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  1. Exactly what I was thinking! But Joyce’s calorie counting methodology was so far off that I think 120 calories a day might have approximated what she SHOULD have been eating.
  2. Yummy chicken wings! Yes they are what led me into trouble on Super Bowl Sunday. Your mesquite ones sound extra delicious. I have no off switch when it comes to food so when I see some of the pounders' huge meals I just think "yeah I could eat all that too but do I want to LOOK like that?!" The upside of my brain never registering "full" is that I don't really tend to be "hungry" in the physical sense so fasting isn't hard for me. Cravings are another matter entirely!!
  3. Without even wearing gloves! I am convinced there is more to this story that we didn’t see in the episode.
  4. Agreed, but I don’t think it was helpful that a small normal weight child was probably stuffed with food by grandma every time she expressed sadness or anxiety about being sent there by her now-absent mother. Of course many people can overcome that kind of conditioning but Joyce has no desire to.
  5. I wouldn't have been sad. With her attitude I can't imagine it's too far in the future.
  6. Again with the scale malfunction?! The delusion is VERY strong with this one. Another twelve pound gain!!
  7. It’s Joyce’s special recipe where you use the whole egg but only count the white.
  8. She’s been on THAT journey/exercise all of her life!
  9. Don’t forget that life isn’t worth living without fried wontons! Which she also made in her bed/kitchen.
  10. Of course there is NOTHING wrong with her. Is it time for Lola now?
  11. Drama Queen is putting on a big show now. Heart attack?!
  12. The scale is wrong! It can’t be right! I know I lost a LOT of weight! And there is her tank of oxygen that she “no longer uses”.
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