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  1. "the mole in the White House remains unknown..."
  2. I am so happy to see that the first reply is not "hey dummy didn't you see that part where xxx happened". Sucks that Jason got shot though- uncool. Why so many ads on this site? Wells is on a cargo ship- wtf?!
  3. Ok Guys- take it easy on me. I've only watched the first 15 episodes. Here's my theory. Kirkman himself is the primary conspirator. We won't find out until Season 8 however. Direction and casting are excellent. Sutherland is a great actor, and he plays the 'aw shucks' character perfectly, as he is being directed. The director(s) use music and filmography to make us all think the bad guys are 'bad', but in the end we will find out there is actually only one true bad guy- Kirkman! I'll be honest. On one hand I feel like I'm an idiot who has no idea what is happening. On the other hand I feel like I 'solved' the series and everything is a formality from here on out. I do fall asleep sometimes because the plot lines get tangled.... Why could I be right? Why am I wrong? Go!
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