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  1. Well, just keep in mind that this slot used to be occupied by Megyn Kelly. So it could be worse. Some of these folks really are real-life friends. Chatting about each others' lives is what they would do, on-camera or off. Me, I'm going to continue believing that "This is a good thing!" (R.I.P., Eldin/Robert)
  2. I'm old enough to remember the first-run episodes of the original Murphy Brown. When she got pregnant, everyone freaked. Murphy freaked. Frank freaked. And of course Miles freaked because that's what Miles does. lolol But then Murphy went home and told Eldin. He looked at her. He smiled. He said, "This is a good thing!" I'm not a baby/kid person. Actually I can't stand kids. But for those who choose to bring them into this world and do their best to raise them with love and stability and all the things that will allow them to be happy and productive human beings, "This is a good
  3. Preach it, Sister. I love outlet shopping. Actually I love any scenario that allows me to shop for less. (Grocery Outlet, anyone? lol) I find myself leaning a bit on the side of hoarding when it comes to food. Finally sat myself down and asked myself "Why?" It's because I know what it's like to survive on $180/month, paying my own rent and other expenses. Yeah, it was the 70's but so what? It's still poverty wages if you pro-rate it out. I was never hungry. But I also never ate at 5-star restaurants. I just got back from a 4-day trip to California paid for in part with frequent flyer
  4. Can't stand Lark (or is it Lake? can never remember and do not care) Bell's character. Self-absorbed, ridiculous. I like Dax Shepard. But not on this show. I have no use for the Susie Essman character. And high fives to all the folks here who inquired about the whereabouts of Arnold the pig. Whatever is on opposite this show, is what I'll be watching.
  5. Depends on your musical preference. I cannot stand drama or theatrical productions of songs. Uche reeks of that. Find a meaningful song. Figure out what the song's story means to YOU, because if you genuinely connect to the song, your audience will connect with you. Stay on key. Dump the melisma. That pretty much sums up WALKER's (that his name) interpretation. OK yeah, he was dressed like Mo Rocca. It's a singing competition. Not Project Runway.
  6. Yes! Exactly what I thought. She was light years ahead of those fetuses. So natural. So damn, effing GOOD!!!
  7. A fun fact from Season 2 (Reuben, Clay, etc.). You may remember legendary singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka was the mentor and celebrity judge for the semi-finals. He initially planned to be brutally honest in his assessment of each performance. His son, who is a screenwriter and presumably knows a thing or two about how brutal the business is, cautioned his father to reconsider. Marc, the son, reminded him that about 38 million people were watching. Did Neil Sedaka really want viewers to watch him eviscerate a bunch of kids on national television? Sedaka did indeed reconsider. You may
  8. FWIW, their mother's name is Peisha McPhee. She sings standards from the Great American Songbook. Mainly in San Francisco venues. Don't know if she travels outside of that area.
  9. I'm a little surprised that the guy who wrote the lyrics on his arm got through. I can sympathize with blanking on the lyrics, no matter how much one rehearses, because as the judges note, that can happen to anyone. But having the lyrics on your arm is like having the answers to a test on your arm, you know? Should be a disqualifier, I'd think. ********************** That's where I thought Lionel was going when he brought it up: that it would be a disqualifier. It should be. Also? I don't care how old you are, "California Dreamin'" is an American classic. You should know it. Th
  10. As some have mentioned, this is a singing competition. Hair styles, wardrobe, lineage, and physical and mental/emotional disabilities do not factor in when evaluating pure musical talent. (Whether the winner of this competition will be a commercial success is another topic.) Having said that, I love that American Idol no longer wastes our time with the jokesters and hopeless wannbes who couldn't hold a tune in a bucket. Those people just wanted airtime. They were an insult to the ones who worked HARD just to get an audition. The back stories don't bother me so much. In some cases it he
  11. I am so pissed at Randall right now. What happened to my over-achieving, hopelessly endearing Randall from Season One? Some things should not be messed with. Beth and Randall's solid marriage is one of those things imho. 😢
  12. San Francisco is a good 50 miles from Napa Valley, where the show is set. Assuming most bars close well after midnight, there would be the problem of having to drive home in near pitch-black darkness on two-lane highways. (Been there, done that.) Napa ain't no LA when it comes to accessibility.
  13. How touching and lovely to watch Richard Engel talking about his son's progress on this morning's show. Progress is being made to identify a cure for Rett's Syndrome. And...Richard's son recently looked at him and said "Dada" for the very first time. (Someone hand me a tissue; I think there's something in my eye.) ❤️
  14. Yes. I have a LOT of concerns with a CELEBRITY giving health and nutritional advice. She will have a lot more credibility when she can show me her degree in nutrition.
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