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  1. Heyy!! I've lost all of my weight so far on the elliptical. I don't own any other workout machine nor do I have a gym membership, so yeah, I'm in love with it. As hard as it is, the hour I spend on it has been working out for me.But seriously, it took major inches off my arms and legs. Probably could not have reached my then-goal weight without. It gives your metabolism a real boost, too, and you can multitask on it. However, if you're not eating at a deficit you may put on muscle weight. Good luck!
  2. Teas are a diuretic so they don’t really count. 5 cups is okay…its important not to drink too much or your kidneys will hate you! I drink about 7-8 cups per day, especially if its hot out. But it should be only filter water which I can get only at home. I use cozzy RO system When it comes to my health I am not going to compromise.
  3. Not fast. It might take 20, 30 or even 40 minutes to dissolve the gel properly I personally don't feel the buffing helps maintain nail health. The gel over the nails keep them stronger and protects them. The buffing is sometimes needed for gel coats to adhere correctly based on manufacture recommendations.I think as long as you don't damage the nail with over buffing, the gel will keep the nail healthy and strong.
  4. I do my own. I tried CND shellac but its hard to get hold of, now I buy the OPI gels on ebay, they are usually within a couple of £ of the CND shellac but the bottles are twice the size! The colour range is also sooooo much better. They can easily last 3 weeks but I usually get bored before then and change colours :-) Just finished a mani/pedi & on my toes with burgundy polish after inspiration newaylook :-)
  5. I love the nude by nature neutral colour trio! However, unfortunately these don't come in a pallet (they come in individual little tubs in a box) so if your set on that then this won't be helpful. But I find they are really great and they come with a fantastic little brus too!
  6. stream26

    Hair Color

    I used to be quite experimental with my hair, I'v dyed it blond, dark brown, red, , then copper and even blue. Just now I color my hair dark brown and sometimes another shades of brown hairstylezz , use a natural product from the health food store. No smelly ingredients to leave your hair with that smell after you are finished. I use a hair color crayon on the new growth that works great
  7. Well first of all Magic Pads have really helped me. They are very gentle glycolic acid pads. I am also a huge fan of Dermalogica Ultra Calming Serum (helps whenever my skin gets angry) and Image Skincare Retinol (one of the more gentle retinols I have found).
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