dustin, he just seems like an adorable person. And he's always so transparent in his feelings - even his confession that losing hurt a lot was seriously endearing.