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  1. Yara/Jovi: Yara's whining about not having anything to do while Jovi was gone (Guyana, huh?) reminded me of Sex and the City's two-part series finale where Carrie was moping around in Paris while her boyfriend "Aleksandrrrr" was off being a famous artist. Bitch, you're in NEW ORLEANS! Quit acting like a brat and FIND something to do. It's not like you're in Bumfuck, Arkansas (or Sequim, Washington), Natalie/Mike: If looks could kill, Natalie'd be cat food. Whew! Mike looks like he's so over her bullshit. I don't get the sense that he's the kind of guy who would have made himself out to be bigger/richer than he is...which means Natalie not only made her bed, she built it from the ground up. Also, just hazarding a guess here, but I'm pretty sure she knows what snow is and what kinds of activities you can do in the snow. Where's her damn snowboard? (Hey...maybe that bronzer on her cheeks is some kind of sunscreen.) Hazel/Tarik: Finding out you're going to share your bed with your fiance and his child is almost the equivalent of finding out you're going to be an unpaid farmhand sleeping in a completely different room from your fiance. Plus your fiance seems to think you should just "suck it up"? Personally I'd be heading back home on the first thing smoking...but that's ME. I sure hope this all ends up being worth it for Hazel. Also, Auri's mannerisms reminded me of my niece, who's also on the ASD spectrum. I thought it was interesting that Tarik used the phrase "high functioning autism," which I'm told is no longer considered appropriate or accurate: Just because my niece was able to attend mainstream schools alongside neurotypical kids and get As and Bs doesn't mean she didn't still have sensory issues, processing issues, etc. Stephanie/Ryan: Thank GOD for that phone call. It clarified what I'd suspected: Ryan can't stand Stephanie's needy ass and that's why he avoids her phone calls. Not that I like him any more than I did before...but goddamn, Stephanie. Where's your pride? Was the D really that good? Rebecca/Zied: I don't even know what to say about them except that it's clear her daughter's used to being the parent in that relationship. Plus, I may be the only one, but I think Zied could hold his own against Micah. Amira/Andrew: Not sure who's the bigger idiot: him for pressuring her into this scheme or her for giving into the pressure. I admit I'm interested in seeing what happens with them next week.
  2. I actually paid for this season via YouTube so I could discuss it with my teenage niece, who's obsessed. I don't have cable and up until recently I was able to watch uploaded episodes on YouTube for free, but I guess TLC cracked down on that. I understand that living in America is the ultimate fantasy for a LOT of non-Americans, so much so that they'll do nearly anything, including hook up with an American, to get here. Maybe I'm just old, or a pragmatist, or both, but...if I was going to leave everything and everyone I know to live in America or really any other country, unless I was literally fleeing for my life I'd do as much research as I possibly could BEFORE leaving. (Simply being poor might not be enough, e.g. Rosemarie (who seems to be doing fine).) And then, once I arrived, if the situation wasn't exactly as I'd pictured (and it NEVER is), unless I was in an abusive situation I'd do my best to make the best out of my situation. Love ain't that blind...or again, maybe I'm just old, or maybe I've never been in that kind of love, I don't know. Brandon/Julia: Julia's behaving incredibly well for someone whose fiance largely misrepresented his situation. She had a mini-snap this episode but at some point I think she's going to have a major snap and that's when we'll find out whether there's a man inside that man-boy she's engaged to. Also: How is it possible for Brandon and his parents to all have full-time jobs outside the farm? Is Aspen their employee? I know just enough about farming to know that it's a helluva lot of work...why would you keep all those animals if you weren't going to be working with them yourself? Did his parents just go to work expecting Julia to pick up their slack? Mike/Natalie: Without knowing much about the type of women in Sequim and surrounding areas, I have to believe that the only reason Mike hasn't completely kicked Natalie to the curb is that he's blinded by her beauty. It's a song as old as time. Also, I don't eat a lot of red meat, but that tomahawk looked good as hell. And speaking of food... Tarik/Hazel: Guess who's been eating congee nearly every breakfast since the cold weather rolled in? This woman (fiftysomething African-American). The only sweet thing I have for breakfast is the sugar in my coffee. Hazel's already stated she's overwhelmed...let the girl get acclimated, shit. Also I'm trying to understand what it's going to be like to care for a stepdaughter (ASD or not; my teenage niece happens to be ASD) while your biological son is still in the Philippines. I thought I saw something indicating that Tarik was providing support. And speaking of support... Ryan/Stephanie: She's basically supporting him and his family in exchange for marriage, but she can't get him on the phone. Okay, Stephanie. Zied/Rebecca: Does Zied need to know that he's living in the same building that Rebecca lived in with her ex? Is it the same apartment? Sheesh. Also, I like Zied's sister (Wiem). She's like: I don't like her, I never did like her, I'm never going to like her. LOL. Jovi/Yara: I've got nothing. They can both go away at any time.
  3. Currently watching the Malta episodes from Winterfell, Ohio...trying hard not to cry... 😪
  4. Ari: You complain that you don't have any support but then when Bini sends people over you complain that you don't want people over? WTF? And unless you're going to get up off your wallet (which is really Mommy and Daddy's wallet) and pay the bills, Bini HAS TO WORK. At least he met your parents at the airport. What else do you want? Get over yourself. Maybe it's my age, but I truly do not understand why people feel the need to check their SO's phones. If the level of trust has sunk that low, that might be a sign to get out of the damn relationship. Or in Ari's case, take your simple ass back to the States with Mommy and Daddy and raise your son as a single mom surrounded by this wonderful support system you say you're missing. Brittany: Quit playing with that man and get the hell off my screen. Yazan: Grow up and get the hell off my screen. Angela: You seem like you have some sense. You knew that Brittany wasn't dressed appropriately. You knew that if it weren't for the camera crew you would have gotten a lot more harassment than you did. Run as far and as fast as you can from this hot mess. Deavan/Jihoon: So I'm going to assume that the birth control failed, because it happens...and because I'm REALLY not understanding why you would even consider having unprotected sex given your circumstances. I'm probably going to hell for this, but if it weren't for Jihoon's mom reaching out to Deavan, I'd be suspicious of the entire story. Jenny: I swear to God, you act like Deavan. "I want a big party where I get to dress up and celebrate!" Stop acting like what you guys are doing is normal. There really is no fool like an old fool. (And oh yeah, COVID.) Cheesedick/MayLeaveYa: I've got nothing. I fall asleep every time you're on. Even the mom is boring. Do whatever you want to do.
  5. Out of curiosity I Googled "languages ranked in order of difficulty" and found a page listing how long it would take, in hours, for a native English speaker to learn a particular language. The list came from the Foreign Service Institute so we're talking about learning it well enough to, well, work in the Foreign Service. We're right to dog Kenny for not knowing more Spanish, since it requires the least amount of study time (575-600 hours). And although I hate to cut Jenny or Ari any slack for anything, it takes quite a while to learn Hindi and Amharic (1100 hours). As for Deavan and Brittany, they shouldn't even bother: At 2200 hours, Korean and Arabic are among the hardest languages for native English speakers to learn. I tried to learn Arabic myself a few years back, partially because I had students from the Middle East and partially because I'd read a long time ago that the only way the Qu'ran could truly be appreciated was in its native language and I was like: is that a dare? 😆 Today, I can say "hello", "peace be with you", "thank you", and some basic food items on a menu.
  6. Boy, we've got a bunch of winners with this American cast, don't we? Three snotty and entitled white women (Ari, Jenny, Deavan), one dangerously selfish and stupid black woman (Brittany), and two dumb-ass white men (Kenny, Cheesedick). Unfortunately, of the non-American cast, the only two I can say that I like (relatively unequivocally) are Armando and Hannah.
  7. I wasn't watching this show the other times Jenny was on, but I heard about her backstory. I'm still trying to understand how she can be so hard up for love that she would marry her catfish AND travel to the other side of the planet to do so. I mean, there are plenty of men of color here, many of whom make better-than-average money, who'll happily marry any white woman regardless of her age, size, personality, or IQ. (Substitute "Angela" and "Lisa" for "Jenny"...same thing...) Brittany is a terrible person for many reasons, among them the fact that she didn't hook her mom up with the name of her wig supplier. I really wanted to like Kenny, but his lack of consideration for Armando's situation is intolerable. Also, if Deavan of all people can get it together enough to use a translation app, why can't he? How old is he again? Bini and Ari prove once again that vacation hookups do not a relationship make. And yes, I understand that having a baby is a major life event, but Ari CHOSE to have her baby thousands of miles away from any support. If she couldn't figure out the ramifications of that decision in the Internet-enabled 21st Century, she should have kept her simple ass in Princeton. How old is she again? I truly couldn't care less about Cheesedick or Melyza. They are both boring as hell.
  8. SO glad I'm not the only one struggling with this show right now. I'm a minimalist in general and Rachel Zoe's closet is giving me hives. I'm going to finish this second episode because I want to see what they do with the regular person's garage (I mean, at least it's stuff for a family of four) but I doubt I'm going to watch the rest of the series.
  9. If I recall correctly, last season the daters rarely chose the people you'd think were the obvious choices. Or maybe it was just me being a lousy judge of character...anyway, this season I was pleasantly surprised: I just knew that Deva wasn't going to choose Maria (?) because they were getting along too well. I was also surprised that Brandon chose Justin. The show psyched me out though...with Justin taking a new job in Austin, I figured we weren't going to see him again. Also, as an older woman, I too was sorry they didn't pick an older dater this season. It's ironic that in my 20s I was a size 6 walking ball of insecurities, but in my 50s I'm...not. 🙂
  10. And you just reminded me of my first trip to Madrid in 2001 (not quite a zillion years ago, but it sure feels like it). I have not had powdered hot chocolate since that trip. I seem to recall Starbucks trying to sell that type of drink (basically melted chocolate) at one point.
  11. I'm an American who loves wedding dances (even the dumb ones) and I cannot tell you how tickled I was by this scene! Now I need someone to invite me to an Irish wedding!
  12. Gotta be honest...after sticking it out this whole series, the last 15 minutes or so of this episode really caused me to lose patience. It felt like three music videos back to back, capped off with Zendaya actually singing in the last one. I'm not sure I'll be back for the next season...
  13. Shit...my teenaged years were in the late 70s/early 80s and knowing the kind of kid I was back then, I don't know if I would have survived adolescence had the Internet been around. I mean that literally: It was bad enough being bullied by people in real life...
  14. Of this entire cast, I only recognize Zendaya, and only barely: I think I may have seen one of her music videos once but that's literally IT. Also I don't have kids and FB is the only social media I spend any serious time on. This show is absolutely mesmerizing. It's also scary as shit. If I thought my teenage niece was into any of what these kids are into, I seriously don't know what I'd do. Hi, my name is ExMathMajor, and I'm an old fart. 😁
  15. I'm still loving this reboot...I think all 5 guys are great (although I still don't quite "get" Antoni) and I'm fine with them "branching out" from straight guys. 1. I want a man who looks at me the way Hunter Woman's husband looked at her. 😍 Tied to that, I loved that Jonathan paid attention and didn't cut her hair short. I'm not against short hair on women at all (see below) but typical TV hair makeovers involve heavy use of scissors (if the hair is long) or heat (if the hair is anything other than straight). As someone who's also feminine but not frilly, I liked how Tan and Bobby designed her clothing and home. 2. I've known some real "Lost Boys" whose refusal to grow up resulted in them damaging those around them. I didn't get that sense with Camp Dude. At least he's conscious of being a father and needing to step up for his son. Also, I thought he (and that cabin) cleaned up nice! 3. Love love LOVED the Jones sisters. They are truly inspirations. And yeah, as soon as my budget allows I'm going to pick up some of that BBQ sauce online. 4. This episode didn't make as much of an impact on me for some reason...maybe because I was still wiping away tears from the third episode, lol. The kids were cute, though. 5. I want to adopt Not-Quite-Lumberjack-Lesbian. I would teach her how to cook and help her keep that 'fro tight (because relaxers are bullshit; yeah, I said it). Actually I want to adopt everybody at that potluck. Did Bobby make over her roommates' rooms or just hers? I also wonder about how they (the producers) go about getting permission from landlords. I'm assuming they're renting but I probably shouldn't; I'm curious, though. 6. Another episode that had me crying. I would definitely go see Bass Playing Dad and his sons perform! 7. I can't even imagine what losing your mom at age 11 must have done to Video Dude (and his sister; did they say how much older she was than him?). I adore Karamo but I really really hope that he left him with a referral to a local therapist. Also, he too cleaned up real nice! I could completely relate to him "finding his tribe." And I loved what Bobby did to their home and backyard! I want those kanji-inspired prints. 8. I sure hope Kairi and Rowan's Dad (I remember the kids' names because I liked them so much) can keep up now that the baby is here. Because if he wasn't able to do it before a baby...actually if they were ever to do a "Where Are They Now?" segment I'd want to see this family first. You know that saying about children making adults? Hopefully he gets there.
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