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  1. I didn't think permission was needed to use archived footage; but they will have to get paid for those archived footage, right? That whole woman falls for long lost separated at birth twin brother is such a cliche that I think it goes back to Ancient Egypt! But I wouldn't put it past Grey's Anatomy and the writers to use a cliched soap trope that goes back millenniums. Also, deafy ole me had no idea Chasing Cars was played (even En Español) because the gosh dern captioning didn't show it. This is what really pisses me off, hey captioning people, Deaf people like music too by... Oh, golly gee, I dunno... Reading the lyrics? /snark It's like reading poetry or a story in form of song. But anyways, yeah, I had no idea so the appearance of George and the others was so unexpected. The lack of the lyrics in captioning (and I know very basic Spanish) really ruined the sentiment for me.
  2. JNM5505


    Question: If you were to start a TV-based blog (inspiration from PTV and, to a lesser extend, TWOP) what would the first post be? I have maybe a dozen different topics I want to write about but am not sure what to write first! I already have an "About Me" page that lists the shows I am interested in and will most likely be writing about. Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks! On a more general note, I am so happy it's Friday. Thursday is always a very busy day for me. Work, then errands, doing my civic duty (voting) and then a nice coffee date with a close friend. Came home and got ready for my two hour TV watch. While watching a show on NBC, I saw a promo for Jimmy Fallon Live which included Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Was too tired to stay up for that, though. Also, for some reason, I'm not all that crazy about Jimmy Fallon! Am I the only one feeling this way?
  3. I can understand why people are upset by this ret-con of Grace's character. It goes against what we've known and learnt about her over the original series' run and the past season or so. But I agree with @Chicken Wing in that just because we never knew this about Grace doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. Do we wish it was addressed years ago? Well, I can't speak for you guys, but I am glad it wasn't. W&G is a sitcom. It's meant to be kept light-hearted, though I never laugh along with the audience. I watch it as more of a light-hearted drama, not heavy drama that we expect from shows such as Special Victims Unit. What really bothers me about this whole rehashing of Will & Grace is that the show ended twelve or thirteen years ago (I know three of my favorite sit-coms ended three consecutive years: 2004, 2005, 2006. Always got W&G and ELR mixed up!) and we got our closure with these characters. Was I happy with the series finale? Hell, no. I wanted Will and Grace to start a modern family type of thing with Lila. I didn't want Grace to go back to Leo, that cheating douchebag. But she did and it ended that way. When the show returned, they ret-conned all of season eight. No Lila, no pregnancy, no Vince or Leo. Just all these characters, now in their late 40s or early 50s, behaving just how they did twenty years ago. I can definitely see why the creators and EPs of another popular show from the 90s refuse to do a reunion movie or revive the series. Looking at this show, it's like... just doesn't sit well. It's too modern, but these characters behave like they did twenty years ago. But back to the topic of this thread, I liked the Grace storyline despite it being an out-of-the-blue ret-con. Wasn't very fond of Will, Jack, and Karen plot. I think Will is extremely weak with Jack and Karen, and is strongest with Grace. The same can be said of Eric and Debra, I don't know what it is but they have amazing chemistry.
  4. (I apologize for double posting, I can't enter any text before the quote) I really don't like the "hot" Asian Doc and Glasses at all. "Hot" Asian Doc comes across as predatory and creepy. I don't think Glasses is sexually confused at all, he's just a little child (or he strikes me as being very child-like) who is confused as to what the hell is going on. So, yeah, I'm not vibing that one single bit. All "Hot" Asian Doc has done is look at Glasses like he's stripping him down with his eyes. I hope he's the one that gets lost first, bye. Maybe it's Shonda's Kill List in reverse. :) :) :) :) Am I the only one (at least of those were willingly spoiled by our lovely neighbors to the North) who totally expected to see Derek in the elevator when it opened in front of Meredith, Deluca, and Link? But yeah, I'm not sure where the hell he was standing. Not sure where any of the CGI people were standing, and why they were CGI'ed. Would it really have been difficult to get those actors back on the show? Whatever, it was a nice touch in honor of Dia de la Muerta / Day of the Dead. Jackson and Maggie have even less chemistry now that April is gone. I don't understand. I thought KV loved Jaggie? Is this because April is no longer the "obstacle" in Jackson/Maggie's relationship. I'll be honest, I am a bit disappointed. But I'm still holding out hope for that Richard/Catherine bombshell. What is it now, two seasons almost? That'll get the Jaggie soapy drama going again. We don't need April to make it dramatic and interesting. el oh el That's all for now. Too tired to write or think any more. This is why Grey's Anatomy is a show you watch with a drink. :)
  5. No, she more like bullied Jo to do the same. Jo was clearly protesting out of concern that it would piss Alex off, and it did. I would love to see Bailey get in trouble for pulling this stunt that probably broke all sorts of laws. UNOS and his family actually consented? I have a feeling she even suavely convinced them to give her their deceased relative's organ. What a bitch.
  6. Not looking forward to seeing the bad CGI. Was that Teddy or Leo crying at the end of the scene? It was hard to tell. :) :) :) :) More coming at 9 PM.
  7. This actually makes sense for a gay man coming out of the closet in the 1980s. Homophobia was at its worst during that time with the recurrence of AIDS and probably other issues that I was too young (a matter of months in age) to remember. I would love to see more flashbacks of Will angst, because I think EMC does it well. Sure, this is a sitcom and I haven't seen EMC in other roles besides Will Truman, but I think he can handle drama and angst pretty damn well. Also the "does it feel good" got me saying "God, Grace, you are such a bitch." but then I saw someone else's post. While I agree with them that Grace was the victim, Will was not in a very good place and Grace was his best friend. She probably made Will feel comfortable and secure enough to the point where he could confide in her about being gay during a time when the word gay would get you raped and killed by a mob. So, I think it was very brave of him! I don't see this show as much of a sit-com (never see sit-coms as sit-coms) as much a drama. Especially with Will and Grace, which is why I'm not so fond of Jack and Karen. They bring more of the obnoxious laughter while Will and Grace bring the drama and intense feels for the most part. I think EMC and Debra M have such amazing chemistry together.
  8. So, I watched the episode again today. Meredith herself (as opposed to the voice-over with Ellen Pompeo) seemed to be taking Amelia's side. For once, she wasn't talking trash and this time round, I understood a throwaway line better. She meant to say that she did not want to project thoughts and feelings for Amelia; ie, say what Amelia would be thinking or how she would feel. I was very surprised to hear her reference Amelia as her sister when she treated her like pure crap in the past. Maybe she had a spiritual talk with Derek or something. I don't know. Whatever, would be cool to see Ghost Derek or some form of Derek. But PD won't return. Whatever. But anyways, the voice-over with Ellen Pompeo at the end was really what set me off. Because (despite what KV said over the summertime about there being no antagonist) it sounded like Amelia would get in the way of T/O's family. What did confuse me is how the writer for this episode completely ret-conned that never-ending scene between Teddy and Owen last season. Now, Teddy wants Owen to be involved and regrets all the "bad things" she said to him. Step up and be a woman, you did the right thing. Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you have to back off everything you said. This is Teddy, though. And this is Grey's Anatomy. I shouldn't expect anything more from this soapy soap.
  9. Part 1: I actually sided with Amelia on this one. Derek himself told Meredith way back in the beginning of the series that if he had been in a coma, all his sisters would be there. When Derek got smashed by that semi and Meredith was finally called after they excavated Derek's skull, she consented in taking him off life support without consulting Amelia or anyone else in his family. So, yeah, I think Amelia had every right to be a major bitch to Meredith. Meredith deserved more than hurtful words thrown her way, so I think Amelia was very generous. Part 2: Jo is the one that slept with Glasses, not April. April slept with that creepy dude who kept killing people. Speaking of which, sounds like he is off the show permanently from what Webber said in this episode. Yay.
  10. Well, I like to believe that Jackson was re-creating his Mercy West/Seattle Grace days if you know what I mean....... Now that would be fun. Both committing sins against their significant others. Much better than this Christian crap we've been getting! I did not realize Amelia had named her baby. Though I find it hard to believe none of her sisters had named their child Christopher. It just doesn't seem that believable. Why does Meredith hate Amelia so much? What did Amelia ever do to her? Other than, oh... be Derek's sister?
  11. Got those old ship-gay-guy-with-straight-girl feels. The episode would have been A+ if it weren't for Jack and Karen. Now want to watch those episodes which Will and Grace reference to. But I think my DVDs are gone.
  12. What about Cristina? What about Derek? I know Derek would choose his sister over his wife in a instantaneous heartbeat if he heard the shit Meredith just said about Amelia. Who cares about the post-its and scrub caps, Meredith is a bitch and nobody... not even the drug-addicted junkie sister who totaled his precious Mustang deserves to be spoken or treated like that. God. Meredith even had the nerve to continue her vile speech in front of her children? I sure hope they resurrect Derek and have him haunt Meredith's ass. Or, alternatively, have Cristina return and scratch Meredith's eyes out.
  13. I haven't watched this episode yet, but I am incredibly confused. Please correct me if I am wrong and this is just some concocted plot my brain formed from being so young when it was on; but did David and Darlene have a kid in the original series? Did they ret-con this like they ret-conned Dan dying?
  14. When I google "When does copyright on music expire?" the result I get: But when I Google "When is Eric McCormack's birthday?" I get: First of all, Google? No shit that I can deduct 1963 (April) from 2018 (October) and get 55 years. That part is obvious. But when I ask you when copyright on music, you can't even give me as explicit an answer as Eric McCormack's birthday? I'm not asking much from a machine, but if I ask for something that I am not certain of (which I care about more than some celebrity's birthday) then I expect to get that answer. Or maybe not as explicit as "After 72 years" but give me something than some random nonsense pulled out of a random paragraph mid-page.
  15. Well they weren't child characters, but Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins come to mind. But a lot of people don't actually like that relationship because both are (were, I have to remind myself) too femme and writers always stick a dick on one of them in fanfiction. I find it extremely offensive and degrading to intersexed individuals as well as real lesbians who are femme. Another gay character, who I think is Gender-Flux, is that child on The Conners. I don't know if he's DJ or Darlene's son, but he's interested in one of the boys from his class. So I am not sure if he is gay or is just exploring his sexuality, as he's 10. Don't copyrights expire after 72 years? It has been 69 years. Edit: Not surprised Google doesn't give a straightforward answer. /eyeroll
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