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  1. On 8/23/2021 at 10:46 PM, ffwbe said:

    If they are writing him on the spectrum, he’s probably supposed to be high functioning so it’s not always easy to pick up on when they are younger. Nothing today except his lack of reaction to Sam seemed out of the ordinary to me and I just thought he was being rude at first (also forgot they are siblings). He was interacting with Olivia and Dante. 

    It can take quiet a while - my nephew was like that - it is ordinary kid stuff for a while, until he gets to an age where you can tell something is different.

    17 hours ago, Cheyanne11 said:

    I can't wait for the entire town to do a 180 and proclaim how "selfless" it was for Carly and Jason to wed "for strictly appearance purposes."  

    Why did they bother with making it more than an MOC?  Yesterday it seemed like they may as well not have bothered with that.  Maybe there is more coming up.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Artsda said:


    Sonny has every right to hate and be angry and blame Nina. For all the reasons Jax said. His children and grand children has been mourning him and missing their father yet she kept the lie from them to spite Carly. 


    He didn't remember them, though.  Maybe the amnesia story would have been better without NF, since the whole family could experience this person who looks like their father but does not remember them.  

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  3. 18 hours ago, lala2 said:



    As a family lawyer, I can say I've run into my fair share of Olivias - parents who refuse to believe anything could possibly be wrong w/their child! I just rolled my eyes at her reaction. I liked the way Austin handled it though, and I liked the way he broke it to Ned a week or so ago. When it comes to autism or any type of issue w/a child, some parents can be super sensitive and will reject any talk of anything being "wrong" w/their child. 


    This does happen.  I have family members who are against medicating a child, even if the child is clearly on the spectrum, or depressed.  They insist it's just going to pass or is ordinary kid stuff.  The kid is going to be fine  - while they pass on all the help the kid could get.  

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  4. The amnesia stories don't seem to account for the fact that the person does not remember.  All the kids who miss Sonny - wouldn't it be more traumatic for them to spend time with Smike?  Your dad comes back and he does not remember you?  Seems that would be really scary and require a lot of counseling - keeping him away actually makes sense until the kids can be prepared.  Even then, younger ones could really be damaged by interacting with such a phenomenon.  


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  5. Sonny is usually the reason everyone is in danger  - but now, he is needed in PC!   But then, he does not remember who he is, so how can he carry out Sonny's beneficial effect in PC?  LOL.  

    The usual amnesiac story usually has the characters forgetting the amnesiac doesn't remember them, and so does not miss them, love them, and so on.  

    But then, he can still make his super duper special awesome sauce.  He remembers that.  


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  6. Seeing Valentine had fed Bailey and she'd spit up on his shirt - gave me an idea.  Peter is Bailey/Louise's father, and he'd dead plus evil.  Maxie might allow Valentine to continue to act as father.   Especially since dialogue emphasizes that he makes a good father.  

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  7. 6 hours ago, 30 Helens said:



    Did anyone else hear the Australian accent on Drew’s guard and wonder if Jerry Jax is involved somehow?

    Yes, we need another Aussie, too.  Jax has lost his accent.  Jerry's wasn't real.   Love hearing that accent.

    5 hours ago, Daisy said:


    and that's fine if they don't want to invite her over. that wasn't my issue. 
    here were mine

    1: This was Terry's idea. Thus it was some sort of get together or something with senior members of the hospital to kick back. Terry and Britt are basically now (workingly) joined at the hip. if all the senior members are included why didn't Terry offer anything?


    Yes, I thought it strange that if they are Co-chiefs, then it is odd to have one invite everyone out and not ask the other or not have the whole thing start with both of them.  And when they ran into her, being bitchy was dumb - nobody would do that, even if they felt that way - it could still have repercussions.

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  8. 22 hours ago, dubbel zout said:


    Joss is stupid enough she'd refuse to go.

    There was at least on prior occasion where Jax wanted her to go and she refused to go and had to have bodyguards.  

    17 hours ago, Cheyanne11 said:


    Although, LOL at Shawn saying he has a job and that he's "working for himself" in finding Hayden's shooter.  Does that come with benefits? 


    I thought too that who is going to pay him?  Working for "himself," one thinks of self-employment, but that is doing something that pays.  Where does he have the money for his own place that he said he was going to get?  

  9. 55 minutes ago, Cheyanne11 said:

    So totally Ava.  I'd expect nothing less. 

    Also, another cute suit for Trina. 

    I have a hard time believing a convicted serial killer--incapacitated or not--would be in a "Club Fed" facility.  And by hard time I mean there's just no fucking way.

    I can't with all the Nixon Fails crap.  Great White Saviors Nina and Mike saving The Poors--who despite being a veteran, despite having a job as a nurse, have absolutely no health insurance--is a story that really didn't need to be told.  On the plus side, when Lenny kicks at least we'll get more Emmy reel scenes for MB, and really, isn't that all that matters? /sarcasm

    I was thinking that being self employed, he should have Obamacare. Or married to a nurse, he should be on her employer policy. I forgot he was a veteran, but you are right; he’d be covered there too.  Result :  dumb plot point. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, GHScorpiosRule said:

    No. That’s why they recast the character.

    Doubtful. She made an appearance two years ago and it was the same actress. With her parents offscreen, why would they bother? Plus, Robin and Patrick are good parents-no reason for her to come to Port Charles. 

    She could come to attend PCU. 

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  11. 7 hours ago, YaddaYadda said:


    Also that brotherly kiss from Jason to Carly . . . HAWT! I'm sure a chaste duck kiss wasn't what Carly was after. But oh well! Can't win them all!



    25 minutes ago, tvgoddess said:

    Plus Jason looks absolutely miserable 95% of the time he's with her. The look on his face today after the kiss, he looked like his favorite gun had been taken away. 

    Not the type of kiss typically given to one's fiancee, either.  So I wonder if someone will observe that or another incident of it and start suspect that it is an MOC.  

  12. I keep hearing how Jason and Carly always had each other's back.  I can't come up with a time when Carly had Jason's back?  

    They are dragging things out by Jason not just telling Britt it is an MOC.  That's where he is hurting her the most.  He supposedly never "lies" and lies of omission always count as lies in soapland.  Britt might not like it but he can trust her to keep the secret and at least let her know that no matter how much he cares, the mob comes first.  

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  13. On 7/10/2021 at 6:57 PM, GHScorpiosRule said:


    That said, yeah, for some godforsaken reason, she always comes first along with Mooby. It’s so GROSS.

    I might have said that the she-beast is first just as an appendage of Mooby being first, but then it might have been that Jaysus got himself involved with Carly on his own - goes back to when I first watched the show and so long ago now, so it's gotten unclear.  He did work for Mooby, but the plot with trying to keep Michael from AJ seemed to be underway before Mooby got involved.  

    I just remember being so bored by the scenes of Mooby with the she-beast on the island where they first got together and got married and then planned for Mooby to play Michael's father rather than Jaysus. 

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  14. 21 hours ago, YaddaYadda said:



    This isn't a MOC for Carly. This is as real as it gets. I think today's scenes showed that she has expectations. 

    Just for that, I hope that Britt does turn up pregnant because watching Carly's head explode will be worth it. She can't even win this one either. Whichever man turns out to be the father, she will hate it and cry and complain about it.

    A miserable Carly is the best Carly. A better Carly would be a dead Carly, but since that's not happening then miserable it is.

    After the marriage, she may try to seduce him.  Long, long ago, there was a scene where Carly tried seducing Jason and he refused, saying that they fought when they had sex, and them fighting was bad for Michael!  (Michael was a baby then).  

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  15. Very bad and unimaginative writing!  

    Trying to make dramas out of nothing:  Ava and her absurd notion that she will have to get a divorce to keep her daughter safe - how is that going to make a huge difference?  And now we see who is doing it, so she's going to look really stupid for not trying to figure it out and just obeying the stalker. 

    The Cam apology tour over Jason is another one.  Just not a good story on any level.  Even the biggest Borg fan must cringe. 

    I was going to say the baby switch was OK as at least it had the difference that the mother's knew what they were doing.  The old trope about putting your baby first does not work where you fail to support the plan to make her safe, and where you have other children you neglect.  

    The MOC would be a lot better had they not brought Britt in.  At least so long as Jason does not explain in full to Britt and have some motive of his own that is imperative.  

  16. 4 hours ago, Sake614 said:

    And he said he told Frank he didn’t want to do the Alzheimer’s story because ‘it’s too hard for me.’ Then Frank replied ‘you’re the star of the show. You’re doing the story.’ 🙄


    I loathe the idea that a soap opera should have a "star."  It should be an ensemble.  

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  17. 18 hours ago, lala2 said:


    Who is this story for? It's not for the Chase fans. It's not for the Millow fans. It's not for the Chillow fans. Why is this dumb, boring story being dragged out? Why can it not end?!?! Even though it sounds like Finn has found a cure, I have no hope that this lame "triangle" is ending anytime soon. This story is beyond awful and needs to end! 

    Perhaps for the Michael fans, if there are any.  Some Sonny / Carly fans might be at one remove?

    11 hours ago, statsgirl said:


    But ... but ... he's been doing all the right things while he's been in prison! Yes, except for shivving Jason (and how did he get that shiv?) but that doesn't count.


    But it's the system being so unfair to him because of the color of his skin!  All the black and female judges it has now don't make a darn bit of difference!  

    1 hour ago, GHScorpiosRule said:

    I don't give a shit about Mooby or Nina. But her falling for him makes no bloody sense she KNOWS WHO HE IS. And I don't think Mooby has any kind feelings toward her, since she tried to kidnap his spawn, Avery from Ava's womb, no? This is such a snoozefest and stupid ass storyline, but I fast forward it. BUT, it would make more sense if Nina didn't know, or maybe she's doing it on purpose to get back at the SheBeast? Who the fuck knows? Or really cares? I know I don't.

    Doing it on purpose to get back at the SheBeast might make for some good scenes, especially where Smike takes her side.  SheBeast trying to convince Smike he is Sonny and he not remembering so preferring to be with Nina - the SheBeast would explode.

    47 minutes ago, driver18 said:

    Sit back folks while I tell you the history of portmanteaus*. It began on Guiding Light. Fletcher and Holly fans were not happy when the writers put Holly back with Roger so they created not just fanfic, but a round-robin fanfic world on a message board that discussed this round-robin fanfic as if THAT was the soap that they called.... dun dun dun... FOLLY WORLD! They combined Fletcher and Holly's name to come up with that title. Well, that took off and other fans of GL couples started to combine their fave couples names too. The next big one was "Manny" for Michelle and Danny. Eventually it spread to the other soaps.

    THEN.... dun dun dun dun... it tripped on over to OUTSIDE the realm of soap operas with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (the first go-round!) Some media outlet--clearly a soap watcher!--christened them Bennifer! And the world of couple portmanteaus being everywhere as we know it was born.

    * I'm fairly positive this is is how it all went down. (I'm going by my memory of it.)

    I remember hearing "Billary" and thought that might be a very early one - early 90s when Bill said we'd be getting two for one in the Oval Office. 

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  18. 3 hours ago, paisley said:

    Maybe Finn should've gone outside to to scan for the vial Peter threw off the roof, out of desperation.


    I thought that too - even if it broke, the broken pieces could have traces of the antidote.  And if Valentin has some, it could be analyzed.  I'm pretty sure Finn will come up with it at the last possible minute. 

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  19. On 5/31/2021 at 6:11 PM, dubbel zout said:

    Two: Kristina (Sonny/Alexis) and Leo (Julian/Olivia). But they also share Avery (Ava/Sonny)—half-sister for Dante, cousin for Sam

    There isn't a lot of Sam and Ava interaction - "Aunt Ava" - I haven't heard Sam say that.  But then I don't always pay good attention.  

  20. 2 hours ago, GHScorpiosRule said:

     I wonder if Jason’s first call will be to Britt, what with him promising her he’d come back to her.

    Okay, I didn’t appreciate the passive aggressive muttering Liz was doing. How much self-flagellation does Anna have to do? Franco would also still be alive if he hadn’t taken it upon himself to kidnap Heinrik and not do a good enough job keeping him contained AND calling the cops.


    That'd be nice, since Jason said he'd go back for her.  And Cyrus is still out there, so he should warn Britt. 

    Soap characters blame others for convincing them.  Maxie, Liz, etc., all adults who could make up their own minds about Peter no matter what Anna said.  

    Someone has been watching "Call the Midwife."  That show has several scenes of the midwife massaging the not-crying baby and the tension until the baby cries.  

    Portia complaining that divorcing Marcus does not mean she won't come across any violence again - lol.  Move out of Port Charles.  

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  21. 20 hours ago, Cheyanne11 said:

    Still liking Britt and Jason. Maybe it's just nice to see him emote even a little after looking constipated any time he was in a scene with KeMo.

    Speaking of, how painful were the ~fun softball scenes between her and DZ?  Talk about negative chemistry.  They're trying way too hard with this animosity spin--especially on Sam's part.  She's the one who acted like an asshole to him and yet she's acting like the one in the right?  Typical, but stupid.


    Sam should have been playing that in a flirtatious way.  Lighthearted or smiling, teasingly.  It is difficult to believe there is an attraction, which I suppose is what the show was going for. 

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  22. Nina is supposedly doing a story for Crimson.  A story about Nixon Falls.  She could be shown calling in to the office briefly, which would help.  The story is drawn out enough to make one forget.  

    A person who has the marker will definitely get the disease, then?  I recall Arlo Guthrie was at risk for it.  Maybe that was before the marker could be tested for.  Now per google, Arlo does not have the gene, so he must have gotten tested.  He had two sisters who died of it, though.  

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  23. On 5/22/2021 at 11:53 AM, statsgirl said:

    Laura is mayor, Jordan is police commissioner, Nina is publisher of Crimson, Ava runs a gallery. Even the younger women in theory have jobs that should generate storylines, Maxie and Sasha with Deception starting up, Girl Reporter, Molly in the DA's office, but everything takes the back seat to babies. Even grandma Carly spent a year on a useless baby story.

    Put together like that it makes me realize how lacking in creativity the writers are.  Molly in the DAs office - she might actually prosecute Jaysus or Mooby.  Stolen art for Ava and the gallery.  



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  24. 2 hours ago, Cheyanne11 said:

    Everyone who hits the water winds up on the Pennsylvania side of the country.  Must be the currents. /sarcasm


    Hilarious - Secaucus is on the eastern side of NJ, so he had to float out into the Atlantic, around Cape May and up the Delaware River.  Maybe it's a writer's joke after they got so much flack for the coast of Bolivia!

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