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  1. Does it seem like they could have Roy pulling a Gant (from ER, but not jumping in front of the El)? I hate when it seems like GA copies so many ER plot lines.
  2. Now she's leaving.... https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2018/09/julie-chen-wont-return-to-big-brother-after-this-season-amid-les-moonves-sexual-harassment-allegations/
  3. Son of a bitch, dammit, crud, phooey, pisser, fucking fuck you, Fessy! Hate to see Sam go!
  4. But she didn’t. We already know it’s Angela. So, based on that, the above would be a great scenario. Sam winning the following HOH would be perfect, but she has to survive this week.
  5. Perfect scenario for me as a Sam fan, since Angela won HOH and will likely put Sam and JC OTB — •Kaycee and Sam both realize that Angela and Tyler are probably taking each other to F2. •Kaycee wins a phenomenal fourth POV in a row. • Kaycee uses POV to take Sam off the block, guaranteeing safety for both of them. •Angela’s only replacement option is Tyler. •Sam and Kaycee VTE Tyler. •Angela can’t be HOH next.
  6. Anybody happen to notice the robot and fire extinguisher in the background of Sam’s BB comic?
  7. LOL, I love your comment in your edit. Yes! I hope so as well. Right now there are seven HGs - Haleigh, Sam, Kaycee, Tyler JC, Brett, and Angela. Haleigh and Sam don’t vote because they’re nominees. That leaves five. As HOH, Kaycee doesn’t vote. That leaves four left to vote, which could then end in a tie. Kaycee would only vote to break it. That would leave six HGs left for the one-week-within-an-hour scenario for the DE. The two nominees and the HOH would not vote. That would leave three to vote, so there could not be a tie in that eviction vote.
  8. No, but she’s on IG @samthesweetness
  9. No, it’s all outside the house — Scraggy, Les and Julie, and Hurricane Florence. I feel bad. I previously posted concerns about Sam’s home in Virginia. I guess I didn’t realize that both Tyler and Angela are both from South Carolina?
  10. Stuarts Draft is right around in that gray/lavender area to the northeast of Roanoke. That’s going to be a lot of rain.
  11. https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/leslie-moonves-allegations-ronan-farrow-new-yorker-1202933022/
  12. This is waaay off topic from BB, but Virginia and North Carolina look like they could get pummeled by Hurricane Florence if it stalls off the coast and brings rain for days. I hope the computer models are wrong and that Sam’s hometown and the rest of the area don’t get devastated like areas hit by days and days of Harvey last year.
  13. Either. It could also be "Leighton." According to a handful of sources like Us and ET Online, it's a baby boy. However, the picture shows a baby with a pink hat, so I don't know....
  14. Plenty of us who work in health care and/or biomedical research wear scrubs. ;) However, medical sales reps usually wear suits, unless they have to go into the OR to demo a device or procedure with a device.
  15. It also can’t be said enough...Fuck you, Fessy! How about, “Julie, you look dazzling this evening!”
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