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  1. Except the pilot wasn't working. He clearly stated that he went back to the hotel after his visit in the ER and then he got drunk again which kept him buzzed the next morning. He didn't go out in his inebriated state from the ER straight to a plane. He was off work.
  2. Wasn't it implied the tremors were caused by stress/anxiety since the heavy meds he was taking didn't work? I figured that removing cause of the stress (no longer doing surgeries, feeling better about himself and the hospital etc) was responsible for the lack of tremors. What was the new guy's specialty? I was confused by him coming in at the last minute with his "mother of all surgeries" and barely doing anything. I thought he was a neurosurgeon. Was he supposed to be performing surgery on the spinal cord? And if he's a neurosurgeon then why would his billing pose a risk to Kit? Her specialty is very different and, considering she's the only one called on when it's required, the only surgeon in the hospital that's actually specialized in it.
  3. It probably didn't help that he asked "what are these two?" when asking the mother for help and she had to inform him that those two pins represented the places where two kids went missing. That wouldn't give me any confidence in his ability to solve the crimes, if I were her. Not to mention he told her they would errect crosses as a memorial, rather than ask or say "we think it might be a good idea to..." and she clearly realized it would double (or function mostly) as a place for the killer to remember the killings. He seems to have forgotten that one of her own children was also killed and as such, might not be comfortable with that idea.
  4. Was I the only one who expected Celeste to crash the car on her way to court with the boys? They'd emphasized ML's accident so much and then we practically followed Celeste all the way from home to the court. When that didn't happen, I remained wary of all the other car scenes. For a moment, I even wondered if the headlights Bonnie was seeing at the police station were ML's and ML would crash into her, ending both their lives and the mystery/guilt tripping over Perry's death.
  5. Efzee

    Dead To Me

    I briefly considered it, but am pretty sure she wore a different dress in the car vs hospital scene. Although, I suppose the miscarriage could have happened a day or two later, maybe?
  6. Wasn't there some kind of agreement with Sherlock's father or Moriarty (I don't recall) that would ensure Joan stays alive? As in, no harm would befall her from their organization and if something were to happen to her, Sherlock would look to them first and so it was basically agreed upon that they'd keep her safe? Or did I imagine that part?
  7. Sadly, I didn't have many feels during this finale. All just felt kinda "meh" to me. All I'll say is: well played, Bran. Well, played.
  8. Perhaps, but it doesn't really make sense to kill all those people if she wants the "future generation" to be free of tyrants and wars... 'cause the way she was dracarysing, there'll be no future generation. That, and they didn't have dragons.
  9. So, this is all part of Bran's masterplan, right? Maybe the folks on here who've been saying for weeks that maybe he/3ER is the truly evil were actually right. He did push Sam to tell Jon about his true parentage at pretty much the worst possible moment and all of that lead to Dany burning down KL...
  10. I had tons of thoughts after watching this ep on Monday and even multiquoted lots of posts to respond to and then I got interrupted, life happened and suddenly there were over a dozen more pages when I checked in today. So, I'll just post some thoughts below instead. For a moment, I thought Dany was pregnant during the celebrations. She wasn't drinking after the toasts, was watching Jon with his buddies and Sansa seemed to be side-eyeing. Turned out to (most likely) be false alarm though. It was just her watching Jon being praised/loved and probably thinking how the truth about his parentage would ruin her dream of the iron throne. Sansa was out of line (and not really needed, anyway) during the war meeting or whatever it's called. It was not her place to state the soldiers needed rest when she was in a room with those soldiers' commanders and the queen. And then to be all "uh, I don't know, lemme ask" when Dany questioned her rubbed me the wrong way. You don't go into a meeting unprepared. Also, Dany has been doing this (fighting wars/conquering) for quite some time now and I think she may just have a tad more insight into her men's fitness than Sansa. Not to mention that Dany's men are Dothraki and Unsullied, both pretty much born and bred to fight. They can handle a walk south, especially if half of it is traveling by sailboat. Jon was there to speak for the northerners and he clearly had no objection to leaving again. Might be best to get them all to keep moving/fighting before they settle back into their old routines and will refuse to go to war again a few months on. Arya apparently did a 180 from family/sticking together and leaving Winterfell with no plans to return without saying so much as goodbye. Odd. Did not see Rhaegal's death coming! It was so sudden, I almost wondered if it was some weird TV thing where Dany was having a nightmare about losing another dragon and then we'd see her wake up. Alas, it was not so 😞 The weirder part was indeed that neither Dany nor her dragons (who have a pretty good survival instinct) apparently noticed that entire fleet. I was also expecting Drogon at the least to dracarys all the ships, if not Dany giving the command. Would have even settled for a sad lil' dracarys from Rhaegal as he fell, like a last attempt to protect his mother and sibling. The number of ballistas on the ships and later KL was ridiculous! They'd probably need a decade to make that many, assuming they had enough materials and manpower (or money to buy them) which they clearly didn't after the carnage left by the war of five kings. I like the idea that Dany's little group at the parlay was small because a) she does not want Cersei to know her actual numbers and b) because they all had to fit on Drogon to fly them over. When Tyrion mentioned Cersei's pregnancy and we kept going back and forth between him on the ground and Cersei and her people on the walls, I wasn't thinking Missandei should jump while dragging Cersei with her; I kept thinking Euron would realize Tyrion knowing about the pregnancy meant the baby couldn't be his (and was most likely Jaime's) and he'd unceremoniously shove her off the wall, to her death... I was hoping Missandei's "dracarys" would get Drogon's attention and he'd attack unexpectedly and kill them all in revenge for Missandei's death. I think that was it. More might come to me later. ETA: I don't think it's all that strange for Dany not to "mingle" with her subjects. One, because they're her subjects, like when have you ever seen Cersei or Robert mingle with the peasants? Two, the northerners pretty much hate her, or at least they did when she first arrived which was only a couple of days ago. Third, she grew up as the little sister of the "beggar king", on the streets until they were taken in by Illyrio (and possibly before that in the house with the red door and lemon tree) and then she was married off to a "savage". She went from adolescent to young woman among the Dothraki, that's when she came into her own and how she learned to participate in society. It's pretty amazing she's turned out as well as she has.
  11. More importantly, Cersei wouldn't have wanted Joffrey to marry a girl who was strong-headed enough to oppose him. She hated Margaery because of the influence she had over Joffrey and later Tommen. By not telling the truth, Sansa proved she was a meek little bird and that's why Cersei was fine with them marrying. Actually, I thought his "moves" were pretty similar to how we have seen him and Cersei get together, which just kinda proved that he has no idea how to really be with anyone but his sister. I was so thinking this during the scene. Who goes into a meeting unprepared? Sansa is there with Dany and commanders of the armies, yet she thinks she's the one who knows what's best for their armies. It would have been very different if she'd said, "actually, I talked to the maesters and if we wait a few more weeks then even the severly wounded can rejoin you to march on KL, your Grace." I thought he was nervous, too. Not necessarily because of how much it may or may not mean to him, but because he's never been with anyone but Cersei and he's no longer the proud and handsome knight with two good hands he used to be. Now he's got a stump and despite how freaking cold that thing must get up north, he still wears it instead of wrapping it up warmly because then everyone can really see he no longer has his right hand. Pretty sure beheading a hostage during parlay is breaking the rules...
  12. You mean that wasn't the emergency exit?
  13. I doubt the common folk would even know who they are and that they ever joined the NW.
  14. Bran could probably tell him how beautiful or ugly his mother looked on the night Gendry was conceived...
  15. They did pretty much state that Edd, Sam and Jon were the only ones left. Now it's only Jon, who died and therefore is no longer bound by his vows & Sam who abandoned his training at the Citadel and has his own family (in Gilly and Lil' Sam). Not sure there's anything to disband.
  16. Sansa should have said the Queen/Queen Danaerys (in case she'd be worried he thought her reference was to Cersei) since the KitN bent the knee to Dany. Instead, she used "dragon queen", which is the moniker Dany's enemies (including Cersei) use. Even if she'd simply said Danaerys it would have come across better than "dragon queen", although still lacking respect considering Jon accepted Dany as their queen.
  17. During the badly lit dragon chase/fight I kept thinking it was a good thing for Jon that the NK had Vyserion fire at Drogon/Dany rather than Rhaegal/Jon because at least Dany can withstand the heat (even if she would end up naked) - Jon would've been dracarysed to death if roles were reversed. Perhaps that's also one of the reasons it's said only those with "blood of the dragon" can ride dragons.
  18. I was wondering what had "earned" him a place in the crypts. Not having balls isn't an excuse to duck out of the fighting. He may not be a soldier, but neither were the northern farmers/refugees like the guy talking to Davos in the previous ep. Tyrion was sent there because Dany needs him as HotQ, but Varys hasn't really given much advice so far and certainly isn't someone she really relies on/needs. Yet. And not having balls also kinda disqualifies him for repopulation afterwards. I was already thinking to myself that the north could end up with a disproportionate number of dwarves in the future if Tyrion stayed up there... didn't see any other men, except for little boys. Not even elderly ones. What kind of admin do you think Sansa has been doing as Lady of Winterfell while Jon was recruiting Dany etc.? Genuine question. Because she did not have a clue about how much food they had, how much had been brought in by the northerners, how many mouths they could feed and so on. Granted, she was the one who caught the lack of leather for the new armor but if she'd been up to date on production numbers and the amounts of raw material they had etc. then she would have already known this without having to see it.
  19. They certainly would have died, but I think that's the only part we can agree on 😉
  20. And she didn't even execute him herself... Not to mention that TPTB cut the scene from that episode where Bran told Sansa and Arya that LF was playing them against each other and that's how they figured it out and decided he had to be executed. It wasn't even Sansa's alleged "smarts" who figured it out*. *Sidenote: I was also disappointed in Arya for falling for it. But she did kinda make up for that failure by killing the NK.
  21. I think I felt more sympathy for Drogon while all the undead were climbing on him and stabbing him, than when pretty much any of the main characters was attacked... 😓 Certainly cared more about him flying off to safety than Dolorous Edd dying. Except FLOTUS would be escorted into a safe room and guarded by armed security.
  22. Also, for all those hating on Bran/Sam and them surviving... clearly they needed to, so that Bran can dictate all the history books (and the Song of Ice and Fire) to Sam.
  23. She did and that's great and all, but realistically all she did was walk around Winterfell pointing at things and asking questions of those with actual knowledge/experience ("shouldn't they add leather to the armor?", "how much food has been stored?" and "how long was the longest winter?" - paraphrasing) and telling others what to do. That doesn't take 24/7. Not even 8 hours a day. She should have included an hour or two of self defense classes with Brienne, if only to be able to defend herself and her people in the crypts if the wights/WW/NK broke through the door. Instead, they were sitting ducks. She didn't even pull out the dagger Arya gave her until it was almost too late. Not saying she should've been a GI Jane all of a sudden, but she's basically been claiming her spot as Lady of Winterfell (and even considered betraying/overthrowing Jon when he went to Dragonstone) and yet just hid while her people were being killed. Kinda hard to be the lady of anything if everyone else is dead. I'm not sure if it was told in the show, possibly early on by Old Nan, but in the books it was said that the NK (well, really "the Others") brings the cold. Not necessarily winter itself. And winter being over just because the NK is dead makes no sense either when all the adults/eldery were talking about how all the young ones have only seen spring, never winter early on. So, I think the NK brought the (cold) winds and icy/snowy storm during the battle, but that it'll still continue to snow now that he's dead. It will be a "normal" Westeros winter, not a long night that'll last years.
  24. I couldn't tell which dragon was which because everything was so dark (and it was still light out here) and assumed Drogon was the one who ripped off half of Viseryon's neck and then nothing for a while... I was worried Rhaegal had been killed too and for a moment thought it was him/her with the blue dragonfire (with Jon in the courtyard or wherever) until I realized the fire was also coming out of its neck, where V had been injured. My thinking was that if Rhaegal had been killed, we'd have seen two "ice" dragons because the NK raised all the dead and we didn't, so he/she must still be alive. I would have absolutely loved it if instead of taking off the necklace, Melissandre would have been standing there, realizing what had happened ("they" had won!) and that dawn was coming... her necklace falls off, she looks over her shoulder at Davos, gives him a small nod and walks off to die. Small difference, mostly the necklace falling off instead of her removing it, but the distinction would not be her "giving up" or whatever for fulfilling her destiny, but with her actions (firing up the arakhs and the trench) she burned up all her magic and did it knowingly. Same, on both accounts. Same. For a moment I was kinda hoping, especially when the NK was staring down at him. Then I was like, 'ah, I get it! Bran's sitting there so calmly because he's gonna warg into Theon (whose mind is still weak from his Reek period and thus easier to overtake than a regular person, similar to Hodor) and then kill the NK!', but that didn't happen either. Not that I don't love Arya's kill 🙂 Who knows, maybe those iron swords in the laps of the dead lords really do work 😉 And whose fault is that? We've seen her watching her little sister fight, we've seen pretty much every northerner training with weapons, Jon and the northern lords/ladies agreed everyone, including the women, had to fight... yet Sansa couldn't be bothered to pick up a weapon and get some training. She could have even asked Brienne for some private tutoring indoors if she felt embarrassed about it or whatever. I just don't get the total lack of survival instinct from her. I'm guessing Sansa was being her cocky self until she saw what the NK, WW and the army of the dead were capable of and realized that, yeah, maybe she should be in the crypts with all the helpless women, children, dwarf and eunuch.
  25. That is certainly implied. However, the NK being able to see the future like Bran (and having had thousands of years more practice) means it's entirely possible he was simply waiting for Dany and her dragons. If he'd let his army kill the group, then Dany could have seen it as soon as she approached and turned right around to fly her dragons back, preventing the NK from killing Viserion. Not being able to cross water just doesn't sound plausible to me. I don't expect them to be able to walk on water or swim through it, but I doubt it'd disable/kill them. Fire kills them, not a dunking or water spray. Being unable to swim and not needing to breathe means they could just walk over the bottom and climb out when the body of water is shallow. Or pile up onto each other and the others can walk over them, like they did when encountering the barriers on Hardhome. If they couldn't cross water, then how could they put chains on Viserion who was on the bottom of the body of water (ocean, sea, lake?)?
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