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  1. Apparently it's not Gary's baby.... https://people.com/parents/below-deck-sailing-yacht-gary-king-says-alli-dore-didnt-tell-him-about-pregnancy/
  2. She was way overdone IMO too honestly at first I didn’t know who she was ~ guess it’s her red carpet moment Good to see Gary getting called out on a lot of his BS and bad behaviour. Also proud of Daisy for standing up to him.
  3. I finally came around to watching this series, I enjoyed it but did find the storyline way too convoluted, especially the murder plot and just how many characters actually died during the brief timeline. Mare herself was injured twice, her mom was knocked over or fell over a couple of different times. Mare finds and loses two love interests and so much more. But the acting was great and I liked some of the character development.
  4. Nope... western coast Canada :)
  5. Interesting...... I'm in Canada too, we only have milk in gallon (4L) containers?!?
  6. And yet if you look up her net worth it's not that great?!?
  7. This whole thing is disgusting on so many levels but hopefully some good will come out of it in the end as far as cleaning up the association and establishing more protection for clients and victims. I would have thought there was a better system in place so monies would be held in trust. Honestly I did wonder too how convenient her divorce was, timing def seems connived IMHO. I don't know how she can continue to flaunt herself on TV quite frankly, or why the producers even allow her too. I haven't seen the Hulu documentary.
  8. Here's a news magazine piece from ABC, ridiculous the State Bar has had complaints re Girardi for 40 years! https://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/real-housewives-star-estranged-husbands-legal-problems-subject-78308867
  9. From what I’ve seen of the inside of Rinna’s house it is not good either.
  10. I love Dorit is on to and not taking any of Kyle’s snotty BS. Kyle looked like Mary Poppins and who would wear a dress with an open back then wear a bra, who wants to see that hardware, she is such a twit. In case you didn’t already know that is her house not Sutton’s. How dare she suggest Crystals bag should go in a separate car when she’s wearing that stupid polkadot froufrou dress with bra out the back.
  11. I have come around to team Glen too, he has such an easy likeable charm to him, he seems like a great boss.
  12. And they’re coming on a little to faux and strong for me, I used to like them.
  13. To do laundry, cleaning after everyone, washing dishes etc, den mother ha ha ….and if it’s being filmed then she’s there basically to bring the drama.
  14. Too bad Michael already married Angela….i wonder if a divorce can be arranged easily in Nigeria? She is such an abuser of …….. e v e r y t h i n g !!!
  15. My sympathy for the loss of your beautiful Mother, I know how huge that loss can be. She sounds like an incredibly amazing woman with many talents, and a truly exciting and varied life and very beautiful as well, she was not just a pretty face! You were so fortunate to have such a strong, gifted woman in your life.
  16. Didn't she have a miscarriage in Korea too, just before she packed it in there? She is definitely a crazy one, the poor kids :(
  17. LOL I hadn't watched this episode, but the ones I watched were equally horrific, they have got to be the worst cooking videos on YouTube, even editing couldn't save this mess!
  18. Right, she did wear a mouth scarf, she had a toothache or something then too!
  19. And in the next scene she says she did nothing was totally supportive of her, even offered her a scarf lol they're sickos
  20. Yeah where did the take out coffee come from?
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