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  1. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 6 Talk

    You noticed? MJ was getting too much attention so Asa had to bring it back to her; "resentfully" by saying how much she wasn't feeling it for them at this time! Asa's about as easy to read as a comic book! She so common and petty, demanding everyone to revolve around in her orbit to cater to her every need! When this kid comes out, watch out! True dependence will take over; emotionally and physically! I can hear it now; "I just gave birth to a human being! Rub my feet b!tches!" ;-)
  2. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 6 Talk

    It's the hypocrisy of Asa calling other people out saying "you're so fake!" ;-)
  3. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 6 Talk

    Notice Asa didn't care about MJ's tears! The boredom was evident to Mike who's quite protective of MJ! Asa getting on my nerves and's so full of herself; nothing new really! It's only going to get worse since she anticipates being the best mother in the whole freakin' world! Asa and MJ haven't been close in a while! It all culminated with MJ holding that bachelor event for Reza and didn't invite Asa! They've hugged it out a couple times, but Asa's been standoffish ever since! MJ has resentment over how it's going now and she feels the distance between them! Asa begrudgingly made her announcement about having a boy! I would have told her she can keep the info if she has to announce it that way! I'm just no fan of this woman any longer! ;-)
  4. Avon.Blakes7

    S12.E06: The Sip-N-See Stand Off

    Well there's a new sheriff in town and she's Armenian! I can't wait to see their altercation next week! I'm not sure Tamra knows how dangerous it might be to her and all concerned if she attacks that woman? ;-)
  5. Avon.Blakes7

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    So out of all those girls, that one was the only obnoxious brat? Ok! ;-)
  6. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 6 Talk

    Asa's really alienating herself from the group! It's all about her and this pregnancy! MJ's ticked by how secretive she's been about it while questioning everything MJ done without sharing! ;-(
  7. Avon.Blakes7

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    It was both, but that was to be expected; her being a brat anyway! Believe me that's a typical "little girl" attitude! I remember the 1st time I went to a salon to have my hair blow-dried,. a few girls were ahead of me using a $10 coupon, but were so demanding saying "I want this to last!" They were the rudest pieces of crap, but it's pretty typical; the self-entitlement! Christian still didn't put forth any effort with that dress barely covering her arse! Not sure who picked that hideous color of brown! It was just a nightmare of an effort regardless if you think she deserved it or not! I just gave you my impression of the situation! I personally would never put up with a spoiled brat, but I've been lucky to never have been required! ;-)
  8. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 6 Talk

    GG's just not articulate enough to talk about any subject outside of makeup and clothing unfortunately! She'll always embarrass herself whenever she tries to be serious about anything! I can't get past her past violent behavior; esp. against her pregnant sister! That kind of out of control behavior just can't be overlooked and forgotten again and again! That swipe at Reza last year causing those scratches on Adam's neck would have been it! Call me small, but I just don't have universal forgiveness to give! People like that play on 'that' which enables them to continue acting out! You can be assured that she'll cause a furor sooner or later and we'll be in this same spot as past seasons needing to assess is she worth keeping in the group! ;-(
  9. Avon.Blakes7

    S02.E15: Reunion

    Hypocrisy's the norm with "the cool kids!" Everyone outside of that circle are vilified for any & everything! All you have to do is remind yourselves of how Daniel was treated by those Neanderthals! He was the MVP and the captain couldn't wait to snatch the tip and spread it around! He didn't even give the kid a chance so he was just as complicit as the rest of those GOONS! Sandy treated situations a lot more logically and stayed out of those personal dramas allowing them to be resolved amongst themselves! Heaven knows FUGS tried to stir some $#!t, but the captain was having none of it, deferring to her 1st Stew! She's by far my fave of the season! ;-(
  10. Avon.Blakes7

    S09.E20: Reunion Part 1

    When was Elvis made into the theme? I can still hear Kenya referencing "The King" when talking about Porsha at the Reunion! Andy wouldn't let it go and even asked "you think she looks like Elvis?" The whole couch laughed at the short hair and jumpsuit when they really thought about it I guess! lol! I would be so surprised if she were able to come back to the show next season! If she's stupid enough to take the word of a pathological liar like Phaedra and pass around a heinous charge of "rape," I wouldn't want to film with her ever again! ;-)
  11. Avon.Blakes7

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Heaven knows I've just been going thru the motions when I surf by the show! It hasn't been a serious entertainment outlet for me since they moved to Lifetime! I don't like the challenges, the designers, or the judging! If not to keep up with the conversation here, I'd probably drop it altogether! ;-(
  12. Avon.Blakes7

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    I invoked Sirano's initial limitations to designing for stick women, while another reiterated his success! All I can remember was how he treated that little girl designing a prom dress! That will be a horror in her life for all time I'm sure! Regarding US nuances and the lack of understanding is happening all the time; most of the time right under their very noses! Without bringing up the drama going on now due to Charlottesville, culturally we're still very divided and we think nothing of it! I remember taking a consultant assignment for a BANK in SF at their data center down town! They had the best of the best, but it was like the UN "on the bridge" where all the action went down! I have good hearing, but I'd have people repeat themselves over and over because I couldn't understand them! One woman was from the Philippines, lived in her own little neighborhood of other immigrants and though living in the States for over 30 years, you would have thought she was right off the boat! We do isolate ourselves culturally, by class, and economic standing and that won't change anytime soon; esp. since it looks as if we're "stepping back" instead of going forward! ;-)
  13. Avon.Blakes7

    S09.E13: Reunited

    I thought so too, but I'm thinking of those other b!tches in the season that undermined her at every turn! They were vicious; Roxxxy who had to beg for mercy when social media exploded almost demanding her suicide! Even Alaska admitted she was intimidated by the talent of Jinkx and came off poorly! It was Karma that Jinkx eventually won without having to LSFYL, but at the end! Loved her on "Blue Bloods" a few years ago! Shangela was good on "Bones!" ;-)
  14. Avon.Blakes7

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    I can imagine Zac doing that all day long! Since GAY, he won't get the same response as if he were a true letch! A celeb (maybe SJP) took him on a red carpet within the last year and he was the one straightening out the train and everything else for the pictures so that's his thing! His hand is that little extra the eye doesn't catch I guess! lol! ;-)
  15. Avon.Blakes7

    Season 9 First Looks

    In comparison to the other ladies, Dorinda appears to be "Mother Teresa" reincarnated! They admit to being tramps; esp. Lu and Bethenny! They rank #1 and #2 within this group; didn't you hear it at the Berkshires? lol! Sonja brags about being "tossed around like a salad" before Frenchie went to the airport! Gross; Sonja truly is the most disgusting of the group due to being stinking drunk when she becomes the worst I've ever seen! You would think she grew up in a brothel instead of high society! It's the snob in me I guess; SORRY! ;-)