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  1. scarletregina

    S01.E01: X Marks the Spot

    I liked this a lot... but who names a child Minx? Is it a nickname or is this family planning on naming their future child Vixen?
  2. scarletregina

    S06.E22: I'm Thinking Of You All The While

    Kai said Elena was trapped in that moment, so it's safe to assume she won't age. I burst into tears when Bonnie floated the feathers and I cheered when Stefan acknowledged that he and Damon are endgame - not in an incesty way, of course. I also thought the first 10 minutes of this were very dark and I loved them.
  3. scarletregina

    S02.E20: Fugitive

    I got the whole "hijinks ensue" bit from the party, but I don't get why that = divorce. But this is the CW, so.... And yeah, how is Kenna not living in style? Doesn't she live in the castle with the former king's favorite son? I'm disappointed because Kenna & Bash's marriage seemed like it was real. It was built on friendship, mutual respect and eventually love.... er, at least I thought it was.
  4. scarletregina

    S02.E20: Fugitive

    I am so confused about Kenna and Bash. It seems like she woke up on morning and decided she didn't love him anymore. Is that what happened or did I miss an entire storyline? I know Conde's brother tried to seduce her, but I thought she was head over heels with Bash. What happened? Mary is tiresome and I want this show to be about Greer "reigning" over her brothel.
  5. scarletregina

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    I'm 36 and I wasn't insulted. Damon is supposed to be 22, right? He looks far older. Stefan no longer looks like a teenager either. I can't even buy him being in his early 20s all that much.
  6. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    I completely agree that Elena's character has had zero development lately. I don't think the show knows what to do with her now.
  7. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    There were a lot of rumors that she was leaving because she didn't want to work with Ian anymore. I really hope that's not it. I sort of feel like if you're going to go there with your castmate, then you have to be willing to suck it up when it doesn't work out, which it probably won't.
  8. scarletregina

    Speculation With Spoilers

    I'm sad to see this news simply because I really like Nina and I don't dislike Elena as much as most people. At the same time, I feel like her story is over. The doppelganger arc is played out, which was the center of her story. The writers don't seem to know what to do with her character now that it's over. I am excited that they plan on focusing more on the Salvatore brothers, as that always been my favorite relationship on the show.
  9. scarletregina

    S01.E05: Episode Five

    I've wondered this for a while now, and after this episode, I'm pretty sure that's what happened. Unless Gwen killed him before she was attacked.
  10. scarletregina

    S01.E04: Episode Four

    I imagine that's exactly why they are examining her sex life, to look for suspects. If she was into underground sex clubs there may be something there. If she was having affairs with married men, perhaps she became a high priced prostitute? These are all questions the police would ask, which would require them to dig deep.
  11. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    This 100%. I don't mind the ChArles reveal yet because we still don't know who he is. He may be someone we already know, like EzrA. If he's someone we know, then I won't be disappointed, but if he's Andrew? Yuck. I don't think anything could make me emotionally invest in Andrew this late in the game.
  12. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    I completely forgot about Jason falling down the elevator shaft!
  13. scarletregina

    S05.E25: Welcome To The Dollhouse

    Andrew can't be Jason's twin, he's too young. What I can't wrap my head around is why he's torturing Ali and not Jason.
  14. scarletregina

    Pretty Little Liars in the Media

    I was coming here to ask the same thing. I've been reading IMK interviews all morning (I am going crAzy waiting for tonight). If they'll wrap up A in 10 episodes, why bother with 2 full seasons?
  15. scarletregina

    S05.E15: Try – Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

    True story: My brother loved NIN so his son, who was 6 at the time and didn't know any better, said that we should play something from The Downward Spiral at his funeral. We almost did it because it's the kind of thing my brother would have loved. He would've thought all of the pearl clutching people would've done would've been great. Maybe Aiden is like that too?