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  1. I'm liking Spencer, at least when he is with Nikolas.
  2. Thanks for that history. I'm sorry they are leaving again! I thought maybe they'd be fixtures by moving in with Brad. With Kate gone, Paul gets a new sidekick child of a sibling. So far I like Daniel. Imogen is funny going around town scolding him yet breaking the law for Mark. I think Siena is guilty. Who else could it be? It might be interesting to make it someone who tried to get at Paul, after all his harassment of the police and Mark. In fact, Paul being embarrassed at his fancy party over the painting was great fun. Paul so deserves it, so when he gets it, it is
  3. Yes, though I think they will dial it down. They love newbies to come in being very obnoxious and then settling down. Sasha was a real pain at first, too. Though Denny is an exception to that. I like the idea of Denny and Casey. I feel bad for Casey at this point and wished that British girl would find a reason to come to Summer Bay. But Denny's a nicer person. Chris deserves it - I hate people who back away because someone is falling in love with them - like that is such a terrible thing. Maybe Chris is right about himself and he's not worth it. He deserves a round with Ricky s
  4. Were the actors playing Doug and his wife regulars in the past? Mark let Imogen take the files and now she's guilty too. Naomi and Sheila are entertaining. I loved that Naomi wasn't guilty of the orange over-order.
  5. I think Danny is gone for good as she could not co-exist with a character named Daniel. I like Daniel and his humanizing of Paul.
  6. I agree; it is odd Toadie says nothing. Sheila told her she looked "dressed up" in that first outfit, and it's odd Sheila did not comment on its appropriateness for work. Going out on the town sure, but business meetings? Plus the mid-back tattoo! Maybe Melbourne/Erinsborough is like really, really modern.
  7. Naomi softened up a bit when worried about Sheila. Now Imogene's crush is going to be really big! Who shot Kate? Maybe Siena? She was getting pretty weird.
  8. It's almost a good idea to have an understudy for the main roles. A recast who is understood to be in second place. This way the story is not interrupted. Robin's story is absurd at this point. They can redo major scenes while the primary is working there, like they did some Dante and Lulu scenes.
  9. I'm not one to be judgmental about clothes, but Naomi's are supposed to be business attire? LOL.
  10. Every soap seems to have one woman who loves to break if off with men and break their hearts. Looks like it is Ricky for H&A. She told two different men they are done in the space of a week. Can she just go away now?
  11. Well, Matt was obnoxious today. Andy was obnoxious today. It's obnoxious day. The diner, awww, but I don't think it would be that bad. It's was just some bad luck, not like someone did something intentional. Loved Alf going to order all that food.
  12. One has got to have an appreciation for Brax in the previews being mad at Ricky for not telling him about the baby while he simultaneously does not plan to tell Casey about his paternity.
  13. I was kind of amused when Sheila informed Naomi that the Amazon is in Brazil and not Chile. I got Naomi's reference to South America generally so it was sort of funny Sheila jumped in to correct her. I don't know if Naomi is really after Jared, it seems to me she really wants the business to go well. Sheila I guess knows her past though. Poor Matt - getting to put up with the frustrations Paul and Mark.
  14. Thanks Neutron. I was getting myself quite confused. That must have been a good story with Zeke and Susan. I once read a novel about a situation like that - can't remember the name. Where a stepmother ended up taking care of her late husband's daughter and treating her like her own.
  15. And Nina is a lot older than James, so that means when she left Europe with James, Madeleine already had Nina. And it's hard to tell if Britt is older than James or younger. Damn do they have to let Liz be the center of a triangle again? Liz only loves Lucky. Any other man she is with gets rejected eventually anyway. They ought to bring Lucky back to go off HEA, as they also should have with Patrick and Robin.
  16. Yeah, where is Sophie? Have she and Harry gone home already? Who is Zeke - is that Brad's dad?
  17. His not caring about his grandson is getting annoying.
  18. I think Robin could be recast. Lucky, Nikolas and Emily were. It's annoying the way she comes and goes. If she were single it wouldn't be as much so, but they married her off and gave her a child, and now have to use ridiculous story lines for excuses for her to leave. And we've seen the originals comes back after a recast, so it would not mean she'd lost the part forever.
  19. Nikolas is annoying as hell. I actually feel for Britt. I always hate it when characters bug a doctor who is trying to save their loved one - Nikolas was especially annoying about that in the hospital. Pulling the card he is on the board just made me hate him.
  20. Bianca is dumb - this kid she can be the mother of, the only mother he remembers. I suppose she will come round on that, though.
  21. Paul is over the top self centered, so it's tough to sympathize. Carl singing Georgia's song suggest the Right Prescription may be together again as Georgia's big time possibilities seem to have gone.
  22. You have to know what you are doing when it comes to Mother Nature! The water was a pretty blue in today's episode. Ricky is so dumb. She's too serious, too. Irene's hair looked so nice. Marilyn driving Alf bonkers was funny. I loved it when he shouted at her and she completely ignored that.
  23. I was actually amazed Kate said yes. I expected her to think it was all ruined because Mark proposed. I thought they would go out happily ever after. But that Kate would at least refuse once, as she loves to be miserable. Sophie has grown up a little and she's cute. Though if she hung around awhile, she might be able to annoy me again.
  24. Kate is happy? I wonder how long that will last. Surely she will find something to break up about soon.
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