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  1. There are many people a LOT bigger than she is, the clothes are available out there. She obviously loves her body the way it is since she purposely dresses to display it. I had that thought about the pancakes too, my first reaction was "neither of you need to be eating those" but that's just me projecting my own weight issues.
  2. He also has to wash her hair and cut her toenails.
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I would play that clip over and over again for a laugh.
  4. To be fair he was much better looking when they got together in the US.
  5. Is he even divorced yet? I didn’t think it was done.
  6. Given that “grape” is part of the name I’d be very cautious.
  7. She’s gained, there is no way she eats right most of the time. Of course it will be the scale’s fault as always.
  8. At least one patient had a therapy session in a pool, anything that could get them used to standing and walking but NOT having to support all of their weight is a great idea.
  9. Tim is the highlight of the rehab scenes! Like those old seats that babies hung from where they could bounce up and down with their feet?! 🤣
  10. She really doesn’t look that much smaller for losing that much weight!
  11. They’re huge, so 100 pounds is certainly possible. If I remember this episode correctly the only weight she loses is in the hospital.
  12. Glad I missed that! I’ve been binging like a 600-pounder since February, so I had a coffee-and-water day today.
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