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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/18/AR2009071802087.html I'm shocked Ashely mentioned it since it doesn't seem like it was one of Monument's success stories (from the article): "It has been neglected for years and needs $100 million in renovations just to make it habitable, developers familiar with the Watergate say. Monument Reality, which bought it for $45 million in 2004, has not paid the hotel's property taxes since last year, which translates to at least $250,000 the city will collect at a sale... ...Lehman Brothers, its financing partner, went
  2. I really did not think I would love this show this much. I laughed so hard at Steve Martin's elevator/boiler room comedy. And everyone ignoring him in the elevator was hilarious. I'm so glad it was mentioned upthread that it starts filming again next month. Here is something we didn't see resolved (I think)-who left the note on Jan's door? Could it be the person who killed Bunny/sent the text? Since no one else was with her, it doesn't make sense she would leave for herself. How are they not selling the tie dye hoodie anywhere??
  3. Same. I felt personally offended. When Keely told Higgins about the job opportunity, she kind of did a head shake/scream thing and Higgins did it too. I rewound that 5 times and literally lol'd every time. I also laughed so hard when Akufo just went off at the end-that was brilliant-loved the handshake fake out and them him strangling the mannequin. Then I lol'd at the dog breeder loving Keely (I mean, who wouldn't?). Really funny episode while still making me alternatively sad/ragey towards Nate. I also love Rebecca and Keely's friendship. It is so nice to see strong female friendsh
  4. Monica did and continues to have gorgeous hair so I guess they are doing their best but I don't see it with Beanie. I do hope Susan ate the whole cheese log-or wrapped it up and took it home-just to piss off Linda! I love Susan. I wish she existed in real life. lol-thank you for that. I think it was the vulture fact check that talked about how Monica's closeness with the POTUS was well-known in "D.C. circles." It is always very obvious when coworkers (or... President and an intern-more than coworkers) are closer than average, even if the people involved thin
  5. I posted the link above-it seems to be called the Chesapeake Mansion (clever) near St. Michaels (Tilghman island). It is very pretty! I would probably let lettuce be thrown at me to stay there for a couple nights and ride a bike around the Eastern shore and not pay the $1500/night.
  6. I think this is it (I hope this link works)-I need to find a picture of the great spring mix throw to compare the kitchens. It is gorgeous-Tilghman Island is about 2 hours from Potomac. https://www.vrbo.com/2207416?adultsCount=10&noDates=true&unitId=2771970
  7. This is extremely unverified, but in the LLR Facebook group I'm in (never sold/bought LLR, just loved the documentary), the claim is that the doctor/one of the doctors at Obesity 4 Me in Tijuana is related to Deanne and her sister. I could've watched four more episodes at least.
  8. My favorite person on the show-she represents some of us (me at least!). Based on her glee at seeing her name in Newsweek, she would probably love that the attention and that Sarah Paulson was playing her. Real question I will Google later-did she not get in trouble for speaking to the press without her boss's approval? I would get raked over the coals if I did that and I'm a gov't employee. The actress Laura Ingrahm had me laughing when she looked at fake Ann and just went "Coutler..." That will be the nicest thing I ever say tangentially about Laura Ingrahm.
  9. Can confirm-I learned to drive there and still think a blinker is a suggestion. No need to get over to the right lane to exit until you are 0.1 miles away. I'm mostly kidding-all of my limited driving is usually in heavy traffic. But I scream when I go home and Maryland drivers are just driving in the left lane at the speed limit when the middle lane is open and inviting to them. That's because we all moved here from Maryland. 😄 Dorothy is awful. I think Candiace takes everything too far, but to grow up with Dorothy as a mother must've done some damage. Isn't she a psychologist?
  10. SAME (I didn't have Monica's money to travel, so at least the losers I was smitten with were usually found at the local bar). I too have always heard that Bill Clinton is so charismatic in person, you feel like you are alone with him. I'm from the DMV and was about 18-19 when this came out in the news but was very self-involved and away at college so the main thing I remember is that I was SHOCKED the POTUS would engage in such behavior as to cheat on his wife. Monica was only 3-4 years older at the time of the affair so I can see her being more naive than equal partner. They a
  11. A lot of these comments about Whitney in a bathing suit are a bit shocking to me. Couldn't it be possible that the adult sons can handle being around an attractive woman and not sexualize her? Don't we all know people we can appreciate as attractive but not have a "hard on" for? Do the sons spend the entire time on a beach/Vegas vacation with semis? Should I not be wearing a bikini around my friend's husbands at a pool in case I'm such a temptress? I assume that Whitney loves her husband (whose name I can't even remember) and probably isn't attracted to her stepsons. Considering we have a wo
  12. If they were going to drive to Williamsburg, just keep driving to Duck or Corolla and get a big house on the beach (although they were probably sold out). Kingsmill felt like an odd choice because it did used to be a plantation (and I think there is a golf course called the Plantation course). I'm not surprised they didn't go to Colonial Williamsburg because even though I learned in my classes in college (preservation), there is nothing historically accurate about the Rockefeller's Williamsburg, it still feels gross. Also all the candle-making places might've too much for Wendy and Karen.
  13. They did play a preview for next week during the Shahs reunion & I texted my friend about it relieved (I have now admitted I watch the terrible Shahs & I have no life, but the heart wants what it wants). SAME. And I almost didn't watch because I used to dislike her so much. I'm sure it is an image thing, but she cracks me up in her confessionals. I actually don't think Eddie cheated. I think Wendy is maybe not a great fit for reality tv and doesn't know how to react to these attacks and rumors. I would probably cry and go to my room immediately but I am also not good tv.
  14. If the internet is to be believed (haha), she was born in Churchton, which is about 30 minutes from Annapolis. IF she stayed in the area with foster care, maybe she went to Southern HS? I immediately starting texting friends to see if anyone knew & to have them check yearbooks-we are older, but I'm not sure 36 is quite accurate for her. Update: records appear to reflect she IS 36. I hate Michael but loved Dean and Dillion (?) being so cute in that scene together. Candiace's (what I assume) spare bedroom with her clothes still in the garbage bags from the move stressed me out. S
  15. Same! I find her clothes very cute too (although I always have) This was a billion years ago, but in Maryland, if you failed the driving test twice, you had to wait 2 or 3 weeks (I failed once). Not sure past 3-I only know one person that got to 3. And while I happily admit to failing the permit/computer test ("computer"-see "License to Drive" with Corey Haim) in about 5 questions, I went home, got the study guide and actually read it, and passed the next day.
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