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  1. I go through phases where I just hate Jennifer so much but then she pulls me back in only to lose me again-in one hour. This was one of those episodes. I like her support of her brother & I actually like Bill. It’s a real roller coaster over here. I took my 20 year old boyfriend to my prom. He was a year ahead of me so he had just finished his freshman year but was 20. We had a lovely time-like we did at his the year before-and he managed not to be a sexual predator to any of my friends.
  2. I think she moved there awhile ago-not just after this season wrapped. She drives to Florida a lot because her dog is afraid to fly. Either he or Brian basically said their daughter would never act like the women (Kate/Rhylee I assume) so I guess that means men won't kick sand in their face when they are sitting away from them enjoying a cigarette and a beer, not speaking to them. I really did love Courtney this season and people seem disappointed she went with Brian the last night. He is hot and she knows it isn't going anywhere-why not? And I could watch that scene with her and the dog on the dock 100 times. I am so happy this season is over. I am a drinker, but I was so tired of watching Kevin and Tanner fall all over the place (and pantless-no thank you) all season. They are both trash and can be taken out accordingly with Ashton.
  3. People can be obnoxious when they're drunk. But you don't stick your unwanted tongue down a woman's throat - TWICE - just because you're drunk. You don't attack the van you're riding in JUST because you're drunk Don’t forget ashton also needlessly “helped” Courtney out of a trolley thing by putting his hand on her ass before they got to the club. He might not have been sober but he wasn’t yet Smashton or whatever his stupid alter ego is called. I was so glad she said something to him. I felt so terrible for Courtney. I know exactly the feeling she had when you get something like that text in the middle of the day & then you have to function the rest of the day. I’m cringing now-that pit in your stomach is awful. (I’ve dated a few “Brian’s.”) She is wonderful on Twitter-she calls out people that make sexist comments to her. I am a huge Kate fan (I personally love other women) but my Courtney love is starting to get to the same level. I wish I had her self respect in my 20s.
  4. NEVER Amber. With Amber comes the worst house husband ever. I listen to the Watch What Crappens and they did a mailbag where they were asked who they could "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and I think Amber was mentioned (and Siggy was definitely mentioned-what a monster). WHY does Teresa walk so weird? At the pool furniture store, she walks like a comical cowboy from an old western. If you cannot walk in heels, just don't wear them!
  5. I totally agree-the great Heather B from Real World season 1 said something along the lines of "Don't be a bitch and they [production] can't show you being a bitch." (Paraphrased but I always loved that.) Production didn't encourage Ashton to be a drunken lout and destroy dj equipment, marginalize women, and then assault one multiple times. Actually-two since he grabbed Courtney's ass and she called him out on it and he acted put out. Along with Capt Sandy, many of Bravo folks don't drink-Kandi from Atlanta, Marge from NJ, Jill from NYC, Luanne from NYC while on probation (JK-she drank on probation)... Maybe Ashton should take a page from Courtney and Simone's book and have a few drinks, dance, and not manage to embarrass themselves (outside of hooking up with Tanner) or blackout. He is 30, not 22-he should know how to handle his liquor by now.
  6. I'm still confused as to what apology Kate owes Ashton. He's the one that sexually assaulted her and physically intimidated her, then punched the side of a car (which would be his second property damage issue in a few weeks)-I would have left too. Is it because she didn't leave a note? Like many women (and men), this is sadly a familiar scenario for us, and you can bet I would have left that boat too. It is called fight or flight and from my experience in a similar situation, she was probably shaken (plus intoxicated) and wanted to be away from him and the cameras. I also did not leave a note-maybe I should have apologized in court when he was forced to?
  7. Seriously! I guess because people are good at their jobs and gain the trust of their superiors, and therefore have job security, they are expected to stay in a violent situation. To me, this preferential treatment/job security that everyone speaks of just reads as supervisor trust in an employee to me. It IS nice to have and I have it, because I earned it through my job performance. As for the cheese, it doesn't matter if it is not an allergy. If the guests don't want it, don't make it Kevin (I loathe him). The guest said it didn't "sit right". I wouldn't want to pay a lot of money, be served something that didn't sit right, and spend the vacation is in the bathroom, particularly if I was the girl sleeping in the lounge. ETA that now I want matzo ball soup.
  8. From what I recall, the only comment he has made about his mom was earlier in the episode-I don’t think he ever brought up his family last year. I absolutely loved him last season. I thought he was so sweet with Patrick Swayze eyes & thought he actually treated Laura (the stew he had a fling with) with respect (especially compared to Tyler & Rhylee). I have no idea why he is so angry this season. Brian is on social media apologizing to Kate & explaining to the general public that he didn’t know how bad the situation in the van was & that he went to bed as soon as they got home. I’ll give him a pass because he does seem decent, until the next episode.
  9. You raise very good points, and I think I have to agree with you. On the other hand, if I were Kate, I think I would have been banging on Captain Lee's door and demanding that he have Ashton removed from the ship, not the other way around. Kate leaving just gave Ashton what he wanted - she gave him the upper hand-now, he can say what a big man he is because he "won". Actually I probably would have done that too. I would hate letting Ashton win because I’m very petty. I do wish someone had gone with her to talk to the captain if that was what she wanted to do. I don’t know that the female crew realizes the extent of his rage. On Twitter (you guys I swear I get real news from legitimate sources & use twitter for bravo & dog pictures) it was mentioned Kate didn’t want to tell the captain (per a podcast) so she didn’t get preferential treatment. I don’t know that alcohol wasn’t more of a factor in that over perceived reactions. Thank you for answering so nicely-I always like to hear how other people would handle situations!
  10. I’m very seriously just asking what you thought Kate should have done. I’m not trying to be a jerk. I don’t think they are allowed to use their locks & if my physically larger coworker assaulted me (again) & then used his size to physically intimidate me because I asked a question & not one person stood up for me, I would leave & get a hotel too. She didn’t seem like she was having a tantrum to me but just wanted to leave (she seemed a little in shock which reminds me of younger experiences). I used to have a Rhylee temper in my youth & I taught myself to just remove myself from the situation when I can leave until I am rational. Apparently on the after show (credit-twitter because I don’t watch those so this is allegedly) Tanner & Ashton are saying Kate deserved It because she’s a bitch. It’s fucking 2019 boys. I loved Ashton last season & he is lucky that this is a network that gave TRav a platform or he might be my most hated. And I include Danielle. Between racist Leeanne & predator Ashton, why am I watching? Bring on top chef. Tanner is a pig. Good stuff-those kids were cute & funny. And I thought the parents dealt with them very well.
  11. Ashley is 24 right? I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but when I was 24 I definitely hung on to too many losers because I was insecure and unhappy in other aspects of my life. My friends (same friends from then-we've just grown up) have all said Casey is just the kind of loser we would let have strung us along at that age. I hope (and she should) that she matures a little and realizes she doesn't need a relationship to be happy and that she is a nice, sweet, very pretty girl, and should have her pick when she wants. I know I am a horrible person for saying this, but I hope Casey cries A LOT next week. @Booger666 I didn't see your post before I hit submit, but re: David & Kate spoiler:
  12. I thought Kate was being an asshole with throwing the clothes and not accepting Brian's apology, but that is all I think she was a jerk for. While I have zero idea what is so offensive about being called a yachtie (I do not get mad if people call me by my employment title), I liked that he apologized and seemed sincere and I didn't like when she dismissed him (and I am of course RIDE OR DIE Kate). However, I was SO annoyed at the brus. First of all, who said Kate needed to be "put in her place". That is almost the grossest thing said this season (I'm afraid it was Brian). And second, maybe the brus should have enjoyed the day and the pool and the swim up bar and not just sat around and complained about Kate all day. As I sit in randomly warm and cold DC, I would have killed to be at a swim up pool bar. Third, they are so predatory toward women. I assume those two women were professional dancers at the resort and maybe they didn't want the likes of Ashton and Tanner up on their podium. (I find predatory behavior of all people to service industry folks gross-to Capt Lee too by the women, before anyone asks). Also Ashton's dancing grosses me out. AND TANNER. He is so gross. I was just (internally) screaming "SIMONE GET SOME SELF RESPECT". I know she is 29, but I feel like I had found my self respect by then. And she asks him not to run his mouth and he says THAT is why he isn't in relationships. Hmmm-is that why Tanner? Could it be you repulse women? And has anyone's mother ever had to ask them multiple times if they got a sex worker pregnant? I get that she is trying to be Colin's mom, but I find the original Colin's mom annoying. He is foul. Simone can be annoying (mostly her taste in men and her "O.M.G."), but she is a nice, intelligent, pretty girl-she can do SO much better than Tanner and his big mouth and weird long gyrations. Courtney's bathing suit was fabulous. I think she and Rhylee are friendly on social media so the Brian stealing might be a blown up story.
  13. First-bravo to your entire post. I won’t back down at work when it is necessary & often I’m the only woman to do so (and I’ll speak up on others behalf because it is uncomfortable for some to themselves) & I know it bothers some people. And I do think Rhylee can be a jerk but if she had ordered her own food, Kevin seems like the kind of person who would react to that too when HE is ordering (to a woman). Tanner seems like a try-hard so it wasn’t surprising to see him jump in. And Ashton? I loved him last year but he has lost me forever with that comment about how they only had (were stuck with?) girls that didn’t want to have fun, where fun only seems to mean orally service him. So women are just sex objects to him? To quote Rhylee “GOT IT”. I know Ross made out with Rhylee last year but didn’t Ashton also-or at least try to?
  14. I’m with you. I don’t necessarily love Rhylee, but I felt for her last year when the deck crew kept telling her to calm down when she was speaking rationally at a normal volume. And why is Kevin such a prick? Just order chicken satay without the sauce & chill. He has spoken down to Kate, Simone, & Rhylee now. Someone upthread said he wanted to be in with the “cool guys”. He will never speak down to them. Capt Lee tweeted something about how Simone should have taken the garter off to not encourage the primary. Extremely bad take Lee.
  15. I did too-it felt weird. But I liked her talking to her daughter (who I felt so bad for-having food thrown at her? What horrible children) & I LOVED her calling out & calling Danielle “Beverly”. Then she gave Tre a cute wink when she corrected her on the oil & vinegar comment. Like I said it felt weird but I think there was a full moon. Putting this in a spoiler just in case (about Danielle) Danielle isn’t even good hate watching like Jen usually is-she is like Jim Marchese. Just useless & hateful.
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