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  1. I agree she destroyed Thingamagig in the Smackdown. She should not have went home. This is just my opinion I thought the Fox was better than Michelle. He sang his heart out. It was his best. That duel was hard because it pitted two people who have been vocally great.
  2. I hope its tree because she would be against a strong female. It would make their decision harder. I wonder why they want Flamingo to win so bad. Wouldn't they want Butterfly in the finals because she would provide big competition. Make the finalie more interesting to watch. I wonder getting rid of Butterfly and Flower is to create news and controversy to get people to watch the show? Well they got big news with Flower/Patti. More than I think they realized.
  3. Based on spoilers we know Butterfly is leaving in the next episode. Wonder who will be in the Smackdown with here. Better not be Fox. That would be a really hard choice. But if it is Thingamagic than that would not be fair to Butterfly because there is clear Favoritism for Thingamagic. And I am sure heads will explode around here. If its Tree Blech.
  4. Here is an idea. What if Flamingo loses to Leopard tonight because he actually sings well. Then it would be Flamingo vs Flower. Flamingo wins that round. Judges get less hate. But people will still lose it because Patti went home. Oh who am I kidding judges will still get lots of hate.
  5. The Judges will probably get so much hate after this. People are going to lose it tonight.
  6. In the media section there is an article stating that the Smackdowns return. It will be Leopard vs Flamingo and Flower vs Rottweiler. If the judges are choosing again this is how Patti does not make the finals. I can see people freakiing out about that. I really hope the audience votes during the smackdown because it will feel less fixed. Why would the judges vote for the Leopard when Patti is better?
  7. I forgot to mention that the season starts 9/25 at 8:00, 7:00 central. It will be a two hour episode.
  8. I don't know if this is allowed because I have seen no post for Season 2. Who is excited for season 2. I am. So far the Masks that have been revealed are Egg, Panda, Cheetah, Flamingo, Skeleton, Fox, Bald Eagle, Ice Creme, Christmas Tree, Asparagus, Rose, Spider, Butterfly, Rottweiler, Penguin. There is one more left teh announce. Have anybody seen the preview videos for season 2 on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I am very excited for season 2.
  9. Worried too about the ratings. Fox treats Gotham like crap.
  10. I thought Bruce and Alfred were going to be in this episode??
  11. I am sure that is going to turn viewers away. Hopefully this synopsis does not hurt the ratings the next day. I shudder to think about it.
  12. Are you going to stop watching? Are you really going to stop reviewing because I actually do like your reviews.
  13. Writing wise I think they are hitting it out of the ball park this year. It started last year when the show it its stride. They continued this year. Ratings wise its just in a very competitive slot and it was moved. Its got the same rating the last few weeks. People are sticking by it.
  14. I guess if alot of people felt the way you did the ratings are going to plummet next episode. Great show while it lasted.
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