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  1. Why all the hate for Izzy? She is by far, without any doubt, no question about it, absolutely my favorite character in this show. I immediately felt that way in the first episode and still do after five episodes.
  2. Ironically, at the time NatGeo made this show, they were owned by FOX. They did not blame the Anthrax outbreak on climate change directly. They specifically said the outbreak was caused by forest fires (which of course could be blamed on climate change) which thawed out the deer carcasses, releasing the Anthrax. Then, they went on to say future warming of the Arctic could release more pathogens.
  3. And a strong British accent. It's like when I first found out Jamie Bamber, who played Apollo on the Battlestar Galactica revival, was British. I heard an interview with him, and couldn't believe someone with such a heavy British accent could just "get rid of it" like that. That always amazes me.
  4. Here's my wild-ass spoiler prediction -- that cheerleader is the Malibu's coaches' daughter. He seems scummy enough to be willing to pimp out his own daughter in order to win and get back at Beverly Hill's coach. But he was killed by a rival gang (the one's associated with the dead gangster outside the barber shop), not by his own gang.
  5. He had a modest career in the NFL (where he played linebacker). He went to Oregon for college and then was undrafted. The NY Giants signed him as a free agent where he played four years and won Super Bowl XLVI. After that, he signed with Miami for what looks like two years. Then, he signed briefly with the NY Jets (preseason only) and Carolina (last month of the 2017 season) before being cut each time.
  6. Everyone in this show has miraculous healing abilities!
  7. Isabella didn't screw that up. She pulled the trigger when it was pointed at Cortez's chest. It wasn't loaded. That whole scene was a setup by Cortez as a test.
  8. The Wall of Crazy is the evidence.
  9. Ronaldo would be proud. :-)
  10. Yes. She got into the second car with the COS. The second car took the brunt of the blast.
  11. Being Laura is pretty darn smart, I thought she was going to answer, "Anatole" and then see if chaos erupted if Stanley had obeyed her instead of Anatole... But, the whole point of that scene was to get into the true nature of people in general and what happens when a good person is backed into a corner, forced to go against all that they believe in. And how that affected Laura. The last scene was devastating to watch as Laura walked down the middle of the street a completely, totally broken person. How does someone like her recover from that? Katherine Parkinson's acting the past two episodes has been superb.
  12. This is the way I read this. The synth part of his brain died when he was stabbed. Nothing was necessarily removed (though, I suppose they could have done that to try and heal him, but I don't think it's important to the plot line, just that it "died" somehow). Then, his human brain was able to heal and "fill in" what went missing when his synth brain died. The part I have trouble with is physically, after being in a coma for a year, you are not going to be able to walk around as if everything is fine. Your muscles would have completely atrophied. (Toby did kind of hint at this, as if the writers acknowledged the absurdity of it with an inside joke...) But, TV is always known for medical miracles... (I love when people suffer a gut shot, one of the most devastating ways to get shot when you survive and they are out of the hospital and just fine in a week.)
  13. I would also add that Niska in the Season 2 finale came to the rescue of the Hawkings family, even though initially she was going to go her own way. Niska appears to be more human than some humans -- having the ability to differentiate between good and bad people and prove loyal to those who are nice to her but fight those who are bad to her. In other words, she judges each person (and synth) individually, and not group people/synths into a "race" for general discrimination purposes.
  14. As is "The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc." :-)
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