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  1. It’s about time Ashley & Michael came clean. No shame in open marriages if that’s what you want to do. But maybe don’t be on a reality show & not discuss it. I don’t believe Michael though. He’s full of shit. I also hated him shaking his corona bottle & demanding a drink Love that the “winery” they went to didn’t want to be named. It’s called Rockland & it’s more of a farm. They weren’t in the main tasting room area, but the special events barn so the people in the background knew what was going on. I really like Rockland-they have a sweet farm dog, a good pizza truck, & you can buy every cut of meat imaginable. But it’s a farm & I was remiss in wearing bug spray (tick bite).
  2. If the rumor about Dorinda being the inspiration for the character Susan Sharon on Sex & the City is true, imagine what that household was really like? (Susan was supposed to be Dorinda and she had a horrible husband who yelled all the time and he was supposedly based on her first husband.) That clip of her yelling at John on the phone was scary. I think Scott seems like a bad person, but I genuinely like Tinsely and I don't get why people are so concerned with her finances. She comes from money-I just looked it up and her high school is $62k a year (2020 prices, but still). I assume she has family money and was paid well for being on the same show where all the ladies appear. I'm actually surprised it took her so long to snap back-she's been dealing with the mean girl preppy set for decades. I thought the turkey baster comment was gross, because it was directed at a woman who was shown crying over frozen eggs, calling them her babies. I am childless by choice, so if it was said to me, it wouldn't have been hurtful at all. As I've gotten older and so many of my friends have struggled or haven't met someone to have the children with they desperately want, saying anything about a woman's fertility seems cruel. I read somewhere (Page Six I think so take it with a grain of salt) that the comment was what made Andy want Bravo to fire her (I don't know if he has that power anymore though). On a shallow note, I thought the women all looked good (Ramona a bit too tan and Tinsley had a bit of a Priv face with the eyelashes). I actually really loved Sonja's hair and I obviously need to stop drinking looking at Lu and Leah.
  3. I literally lol’d at the bird scene. From the slo-mo to the women huddled in the corner & Candiace clutching that plastic fork to Robyn crouching on the ground, it was *chef’s kiss. I hate birds too. Newberg is in a more rural area but it’s not in the middle of nowhere-I used to drive to college that way when I wanted to avoid 95 twenty years ago & you can probably hear traffic from the 301 highway from her house-it was bad congestion that long ago. I have coworkers who drive into DC from that area. And I don’t see Robyn or Gizelle providing us vacation home porn. But I really enjoyed Robyn last night-her kids are funny & seem to love the cameras. And her casualness of forgetting the younger one’s name & her holding Dean in the background was cute. I am childfree by choice but I still like children & love babies so I would’ve been holding him too (until a tantrum). Aunt jmcd only does so much. Karen had me rolling with her facial expressions & her criticizing Gizelle’s outfits-she is right. Gizelle is stunning but can’t dress worth shit. I think Karen looks good this season-truly the most beautiful franchise IMO. A really enjoyable episode-even if I couldn’t follow what was happening with the fight the whole time.
  4. I put it on her thread-I figured a good Sandy-focused pile on belonged in there!
  5. That’s on me-sorry. I’m going to edit it-I should reread what I wrote before I post. 😂 So I meant to write “if Tom was “planned”, he would have had his knives.” I didn’t see if he had knives, but wasn’t the story was that he was returning home from charter? He would have his knives then. That could have been her answer. But Sandy sucks.
  6. She said that if Tom was “planned”, he would have had his knives.
  7. I saw those-I feel like we are best friends now! I asked her why she was so mad at the viewers. I was trying to string her thoughts together so much that I only had one vodka and sprite zero. So now Sandy ruined my plan to have an early evening buzz-thanks Sandy!
  8. The recap is up on Sandy's topic page. That was... a lot. It might be rambling (so like Sandy).
  9. I watched Capt Sandy's IG live so you didn't have to (with vodka)-she is awful. This was painful. I would compare her "inspirational" speech to Bill Murray in his ending speech in Scrooged, but I love that movie and won't insult him. She is planning on doing this next week. I'll be at work and I can't live through this again-she is inviting her friends and just rattles names off like I know who TF Vicki and Bill are: BLUF: None of us understand because we aren't working on a yacht. She is the victim here and she is mad. I couldn't cover everything because woof. It was like she was giving a paid speech-we are all one planet, one love, etc. Lady I waited in line for RBG-you are not a speaker. She is all over the place. She literally said nothing interesting or helpful. Also we are all hateful and mean & should think of Malia and Tom's feelings. The comments I did catch were a mix of YOU ARE THE BEST to YOU SHOULD QUIT. I pride myself on giving good summaries, but this was impossible. She meandered from one comment to another-she kept asking people to help her read comments. She comes off really rude and VERY angry and blames all the viewers. She comes off as the victim (to editing, to maritime law, to all the haters)-she lists all the tragedy that happened to her (it borders on Kelly Taylor's 90210 college years). Useless and with tons of technical difficulties. I know she is sober, but she seems like she is on something-unfocused and confused. She trails off mid-sentence. -To her micromanaging=her "helping"; if you are a good job, you never see her (so her staring at the deck crew was because she didn't trust them?). -Apparently her defense is that the Captain is responsible for all the things on board (true), but she used the comparison of the Costa Concordia and how the crew ran that ship aground (which I thought he was on the bridge bragging to a lady). She talks a lot about how much reading she had to do about Malta law and regulations and law. You know-like anyone would that has a job where you need to familiar with regulations (i.e. the majority of us). -She really talks about drugs and drug testing. I have shared I get drug tested for my gov't job and they test for narcotics. Also anxiety meds are not drugs, but she doesn't see it. She gets mad having to go back to the Valium. "If she gave you her drugs, would it be different." She has to be coached to answer because she said "no" at first. (Drugs are her words, not mine) -She spent a lot of time talking about the laws and rules that yachtees have to learn. She explained about flying under the Maltese flag. -Question on favoritism: A lot of congratulatory statements on her career, then on to editing, editing, editing... So we don't see the whole picture (she went to that a lot-you signed up for a reality show Captain). She answered an ad in the newspaper because she had to pay off her debts (I'm not sure if that was the Bravo ad?). She is quoting Denzel Washington, Thomas Edison, and Reggie Jackson about falling forward to say that Kiko was beloved. -They NEVER showed her helping Kiko and if she was in the galley, it was only because she was doing his dishes. He thanked her so much and they never see her. -She went on about how to work in the maritime industry if you aren't "college material". That seems like an odd statement. She circles back to working on a yacht and how if you can't make it in college, you can make it there. (Is this not insulting to everyone-college and not?) -She has no idea how to use IG. -She has "nothing to do with cabins", she made a mistake because she was annoyed and was tired of hearing about the cabins-she wouldn't have gotten involved if they had made a decision. Haven't we all made an emotional decision? (Uh, they did make a decision-Malia just didn't like it) -She has "no idea" what happens on the boat-with the cabins, with guests driving drunk on the jet ski. Even though she is responsible for the whole boat? She can't speak for Malia. -She read the internet because she addresses the comment about Tom not having his knives. -She has too much of a life to see anyone on the crew off the boat. -This is "corona's" fault. -Lots of "I'm sorry that you..." -"No comment" on Captain Lee. -She can hire Kiko for her restaurant. -She claims she will respond to all emails, but not hate. So sorry to anyone here!
  10. Because of your sacrifice, I will watch it on behalf of PTV. There might be vodka involved. Capt Lee has spoken FWIW:
  11. Bless you-not all heroes wear capes! I figured someone would hate watch it. ETA-sorry that I didn't see you posted that earlier. I read all the comments, but my eyes must've filled with rage (and I've lost track of days in the pandemic).
  12. They played an On Demand commercial for Top Chef All Stars and I wistfully remembered when I enjoyed a Bravo show without any vindictiveness and back stabbing-TC All Stars was wonderful. I'm done after last night. I will read the Vulture recaps and listen to the Watch What Crappens podcast, because I got too mad watching a reality show that has no bearing on my actual life. Malia: First, she disabled comments on her IG, but I read some before she did and not one in support after the show aired (she apparently deletes negative comments, but was on WWHL so I figured she didn't have time). Second, for all her "I'm so strong, I'm not afraid of Hannah", she immediately ran to the captain and whined and all of the sudden, she gets her wish. Part of being a strong adult is realizing you can't get everything you want (particularly at the expense of others). Actually-that is just being an adult, strong or not. And lastly (for now), her argument was that she and Tom came in as a team. He joined the boat the day before-calm down. She's so selfish and childish. Bugs: She also put up two IG posts and took them down (I am in far too many Bravo FB groups) about how she suffers from mild depression and you never know what someone is going through (to be fair, her attached picture had ZERO accessories, so that might be a sign). Shouldn't that make her more sympathetic to Hannah? Hannah certainly lived rent free in many of their heads on the day off. Sandy: Of course, I already disliked her, but she is so unprofessional. I would love to hear what she said on her live social media things last night, but I can't find anyone that watched it. I still don't understand the prescription drug thing. I've said before I have diabetes and sometimes I have low blood sugar-so because that can alter my mood, I need to run to Sandy every time I eat carbs and ask her for some? Last I heard, Sandy does not have a degree in endocrinology and I think I would know better than Sandy. And serious question-has a boss ever hugged anyone here after getting hired? I know it is a reality show, but Lee would never do that. Just because she is a woman doesn't make it ok, but she is the poster child for unprofessionalism. I'm proud of Hannah-if I was trying to lay down and she invaded my space, I don't think I would be that nice. I texted my friends last night "Please don't ever make me a sex room." I found that creepy (not that sex was creepy but it was just odd that a friend/coworker and a coworker who never met my boyfriend would do that) and somehow juvenile-perhaps it was the T + M in table stones. I very much enjoy Alex and he seems like a good guy-hopefully I can catch him on a later Below Deck.
  13. I had zero problem with everyone ganging up on Candiace because I don't like her. So while I might have sympathy for anyone else, I don't have any for her. I just can't stand Candiace so much. I fail to see what exactly makes her think she is so much better than anybody else. She won a pageant? I know she worked for the White House and they showed the picture of her with Obama and that is admirable, but wasn't she a low-level appointee because she volunteered for the campaign? Again, admirable, but not exactly unusual here in D.C.-I have quite a few coworkers who did the same with many campaigns. She is 33 and her main job before this show was what? Did her hair care line ever take off? I know she met Chris in a restaurant and I would respect her more if she just admitted to working in one instead of acting like she is rich and fabulous when a whole plot line was that at 33, her mom was still paying her mortgage. Does anyone know where the new housewife lives? I looked up her JHU bio and she went to Goucher, which is also a Baltimore-area college. I only ask because the restaurant she and Candiace met at was in Ellicott City, which is a town near Baltimore. So we have Gizelle in North Potomac (which some people don't consider Potomac), Wendy near Baltimore, Ashley in Arlington, Robin in Hanover, and Candiace in Oxon Hill, They should have just re-used "Real Housewives of DC." This is still my favorite franchise though. Oh Karen-knowing what it is like to be a victim of the "gang bang". God bless her.
  14. If I was deck crew, I would probably be going to Sandy every night for Advil after hauling that slide in and out (but I'm an old). Genuine question-does this extend to guests? I mean all meds-Excedrin, blood pressure, etc (not narcotics). I'm a TD1 and would I have to find the captain every time I needed insulin? Just kidding-she is 5 feet away from the guests and cameras at all times-I would have no problem. (I'm actually on a pump, but any excuse to bust on Sandy)
  15. I apologize for double post-I'm a luddite who can't figure how to quote from two pages. I think this is it (I put it in a spoiler earlier) but Frank Choppin'! And yes-brutal to know I am nowhere near getting to Spain (not that I had plans, but I can dream!)
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