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  1. anonymousgirl

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    Born This Way Reality Stars with Down Syndrome Marry in Beauty and the Beast-Themed Wedding
  2. anonymousgirl

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    Born This Way Gets Season 4 Premiere -Aug 15
  3. anonymousgirl

    Long Island Medium

    wouldnt Larry get 50/50 and some type of alimony sinn Theresa is the big earner? plus they've bee married 20 some years hmmm maybe they are already on a separation of sorts since he moved away etc
  4. anonymousgirl

    S05.E15: Lupe & Ashley D

    Lupe is finally divorcing Gilbert
  5. anonymousgirl

    S02.E06: James B.'s Story

    Yay, he is at the gym. At least he is keeping up the work, his face look a lot thiner
  6. anonymousgirl

    Teen Mom 2 : Things That We Need To Discuss NOW!

    Oh look an actual adult from the TM cast acting classy , we should put him in the Smithsonian. I always loved Jo's sass
  7. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

    I know right she is the shame of TM2 :P
  8. anonymousgirl

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    They already babysit him and vice versa kail babysits vivi at times. like on vee's first day of work. kail tweeted having vivi. I ALSO Remember vee tweeted how baby lo just made a mess or something and kail laughed and tweeted back where are the cameras when you need them or something. I think its cool that they are in a place where they can stepup and help take care of all the children, well at times at least
  9. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

    I think it was granted. Vee also said on twitter they have himevery other week sounds like one of those 50/50 custody agreements
  10. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

    Interesting fact Vee just dished on twitter that jo owns a business in investment properties
  11. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

  12. anonymousgirl

    S08.E14: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

    Dint she tell Javi not to come come during the last episode because of general admittance or something
  13. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

    @GreatKazu. Well she is allowed to change her mind if they go this route. Maybe, its a smart move by MTV, they probably could do two parts now, a special for the wedding as well.
  14. anonymousgirl

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    In her Insta profile she is advertising that shop that gave her the blanket and even has a discount quote. I wouldn't be surprised if the shop gave to her for free in exchange for promotion
  15. anonymousgirl

    Being Vee

    hmm for some reason it didn't occur to me that use their weeding as a main focus, considering supposedly she doesn't want it filmed, that one flew over me, I guess money does talk $$$