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  1. I rewound & took a picture to send to my friends & laughed & laughed! I do too. I’m not sure why but I just can’t stand Jeanette & I feel bad that I don’t like a teenage girl being vilified by a town. I would like to cheer for both teenage girls & this would help Vincent remains the best.
  2. I was checking out Kristen's instagram last night (since she was on Top Chef as a judge and because she is just wonderful in general) and she said it was renewed for season 2. I was so happy-I told many friends to watch it and they did not. Just the other day I told one I blamed her if it did not get renewed. I'll let her know the friendship is safe.
  3. Obviously MMV, but my friends and I do them and we love them. In the beginning of the pandemic, we were doing them virtually as a way to see each other instead of just having a happy hour (had plenty of those too!). I have dressed as a journalist, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, and a librarian (who surprise! was an undercover cop so I got to whip out my Ray Bans for a quick costume change). But I will only do them with certain friends who get into it and I would never do it on national tv-we are not that amusing. I'm mostly sad I've never been the murderer. I've been A murderer, but not the one we
  4. I also enjoy seeing him squirm. And I don't actually think he has done Sydney wrong-he is annoying, but he told her right away it was a one night thing and then talked with her again after she jumped in his bed. But something about his hair with how he wears his hat (superficial I know) just makes me want to see running from Syndey. And I think Syndey is very pretty, but her attitude distracts me from her attractiveness. I want to think it is her age that makes her such a "pick me chick", but I hate that look on women. (I am a woman and I 100% did that in my early 20s) But I have never in
  5. The most offensive part to me about this episode was referring to Loudon county, VA as the sticks. Now did I just “weekend away” at the vineyards there from Alexandria, VA? Sure. But it’s like 45 minutes from DC, filled with traffic & DC commuters. There is MONEY honey in Loudon county. I could live the rest of my life never seeing the Stabler children-I don’t love the personal stuff on any of the law & orders. Cut them & give their scenes to the ex-wife.
  6. I am not a good cook-I'm not creative with food (great at baking) and I don't enjoy it. But I made beautiful sunny side up eggs that did not stick to the pan this morning before work. Her insistence that they were over easy and not scrambled was baffling. I find her "fight" with Daisy pretty one-sided. I don't really see anything aggressive on Daisy's side. Natasha has been posting a bunch of stuff on social media with Daisy calling her ride or die (or something like that) so maybe she is doing damage control. Oh my lord Sydney. I was humiliated for her. I didn't want to, but I had to rew
  7. I thought I heard in the previews that they were "stuck on the boat" (fueling their drunken shenanigans) and not going out because of COVID and I heard Glenn say the guests were quarantining prior to the charter. (But I was doing other things during it) Speaking of those guests-ugh. What grown man in 2020 shows up in denim speedo? It is something someone in my beach share would have done in our 20s. I felt bad for the primary trying to talk about her dad and someone asking Greg to play the harmonica. Although I laughed and laughed at the woman saying "Shut up Greg!" I have no idea
  8. Agreed! She’s so charming. And yes-this made me like Jeremy more.
  9. I just watched the first episode & am currently contemplating ordering Portillo’s shipped to my house. It’s sort of silly but I liked it. I don’t remember Jeremy being as... personable as I found him on this show. Maybe the less competitive environment or the chemistry with Kristen & Justin lets him chill a bit. Justin was of course very charming.
  10. I’m also a cricket eater! Just once in the before times when a coworker brought in cricket crackers/chips. I tried them but many coworkers did not & no one gave them any flack. I’m a really adventurous eater in that I will try anything once but if someone sneaked one of the few foods I don’t like into my food, I would be furious. It’s the act itself. It felt gross-like giving someone a mocktail with booze & not telling them. BUT Brandi’s reaction? The Crappens podcast said she acted like a child & I agree. I kept waiting for her to say the puking was a prank. It was so dramatic
  11. I looked but I didn't see any explanation, but (allegedly) she was only a friend of until they got rid of Sara the (alleged) Insurrectionist so they had to go back and make up scenes. I assume Lisa's call was way after the actual trip. Why they couldn't do that with them meeting for coffee or Italian food, I don't know. This was pre-COVID. Jen is beyond. She is unwatchable to me. She is such a jerk to Heather just to be friends with Meredith. If I was her kids, I would be mortified and ask her not to do the show next year. This would immediately become my favorite show on tv. I'm
  12. I said the other day (yesterday? What is time?) that Spike was sending pizza to the National Guard in DC & of course Jose’s organization is too. I love him. In addition to a burger from Good Stuff, looks like I need to find Jose’s truck Pepe for bacon wrapped dates. These are the sacrifices I make.
  13. I just rewatched Spike’s season & realized he didn’t really win much and was less obnoxious than I remembered, but I still wasn’t wild about his personality. But! I love love Good Stuff & his company has been really good about helping deliver meals to homebound seniors during the pandemic. Tonight his pizza place delivered pizza to the Capitol & the National Guard sleeping there. Seems like I will just have to show my support & head to Good Stuff after the inauguration & get a sunny side. Oh darn!
  14. I thought it was so it didn't spill or drip. I always pour my wine from the bottom too-by my third glass, I need better aim. But I did learn that you are supposed to hold the glass by the stem so your hand doesn't warm up the wine. But I also use stemless wine glasses most of the time so don't mind me. I thought the guests seemed nice. They were "extra" but nice and appreciative and went to bed early and seemed to actually use the water toys.
  15. Whitney's party looked strange, but at this point in the pandemic, I long for any party-weird back room of an antique store, Potomac wig party in a parking lot... Heather really won me over with "Protect the burger!" and "I look like a flapper with cankles." I think both Jen and Mary are assholes, but good God Jen should never drink tequila (I say as someone that has not had tequila in 15 years). I found Lisa not annoying this week.
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