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  1. I loved Luann’s outfit at the party. I wonder what the guys who were invited to the party were thinking? They were at least 15-20 years younger than Ramona and Sonja. They seemed out of place.
  2. Why is Wendy dumbing herself down this season? I don’t get it. And was anyone else cringing when she tried to intimidate Mia at the salon? At this point, I would pay her to revert to “I have 4 degrees Wendy” instead of this “zen Wen” nonsense.
  3. I really appreciated that Crystal was the only one who remained in the kitchen to help Kyle. Everyone else was on the couch listening to Erika with baited breath. I don’t know if Crystal was simply being considerate or if she smells bs and wants to distance herself from Erika.
  4. Why was Karen wearing a tracksuit to her party? And if Mia is going to lie about her age, she needs to pick a number that’s believable. I cracked up when Candiace said she’s a white man if Mia was just a bartender at the strip club.
  5. Yes, exactly! How extremely convenient that in the midst of a felony investigation, the subject becomes incapacitated. He’s manipulative and this ploy is evidence of that - nothing more. He’s very, very well-connected and used those connections to his advantage over the years. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume he asked a doctor friend for a favor. He’s such a weasel.
  6. Sutton’s daughter is at least a dozen years older than Crystal’s. I should hope an 18 year old doesn’t throw tantrums! Who knows what was going on w/Crystal’s daughter that day? Catch one of my kids on a bad day at that age and you would likely see the same behavior. It’s developmentally appropriate. Very young children are still learning how to regulate their emotions.
  7. Sutton’s daughter was lovely - so mature and reserved. A breath of fresh air from other housewives’ kids. As someone else mentioned, it is odd that Erika is fixated on the “sham” part of the story here - and not the embezzlement, the fraud, the orphans, etc.
  8. I like Eboni and the perspective she brings to the show, but she was a buzzkill tonight - at a Harlem Nights party, no less! I feel like that’s really hard to do and yet she managed it. Part of the problem is that she wants to talk at people and not with them.
  9. I don’t understand why Contessa expected the group to speak for her when Andy asked about divorce. That was.... odd. It felt like game play, and if so, that’s a really stupid idea. Divorce or threats of divorce are not something to be played around with. At this point, I think she and Scott deserve each other.
  10. Say what you will about Kyle, but i do think she’s one of the most naturally funny housewives. I replayed her impression of Kathy a few times. Hilarious.
  11. I totally agree! Simone and Jackie must be so so full of themselves if they thought they could mend Contessa’s marriage. Jackie really needs to have a seat. No one wants marriage advice from the same person who chose to stay with Curtis. And while I can’t stand Scott, ambushing him at dinner was not ok and I can’t believe the women thought he would respond favorably. In fact, Contessa knew he would not want to answer questions about their marriage from the women. So why wouldn’t she give him a heads up and mention what they were all planning? Maybe she was hoping he would embarrass himself. Mi
  12. Sonya looked stunning in her talking head w/the black dress. I loved everything about her look - hair, makeup, dress. That’s all I’ve got. This was a boring episode.
  13. Please believe me when I tell u that when black people are called “articulate”, that is a well-worn racist dig. Note I didn’t say “good communicators”, I said “articulate”. Unfortunately this is a common experience among black people - believe it or not. That’s why when Heather used the word, Eboni rolled her eyes. She’s heard it before, as have so many of us. Why is that specific word used over and over again by some white people as a descriptor for a well-spoken black person? It’s b/c black people are assumed to be less well-spoken than white people.
  14. There are words that evoke racial stereotypes. That’s not fiction, that’s a fact. When Luann used the word “angry”, she did trigger Eboni b/c whether u believe it or not, black women are often painted as being “angry”. It’s exhausting and it’s not on black women to stop being triggered - it’s on white people to stop giving in to the stereotype. I honestly don’t think Luann meant anything derisive or racially insensitive by it, but it’s something that Eboni was right to talk to her about. Here’s the thing, when you are a white person, I think it’s really easy to underestimate the amount of micr
  15. Scott didn’t outright say “I’m cheating on you”, but I believe he gave a passive admission. What else is one to think when he essentially said that he’s been seeing a girl for 6 or 7 months and he doesn’t pay her for her advice? I mean... when I say it out loud, it sounds like cheating. 😂 Contessa needs to read between the big old lines.
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