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  1. Well Cas died in 18 like everyone knew--since they made it so obvious beforehand. My final Supernatural prediction--Cas's story doesn't end completely in episode 18 in the super hell of the Empty. I think he'll PROBABLY(probably) stay dead BUT we'll see he gets a better death than eternal torment of sleep in the Empty. Does that mean we see Cas again? Maybe but maybe not...I hear an interesting theory that we may hear Cas's final complete fate thru dialogue instead of seeing Misha. Why? Maybe Covid screwed up Misha being there in person in what have might have been just a quick sc
  2. Great shaving thing video--lot of it really looks good. Looking forward to it. Interesting that Sam and Cas both attacked in Death's library.
  3. So the Variety article on final episodes was nice--it's good not much was changed from the initial writing. Very much looking forward to the finale--i'm very optimistic about it. From the article looks like Jim Beaver just filmed one day and the last scene is in a forest--interesting. I wonder if it really is someone's Heaven as some conjecture and they all reunite there and then the last scene is just the brothers hanging out.
  4. I saw a new poster of the final seven episodes floating around today...it has the 2 J's centered with Cas and Jack too. Looked good--guess Jack haters won't like it and some won't like Cas on it either probably. Soon we won't have bother with irritated reactions...since it's almost over...lol. Peace when you are done!
  5. Yeah, yeah i've seen the grievances...said he's not perfect but also say what brought up not big to me. If it bothers you, fine.
  6. Regarding Dabb--I think he's been a good showrunner(but yes, imperfect), don't think he mishandled Dean and Sam as characters AND DO think the boys have still been the clear heroes of the show despite them letting others shine too. So yeah, I disagree with most of this board--lol. And looking forward to the final 7 shows and the finale of a truly epic voyage of 15 years.
  7. It's fine Jensen and Jared got the cars and that Jensen got the main one. There is nothing to complain about--this is all a non-issue.
  8. That I agree--Misha said as much that he wasn't on set for the final day.
  9. It's kind of a savvy answer, Jared doesn't really directly answer the question.
  10. Hmmmm...there are some speculating that this will be an ending that bibros don't like. Could be.
  11. Genevieve Padalecki has been cast in a recurring role in WALKER as Walker's late wife who died in mysterious circumstances...she will be in flashbacks.
  12. Would be cool if we get one last one to cap off the show. Chad looks a little like like a younger Bill Pullman there.
  13. Yes supposedly the J's and Misha and others pick their favorites and we get some behind the scenes details too.
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