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    S01.E01: X Marks the Spot

    I liked this a lot... but who names a child Minx? Is it a nickname or is this family planning on naming their future child Vixen?
  2. scarletregina

    S06.E22: I'm Thinking Of You All The While

    Kai said Elena was trapped in that moment, so it's safe to assume she won't age. I burst into tears when Bonnie floated the feathers and I cheered when Stefan acknowledged that he and Damon are endgame - not in an incesty way, of course. I also thought the first 10 minutes of this were very dark and I loved them.
  3. scarletregina

    S02.E20: Fugitive

    I got the whole "hijinks ensue" bit from the party, but I don't get why that = divorce. But this is the CW, so.... And yeah, how is Kenna not living in style? Doesn't she live in the castle with the former king's favorite son? I'm disappointed because Kenna & Bash's marriage seemed like it was real. It was built on friendship, mutual respect and eventually love.... er, at least I thought it was.
  4. scarletregina

    S02.E20: Fugitive

    I am so confused about Kenna and Bash. It seems like she woke up on morning and decided she didn't love him anymore. Is that what happened or did I miss an entire storyline? I know Conde's brother tried to seduce her, but I thought she was head over heels with Bash. What happened? Mary is tiresome and I want this show to be about Greer "reigning" over her brothel.
  5. scarletregina

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    I'm 36 and I wasn't insulted. Damon is supposed to be 22, right? He looks far older. Stefan no longer looks like a teenager either. I can't even buy him being in his early 20s all that much.
  6. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    I completely agree that Elena's character has had zero development lately. I don't think the show knows what to do with her now.
  7. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    There were a lot of rumors that she was leaving because she didn't want to work with Ian anymore. I really hope that's not it. I sort of feel like if you're going to go there with your castmate, then you have to be willing to suck it up when it doesn't work out, which it probably won't.
  8. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    I'm sad to see this news simply because I really like Nina and I don't dislike Elena as much as most people. At the same time, I feel like her story is over. The doppelganger arc is played out, which was the center of her story. The writers don't seem to know what to do with her character now that it's over. I am excited that they plan on focusing more on the Salvatore brothers, as that always been my favorite relationship on the show.
  9. scarletregina

    S01.E05: Episode Five

    I've wondered this for a while now, and after this episode, I'm pretty sure that's what happened. Unless Gwen killed him before she was attacked.
  10. scarletregina

    S01.E04: Episode Four

    I imagine that's exactly why they are examining her sex life, to look for suspects. If she was into underground sex clubs there may be something there. If she was having affairs with married men, perhaps she became a high priced prostitute? These are all questions the police would ask, which would require them to dig deep.
  11. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    This 100%. I don't mind the ChArles reveal yet because we still don't know who he is. He may be someone we already know, like EzrA. If he's someone we know, then I won't be disappointed, but if he's Andrew? Yuck. I don't think anything could make me emotionally invest in Andrew this late in the game.
  12. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    I completely forgot about Jason falling down the elevator shaft!
  13. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    Andrew can't be Jason's twin, he's too young. What I can't wrap my head around is why he's torturing Ali and not Jason.
  14. scarletregina

    Pretty Little Liars in the Media

    I was coming here to ask the same thing. I've been reading IMK interviews all morning (I am going crAzy waiting for tonight). If they'll wrap up A in 10 episodes, why bother with 2 full seasons?
  15. scarletregina

    S05.E15: Try – Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

    True story: My brother loved NIN so his son, who was 6 at the time and didn't know any better, said that we should play something from The Downward Spiral at his funeral. We almost did it because it's the kind of thing my brother would have loved. He would've thought all of the pearl clutching people would've done would've been great. Maybe Aiden is like that too?
  16. scarletregina

    Everyone is A! The Spoiler Thread

    I feel like the show has plenty of light moments, despite all of the death and destruction. If Marlene isn't leading us on (big if) those moments will come to an end. I don't mind the dollhouse things because there have been so many clues that the idea of the girls being living dolls is part of A's obsession. Didn't Hanna even say that Mona made her a living version of an Ali doll? However, this bow and arrow thing seems ridiculous. Why is A suddenly firing arrows? Bullets, okay, but arrows? Seems too weird, even for this show.
  17. scarletregina

    Everyone is A! The Spoiler Thread

    I have never been this excited for a PLL finale, even though I know we won't get a full-on A reveal. If the spoilers are true, which it very much seems like they are, we'll get huge insight into A's motive and how batshit A actually is. I'm also hoping that Marlene isn't exaggerating when she says the show will take a very dark turn and we'll all be thinking "I can't believe this is the show now." PLL is in desperate need of a fresh angle. Ali coming back didn't shake things up as much as everyone thought it would.
  18. scarletregina

    S05.E23: The Melody Lingers On

    Someone on Reddit figured out that every line is an anagram for . This fits with spoilers that say the blocks we've seen in the previews for the finale spell out It's hard to believe that the spoiler & the anagram are mere coincidence. In obvious news, these girls are so dumb. They went into Mona's house without gloves on. They went to the ice cream factory without gloves on. An ice pick from the factory was used to break into Mona's house tonight. These girls are all doomed.
  19. scarletregina

    S04.E14: Unforgiven

    This exactly. It is taking me out of the story completely. I don't even know if she's a witch or not. I love the actress and I love how her character is written, but she does not belong in this world. It wouldn't have been difficult to give her a medieval costume that resembles her 20s outfit. Then, I could easily buy that the first curse went wrong and she landed in the 20s and with the second curse she landed in present day. As it stands, this inconsistency is making it hard for me to enjoy this season.
  20. scarletregina

    Past Seasons Talk: A is Everywhere

    Does anyone know if Redcoat is still #BigA (quoting a Marlene tweet with that hashtag) or has that been dropped? Redcoat is one of the things that confuses me the most on this show. We had so many people wearing those trenchcoats and I can't figure out if any of them was supposed to be actual RC or if we still don't know who that is.
  21. scarletregina

    S01.E09: Unto The Breach

    Lucious has treated Anika horribly, but that doesn't excuse her behavior at all. It wasn't as if he only slept with one woman, he slept with who knows how many and Anika was aware of it. It was her choice to stay with him through all of his infidelity. What this episode showed me was that Anika and Lucious belong together. They both only care about money and power.
  22. scarletregina

    S01.E08: The Lyon's Roar

    I'll have to do a rewatch. Now you have me wondering if she plays into Andre's sex games because she thinks they are a part of his bipolar disorder and therefore one of the things she has to do if she wants to be with him.
  23. scarletregina

    S01.E08: The Lyon's Roar

    I almost feel bad for Annika. She's caught on to the fact that Lucious only proposed to her to get her father to lie for him. What I can't figure out is why she didn't tell him to fuck off. I understand that she's spiteful and vengeful, but she could be all of that and still leave Lucious. A few episodes ago, someone on here mentioned that it seemed like Lucious was a prize for Annika. After this episode, it seems that way to me too. I have a different take on the Camilla situation than most of you. Cookie is excellent at reading people. She knows that Camilla doesn't really care about Hakeem. That's why she went off on her. Of course, she should let Hakeem learn that the hard way (which it seems like he may have), but she's fierce when it comes to protecting her kids - not that she's not often out of line when she does so. I don't buy Rhonda's pity party. She was all for selling herself when she thought it would be someone sexy. She only had a problem with it when the guy was disabled. She most certainly has the right to choose her sexual partners, but to make Andre feel bad for something that was 100% on board with is a terrible thing to do. All she had to do was say "This wasn't what I thought it was. Don't ever set me up with someone like that again." I think if Cookie knew that Andre wanted to be a part of the family song, she would make sure he was in the studio with them. I don't think she has any idea that his lack of musical talent makes him feel inadequate. I also don't think she has any clue that his life is less than perfect. That being said, Lucious was right to object to Andre's acting CEO proposal. It was a plot to take over the company. And Andre has done his best to pit his brothers against one another and sabotage their efforts to prove themselves to their father. I don't have any sympathy where that is concerned. At the same time, Lucious has clearly fucked him up. Andre has learned from his father how to be underhanded and he can play games better than his father because he's so intelligent. Yet, all of that intelligence falls away when he comes face to face with the fact that his father, whom he has lied for and protected, even from a murder charge, doesn't love him. I feel for everyone on this show, except for Lucious who is a complete asshole.
  24. scarletregina

    Everyone is A! The Spoiler Thread

    I never thought about the dollhouse spoilers fitting with EzrA, but they completely do. We already know he viewed the girls as part of a story and not real people. This could be his way of furthering his story and generating the narrative that he wants.
  25. scarletregina

    S06.E15: Let Her Go

    I am not a fan of Caroline turning off her humanity because we've seen it so many times from this show. However, it's also the only time we get to see the negative side of being a vampire. On this show, being a vamp is like being a superhero with a license to kill. The only drawback is the grief you inevitably suffer over watching the mortals that you love die. So then you turn off your switch and when you come out of it, which it seems everyone always does, you have to live with the loss and the guilt of being a murderous monster. That is a big downside. I could see Caroline ending up a Katherine like villain. No humanity, but super controlled. It would be interesting if she became a villain and not merely a friend whom they had to save. If Caroline has no humanity, I can't imagine why she wouldn't leave Mystic Falls and head down to New Orleans to bang the heck out of Klaus. Her humanity is the only thing that kept her from being with him.