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  1. Antonio seems lots of fun to hang out with on ocassion! But clearly not in the market for marriage. And thst's OK.
  2. So we have to wait until the girls have already been abused? Ok, good. Just, Olivia GTF out of there to save yourself. I was in a situation like this as a child and raped for 10 years. But that's OK, right? SHe's just a silly teen. Olivia is the ONLY adult in this situation. Whoever said she was being a bratty teenager is so wrong. I was Olivia at her age. She is smart and wise and knows what is right. Please seek out caring adults, Olivia, they will help you get on your feet and get going. It's not going to be easy, but it will be less difficult than sticking with this dreadful ho
  3. Not her responsibility. She can best help the half-sister by getting her own life going.
  4. I can see that Molly's daughter Olivia is very smart and independent. I would have suggested she contact CPS about getting her out of the house, but she's either almost 18 or IS 18, so that would not be expeditious. I urge her, if she's reading this, to find a classmate's parents or relative who can give her a place to stay...finish high school, get a retail job, and start taking community college classes one at a time. You can do it, Olivia, but not with that albatross of a "mother" weighing you down.
  5. I don't get why humoring or treating these loonies is acceptable when they are a public health hazard. God, just raze the house and let 'em fend for themselves.
  6. Not getting it. Are we supposed to be all shocked that people are gay in 2017? This is so outdated.
  7. That's KRAY-zeee! I won't be a Duggar after today! KRAY-zeeee! The sky is KEAY-zeee blue!
  8. I googled average family income and cost of a lechon. That pig cost about two weeks of the family's income.
  9. He's used to Mickey D's pink slimeburgers
  10. The groping thing is beyond disgusting, especially in the Harvey Weinstein climate. He's just glued to her, pawing her everything at every opportunity. It reminds me of the way Dr. Oz death-clutches his adoring female guests as he drags them up onstage by the wrist, like a toddler. I've had boyfriends do this to me and I just swat at them and get away ASAP. It's grossly predatory.
  11. Women do this routinely to give our tootsies a break from high heels.
  12. There is usually a child-wrangler on shows...I assumed they planted her up there.
  13. No such thing as 24K gold jewelry. It's far too soft for that, it is used for electroplate or mixing with other metals. The highest-weight gold for jewelry is 18K.
  14. Honestly, I doubt she has either cash or credit card to do such.
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