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  1. If the dad stopped cooperating they could be using one of the girls as leverage to make sure that he continues with his work. Maybe one of the girls really is his biological daughter that for whatever reason was put up for adoption and he later adopted. Perhaps from an affair that he may have had that resulted in his mistress having the baby and putting it up for adoption. Or perhaps his mistress died with no living relatives and the baby was then put up for adoption. I so wanted Gruesome to be the asset. I think it would have been far more interesting if that had been the case. If one of the girls really does have something special about her, then this series would bring back memories of The Pretender.
  2. The sex toy infomercials are on early in the morning on a couple of cable channels. Plenty of vibrators there. The dude in that commercial didn't look the least bit healthy.🛫
  3. I know they don't mean it that way, but whenever I think of wick, I think of candle which is clearly not the intent of the product title. They should have come up with a better name for the product. I know they are using wick as in wicking away moisture. My gosh, now Mike Ditka is doing Medicare commercials.
  4. Even if people don't care about animals (which I think is horrible all on its own) at the very least, they know that their deceased relative did love and care about them. As a sign of decency and respect for that no longer living relative, if they can't find someone to adopt those pets, take them to a no kill shelter. IMO, people need to make sure that there is a plan for someone to take care of their pets, period. Hell, if relatives can't be trusted, leave everything in the will for the life long caring of those pets.
  5. You're clearly paying closer attention to what is going on in this series than I am.😄
  6. That would truly suck if it is one of the girls. Iris comes off as Little Miss Perfect, and I hate that. Everyone has flaws, except for her. Hope is so unlikable, I hope she isn't the asset.
  7. I'm getting tired of hearing about stories where a person dies, and instead of the relatives taking that deceased person's animals to a no kill shelter, they just throw the pets out to fend for themselves. Anyone who does that IMO has to be an uncaring asshole of epic proportions.
  8. It seems like the writers are trying too hard to make the audience care about the characters and they are going about it in the wrong way. Of course I am too old and probably not in the demographic that they are trying to attract. It seems like they are trying too attract viewers using every hot button emotional issue they can think of to trigger a reaction in their viewership. What Silas is going through isn't teenage angst. Everything that he is going through isn't growing pains, it is a horrific tragedy. Most people don't live in abusive violent households. Most people don't get ostracized for something that they did to not only save their own life, but also to save their mom's life. Hope killing Pantsuit's pregnant mom was way over the top, and where the writers shouldn't have gone. It seems unlikely that those two kids would have ever met up and traveled together. Iris comes off as one of those annoying school spirit types of high school kids with all of that rah rah crap where you should be proud of your school. The same type of moron that spends years upon years planning high school reunions and gets totally bent when people refuse to show up. The flashback that was shown where Huck ran off and talked to her mother was prior to Pantsuit hitting the road. If Huck throws a hissy fit, because Pantsuit took a hike (which I think is likely) that could be a sign that he is the asshat (asset).
  9. Unfortunately there are so many holes in storytelling that we can read into these characters anything we want to. To answer your question, there is no question that Silas is a stereotype, and I hate that the writers have portrayed him in that way. Yes, I think it would probably be different if he were a skinny handsome kid rather that a socially awkward big kid with average looks. It shouldn't be that way, but unfortunately too often it is. The only reason that Silas has a crush on Iris is because she is kind to him and doesn't treat him like crap. He has latched on to her and it may look creepy to the average person, but when all he has known from others is ridicule, it would be shocking if he wouldn't latch on to the one girl that is kind to him. If he had more positive experiences with other females and people in general, he wouldn't be latching on to anyone which many would view in a creepy way. I don't think either girl is the asset. I can't think of a reason why one girl would be an asset and the other wouldn't. I think the asset is probably Harry Pantsuit.
  10. There was that one time long ago when I was speaking to a customer service rep from the south and she through out the "bless your heart" line at me. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but even I knew that was code for something completely unpleasant. I was perfectly nice through the entire phone call, well that is my side of things, and I am sticking to it. She must have thought I was an idiot for not knowing what she was really saying. Nothing says happy holidays, like having a root canal the day before Thanksgiving. Not happy about that at all, I wanted it done sooner, but this was the earliest appointment I could get. With my luck it will take multiple appointments to finish it. It was that way for all the root canals I have had in the past. Good thing I have a really big straw. I don't know what I will be having on Thanksgiving, but chances are it will be sucked through said straw. I am a vegetarian, given what I usually eat on Thanksgiving, I won't be missing much. I usually like my mashed potatoes lumpy, I guess that won't be the case this year. I don't have anything to shove down the straw to unclog it.
  11. There is the financial and the psychological manipulation, I understand completely. But given how screwed up Silas is, it would have been much better to try and find an alternative. I am not saying it would be easy, but staying in a house and watching her son get physically abused and psychologically destroyed, and for her son to see his mom physically and most likely psychologically abused, has left Silas with a lot of issues not of his own making. Issues that he continues to get punished for. Issues that were easy to for see happening. We are unlikely to know anything more about that family's dynamics, because I think the writers of this series are either incapable or unwilling to write it.
  12. That wasn't the first time she had been abused, there had been a long history. The neighbor pretty much hinted that was the case. No one deserves to be battered and/or abused, no one. However, she is the adult. She had an obligation to protect her child. if she wanted to put up with the abuse, that is the choice she had made for herself, but her son had no choice in the matter.
  13. From what was shown, his mother wasn't much help either. His mother is the adult, she had an obligation to protect her child, not the other way around. As for Silas, he doesn't appear to have an off switch once he starts attacking. I don't know if that is emotional trauma from as you said killing an abusive parent only to have his dad spring back up or not. Regardless, he needs an off switch when it comes to attacking someone. His off switch is apparently damaged.
  14. So Huck is the daughter of the Big Bad Lady? It would seem strange that Huck would mention the watch as "dad's watch", when BBL gave it to her if she wasn't related to the BBL. Did the BBL talk about keeping the asset safe or did she say asshat safe? This series is full of asshats, so I don't know which one she could be talking about. Hope should be called Hopeless. She truly is a lost cause. Projecting her guilt on to others, what a piece of shit. Of course Percy is alive, I wonder when he will pop up next? Silas ditched the headphones, starting over, moving on. Pantsuit (Elton) is carrying so much crap he can hardly stand up.
  15. That would truly suck. So, now Victor is going to be used to hunt down the rest of the protagonists. One of the songs playing in that mansion was the same song sung by Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin in the move The Jerk. Morgan rolled over like a lap dog and let Alicia get her way by not bringing Virginia's little snot of a sister back home. I don't trust Virginia. The idea that all of a sudden she turned into Monte Hall (Let's Make a Deal) is horribly ridiculous writing. That said, I don't like wishy-washy Morgan either.
  16. That's awesome, I am sure they are very pretty. I still hate cleaning them. Why is that? Is that due to the possibility of wildfires being started? Yeah, I agree with this. Except I am not the one that starts conversations. If the cashier starts a conversation I don't mind talking a little bit, but with everything going on, and people are already highly stressed, I would just rather keep on moving and not risk someone spouting off at me..
  17. Lol, I am the opposite. I prefer less windows than more windows. I like fireplaces, but they are a pain in the butt to maintain. I know a few people who have fireplaces, but don't use them because they can be a pain. I know a few other people that don't have fireplaces, and would like one, but they don't understand why those that have them don't use them. I was watching a rerun of The Bob Newhart Show, and on that episode, in his medical office building they repainted the walls to a garish flaming orange color. As for painting, when I pick a color I am stuck with it. I am not painting the room twice. That said, I do like to have the top of the walls stenciled.
  18. How many of those athletes would have never gotten into college if they didn't have athletic ability? A lot of the peeves have to do with a complete lack of respect people have for each other. It isn't a surprise or shocking. Manipulation and deception are both about disrespecting others. Peeve, and it has happened a lot in my younger days. Getting treated like the default friend, hanging out and having a good time over a "friend's" house, and then that "friend" gets a phone call from someone that he would rather hang out with, and then he just runs off with the person that just called.
  19. According to my cable guide, the last episode of FTWD for the season is tomorrow night.
  20. I think part of that has to do with how they are prepared as well as how thin those strips are to begin with. I usually throw them in a pan with a bunch of vegetables and cook them through that way. I don't go through the process of browning them first. I have browned them first in the past, but yeah they are tough prepared that way. I do like the beef tips. I do like the Quorn roast, but I have to season it all up when I cook it. Morning Star Farms doesn't offer the riblet anymore and apparently they don't offer the beef strips either. I liked both of those. I am having a difficult time finding Tofurky slices. I am having better luck finding Lightlife slices. For those that don't know, all of the above items are meat substitutes. I have never prepared anything with firm tofu before. I would like to, but I just don't know what to do with it.
  21. Yeah, I am pretty much like that, but I do make a few exceptions.
  22. Nah, you wouldn't have to go back that far. The series has changed so much since then, you could just consider those years a bad dream and move forward. I have. Yeah, I watched all of the episodes, but I still consider those seasons a bad dream. You already know Dwight from TWD. He was looking for his wife, that story line continues in FTWD. You already know Morgan. Most of the new characters they have now are likable. Very likable. Yeah, the main antagonist is an asshat, but for the most part they all were on TWD.
  23. Maybe if you get a chance you could watch the FTWD episodes that aired this season? The series has changed a lot, and is much better. Certainly better than the angsty new series.
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