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  1. I too watched it on D+ and I'm going to add to your words if that's okay: I. Cannot. STAND. Angela. If she wanted an overgrown black boy with a big black dick she could have gotten one here. (Wonder why she didn't? Do NOT get me started...) Yara, you knew who you were marrying. Your getting pregnant had nothing to do with that. He had 9+ months to get a new job and he didn't, so grow a pair and STFU already. I'm convinced Natalie is certifiable. I'd love to hear what Dr. Kirk (Psychology in Seattle on YouTube) has to say. Unfortunately his videos tend to be really long and I don't usu
  2. Looking at next week's previews...I may have to skip it. Otherwise I'm going to blow a gasket. . . . Oh...who am I kidding...I'll be here next week as per usual...
  3. He doesn't believe in masturbation so it's Kalani's responsibility to get him off? *runs screaming from the room*
  4. If that was my dad talking to me I'd move into the first decent trailer I could find...or advertise for a room in someone's house...or something. Talk about being verbally abusive...is it true that his other kids don't speak to him?
  5. Betty can fuck. Right. Off. Ron? Are you fucking kidding me with "you've never paid a light bill"? So what's he supposed to do...stay home with you forever?
  6. Other way around...dad's Colombian, mom's Cuban.
  7. Tiffany: I'm not stupid. The lie detector test determined...THAT WAS A LIE
  8. THIS. Goddamn, Tiffany. There are OTHER MEN OUT HERE....
  9. SAME. Lechon would really hit the spot right now...
  10. Okay, Brandon? Time for you and Julia to fly the coop for real. Betty's not cutting that umbilical cord so you need to cut it...
  11. *raises hand* I don't take it every night, but when I do, it does help me sleep.
  12. I said I wasn't going to waste any more keystrokes on this walking talking joke named Angela but PLEASE GOD TELL US MICHAEL'S HOOKED UP WITH A NIGERIAN WOMAN HIS OWN AGE PLEASE GOD
  13. Disclaimer: This season is my first exposure to Kalani/Asuelu. So...was he her first sexual experience? That explains a LOT...
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