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  1. From the end its Caroline, Alora-Rose, Kat, Jessica, Madeline, Armani, Daphne, Claire, Gina etc. Alora-Rose looked better than she did in the videos from the first game, Jessica and Kat still suck, and Armani looks more like a vet than either Madeline or Kat. (also TBH I kinda miss Victoria in this corner- I think she is super over the top and sometimes messy but she does bring some fun to what is likely the most boring end section of dancers 😬)
  2. So I haven't been watching the full episodes because I don't have the energy to find it for free and I refuse to pay for it this year, but from the youtube clips I have some thoughts about the TCC: -How the heck does Ashlinn not make the team? They are constantly fawning over her and saying how great she is, she must have really bombed media day or something, especially when she could have easily replaced Alora-Rose or Jessica. -I'm a little confused at how Claire W made show group over Elli and Armani. I do get why Marissa got SG, she is really one of the more powerful TCC whether or not you like her face/personality. However, Elli and Armani are far more praised over Claire, and Armani was the only rookie used in the Christmas video. I get that Claire is really technical but the others are a lot better at DCC style. Or maybe they wanted a redhead on SG and because they cut Hannah they needed Claire? Chandi, Erin, Claire, and Marissa were the new show group girls but I would have replaced Erin with Armani for sure (and probably removed Rachel A for Elli). Also boot buddy families! I really like this tradition, here is a list of what I have been able to figure out so far (cut girls have *): 1. Briana, Chandi, Darian, Jaycie* 2. Amber, Lisa, Kelly* 3. Caroline, Kelcey, Ashlinn* 4. Brennan*, Victoria, Marissa 5. Rachel W., Kristin, Shannan* 6. Gina, Amanda, Dani 7. Tess, Erin, Jessica 8. Jalyn 9. Daphne, Merideth*, Sheridan* 10. Maddie, Alanna, Kat, Hannah*, Jada, Annabelle* 11. Taylor 12. Lexie, Madeline, Claire W. 13. Savannah, Sydney 14. Rachel A, Tori* 15. Cianna, Elli 16. Ashlee, Armani 17. Lily* I do not know what families Alora-Rose, Claire D., Amelia, Cassie, or McKenzie are in.
  3. oooh I can just see it now, them not showing the cut, Kelli doing a talking head "we lost some veterans, some sisters tonight... but it was what had to happen. This is a world class team and our standards are high and they just didn't reach it this year" cue the girls that made it celebrating and no other focus on the cut vets.
  4. Sydney is interesting to me because she is so bottom heavy. I don't think anyone could argue that she is overweight or could slim down her thighs/butt even if she wanted to, thats just the way she is built. It is an interesting choice, because we have seen them turning away girls for having too many arm muscles or a "thutt" in the past, but for some reason Sydney is ok. Don't get me wrong I think her choice of auditioning in white shorts was a good one, because then they can see exactly what they are getting. I'm thinking either they had to change their standards somewhat to account for more typical WOC body shapes, or they really are just enamored with her pro bowl status and her face and it's an exception just for her. Claire is thicker than I thought she was based on her instagram and audition, but I really like her shape and I think she would look about 10 years old if she was skinnier. These girls may look even bigger because some of the TCC are sooooo tiny in comparison (Dani, Jessica, Jada), they may look more normal when the vets show up.
  5. DON'T πŸ‘ TAKE πŸ‘ GIRLS πŸ‘ INTO πŸ‘ CAMP πŸ‘ IF πŸ‘ THEY πŸ‘ CAN'T πŸ‘ KICK
  6. Hi I actually originally posted that ☺️ here is a version with the cut girls greyed out and showgroup with * by their names:
  7. As for school, I think many universities have most classes online right now! I don't think any of the girls had more than a year left and going online this year isn't very challenging and might even be mandatory. (Source: I am a grad student, and all of my classes and the class I teach are online this semester and probably also next semester, my brother's university classes are also online)
  8. I think those are from 2 different audition rounds. They did a freestyle first, and then when the girls made the next round they learned a choreographed pom piece. I guess she realized that the rug didn't add and anything and just looked dumb.
  9. This is Geena right? I also saw some other girls that have previously auditioned (like Jennifer who was on the Mavs, and Raven who has auditioned like 6 times or something)
  10. They did specifically mention that they liked the way it moved, so I have hope.
  11. Just watched it and I have thoughts! 1. It's very clear that they are not actually socially distancing and only wearing masks as a performance for the cameras, I wish they just made up some BS about testing everyone and nixed the masks- they're distracting 2. I actually think Marissa looked really good, as good as the other "powerful" dancers they pointed out and I personally think she is cute. However, there is something about her that makes me want to say "bless her heart" and not in a nice way lol 3. I am actually kind of disappointed they didn't show more of the actual auditions. I saw Geena Rodrigues and I was sad she wasn't invited into camp, I would have liked to know about more of the girls that auditioned and why they picked the girls they did. 4. Jada is 110% my new girl crush, ugh the legs, the curls, everything is good 5. For as much as Sydney has experience with being a professional cheerleader you would think she could blend her wig hairline better, sorry not sorry. She also doesn't seem as good as she should be for being a pro bowl cheerleader πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ 6. I'm honestly laughing at how they highlighted Alora-Rose's Rockettes experience but not her past Burlesque and Go-Go dancing, I don't know why I expected anything different 7. Why the heck did they bring ANY of the weaker girls into training camp? They act all shocked when someone struggles but they had choreographed pom videos, kick videos, and split videos and they STILL CHOSE THEM. At this point it is on them if the TCC can't do those things. They totally could have brought in half as many new girls and still had drama or whatever.
  12. So the chart makes no sense? Like is this their audition scores and then also choreographer stickers? Why didn't each choreographer/judge get 36 stickers (there are only 18 with KF on them)? Why are there girls with no stickers higher than those with none? Why did they spell Elli's name wrong? Why does Hannah have 3 and still get cut? So many questions. @vanillagum totally forgot about Sheridan on my list lol but she is also missing, tbh I find her super forgettable in general.
  13. I genuinely wonder what this is based on, because some of the vets are in a weird order (like Alanna is first but she isn't on show group and is far back in all of the formations, and Madeline M is in front of Maddie). Also, it looks like it was made after some cuts. Here is the order I think: Top row: Alanna, Amber, Caroline, Gina, Rachel W, Victoria, Amanda, Chandi, Daphne, Lexi, Madeline, Maddie Second: Marissa, Ashlee, Kelcey, Claire W, Tess, Taylor, Cianna, Jalyn, Rachel A, Elli, Mckenzie, Erin Third: Darian, Lisa, Savannah, Dani, Armani, Ashlinn, Briana, Hannah, Jada, Sydney, Brennan, Kat Bottom: Kristin, Tori, Jessica, Lily, Alora-Rose, Meredith, Cassie Missing: Kelly, Annabelle, Claire D, Shannan, Amelia I really wonder how Kristin, Jessica, and Alora-Rose made the team and Hannah, Brennan, and Ashlinn were cut (like what did Ashlinn do? She's not even the lowest raking rookie) It kind of looks like there are some digital stickers on the pictures, so maybe this is based on guest choreographer input and K&J just made their own decisions after?
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