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  1. Mileman

    S05.E08: Fifty-One Percent

    Jared's 0 to 100 in 5 seconds is amazing...
  2. Mileman

    S03.E08: All the Wilburys

    I just cover my eyes every single time Spyros is on screen. The actor is that good playing such an idiot. The oh captain my captain crap...come on...
  3. Mileman

    S03.E07: Not You, Mr. Dake

    A stick a.k.a a million.
  4. Mileman

    S03.E07: Not You, Mr. Dake

    Great episode, I'm not really sure what to make of the final scene, I thought Axe was having a stroke. Any scene with Clancy Brown is gold, his character is amazing. Not sure exactly what happened with Dake, he ended up taking the blame for the loss against Axe? Was that the idea all along?
  5. Mileman

    S03.E06: The Third Ortolan

    I was expecting Trevor from Suits at some point indicating Chuck the batrhoom was the other way.
  6. Mileman

    S03.E05: Flaw in the Death Star

    I have no problem with Malin Ackerman as an actress, but I really hate Lara as a character, so yes, good thing she's not around that much. I am not alone then, had the exact same thought.
  7. Mileman

    S03.E01: Tie Goes to the Runner

    Chuck was the one behind the laptop being stolen on the process of being vetted by BJ Foley for the governor race. I have to say the line about Bruce Lee movies and Birch knowing Karate was one of my favorite lines of any show ever.
  8. Mileman

    S01.E02: Show And Prove

    On the payroll scam, there is a mention at the bar that folks are paid Monday instead of Friday, apparently they are afraid workers will get wrecked during the weekend and not show up on Monday. I understood the 5% is to get paid on Friday, and then the mob takes the whole payroll on Monday. What everybody else said makes sense, I just didn't find that detail in the explanations. I loved Vinyl, I am loving the show so far. Anyone that was around back then, was NY really that shitty? The French Connection is one of my all time faves, and every time I watch it I end up surprised a how grim everything looked in the city.
  9. Mileman

    S06.E10: Groundbreaking

    Jonah's hug to Teddy making sure his hips were well away was a nice touch. I would love to see more Furlong, he kills it every time he is on.
  10. Mileman

    S06.E07: Blurb

    I find myself re-watching the episodes after the gems everyone else notices and I miss. Anything around Jonah and Bent is gold, and turning off the TV on the New Hampshire hurricane was amazing.
  11. Mileman

    S06.E06: Qatar

    You mean Jon H Ryan?
  12. Mileman

    S02.E12: Ball in Hand

    Malin Akerman is doing a great job portraying someone so easy to hate. If the idea of the folks running the show is to show someone that everyone wants dead, then they cast the perfect person.
  13. Mileman

    S06.E04: Justice

    Selina throwing away her meal really reminded me of Ross's turkey sandwich in Friends where he loses his mind at the museum.