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  1. The last Instagram story (with Ashlee on the end) just seems off. I've watched it a few times and I can't figure out who is off.
  2. I have not watched season 14 in full as it's a nightmare to watch in the UK, you have to do it via dodgy websites most of the time. This has been the last straw for me. I'll hang around these forums to react with you all, but the show, nope. Not worth the effort. Brennan and Hannah were both in my top 5. I'm disgusted they got rid of both of them if neither of them broke the rules.
  3. We've been having drinks as neighbours during lockdown, all stood around socially distanced in the courtyard between our houses once a week which is lovely as a lot of us live alone. One of them is from Plano (we live in Scotland) and keeps trying to explain the geography of the area and I just have to stand there a smile, not blurt out "I know a lot of this because I'm obsessed with DCC"
  4. Then they gave her that terrible hairstyle, that they would have never allowed on the field.
  5. It's about time: BBC News - Washington Redskins to drop controversial team name following review https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53390944
  6. What is it with these girls and fake eyes? Lay down the facetune.
  7. Alora Rose looks amazing, she doesn't have much in pom style on her page but for other dancing she's great. Sydney is beautiful, and must be a good team mate as she made it to Pro bowl. I haven't seen her dance, but she's definitely a girl crush. I just have a horrible feeling that kelly won't like her build. She's got thighs not straight up and down legs. But I have a feeling given the current climate she might want more WOC on the team so she may not say anything if the girl can dance.
  8. I walk my neighbours dog, hang up from the one exercise a day thing, I took her out on my walk too so she could go out enough. We thought she was getting fat as her harness was really tight and had to let it out a couple of times. Nope turns out she was just super fluffy, she got cut on Sunday and it actually skinnier than the beginning of lockdown, she looks like a different dog.
  9. I love these so much. He's also quite funny on twitter, knowing that the vast majority of his followers are there for the dogs, not for his sports broadcasting which is why he has the Twitter Also entirely unrelated, but I want to tell people and I'm worried about telling people in real life and jinxing it. I just put down a reservation on my first house! It's a new build so won't be ready till next year, but so exciting! Just have to wait for all the legal stuff to go through!
  10. I think these videos will show how much the show focuses on one or two girls. They've got better recently so you at least get to meet all the rookies. I'm trying to imagine them putting a video together for the likes of Emma. She was one of the rockstar, but wasn't featured much on the show.
  11. So...are we expecting in 10 years time to have a Victoria/ someone else/ Haley trio where we currently have Kelli/ Judy/ Charlotte?
  12. I think they are definitely the argument to have some "older" girls on the squad. They bring so much maturity to the team and just seem so put together and sure if themselves, class acts.
  13. Sorry, my replies keep messing up, it comes up with my last message and won't let me delete the quote box.
  14. If they cut Jalyn that might be the last straw for me. She is talented, hasn't been an ambassador risk, and hasn't been on WW. They have no reason to cut her other than they don't like her. I hope if she's getting that sort of vibe she retires with her head held high.
  15. See I'm hating working from home, I don't know if it's because I live by myself in a 1 bed flat. I need human interaction, and to separate my work from home!
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