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  1. Ariah

    S00.E154: Twice Upon a Time

    To me, the Tardis didn't as much rejected as eject her to safety - the Tardis was burning inside, we could see the flames engulfing the interior as 13 was falling. Tardis' manoeuvre saved the Doctor. I'm bummed we need to wait so long for the series. I need my female Doctor.
  2. Ariah

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Just saw it and loved it. There were parts that felt glued to the film (the whole casino planet stuff felt like taken from parts I-III), but on the whole, it was better than Rogue I for me. As for midichlorians - perhaps Qui-Gon Jinn was the only Jedi to talk about those things (and when he started, the other Jedi would just politely excuse themselves and leave poor Qui-Gon explaining his theories to strangers)?
  3. Ariah

    The Brave

    Some articles on the fall finale: http://tvline.com/2017/11/20/the-brave-season-1-spoilers-dalton-jaz-love/ https://www.tvinsider.com/650849/the-brave-natacha-karam-interview-jaz-desperate-times-fall-finale/ http://ew.com/tv/2017/11/20/the-brave-natacha-karam-fall-finale-cliffhanger/
  4. Ariah

    The Brave

    That was to me the best episode of the season. And that cliffhanger ending... The tension was palpable, which is rare for a regular tv production - one usually knows how an episode would play out on a scripted show. We got used to the team being successful and the fact that they botched the first attempt at assassination was a nice surprise. I guess Jaz missed for the first time on screen. Her shock was well done (good work, Natacha Karam!). The whole mission hung on her and she made a mistake. And then, suddenly, she became the last resort once more. They did drop a few anvils this episode: "What those animals would do to her," said Hossein. It was only natural that Jaz would end up captured. Which reminds me of that time Ziva was imprisoned on NCIS. NCIS, being a family-safe show as it was, glided over the obvious torments a woman captive had to endure. As much as I love the episode in which Ziva is rescued, I always knew there was a huge chunk of cringe-worthy story missing. Will The Brave go there? Hopefully, it won't have to. (I call it now - Dalton will 'improvise' and get himself detained in order to get to Jaz). Other notes from the episode: - Amir and McG being brothers... I'd buy that, but in my opinion Amir was not the one who lost the gene lottery... - I loved the opening with the team on the airport and the subsequent teasing in the safe house. There's not a single person on the team i dislike and that's a novelty in ensemble shows. - The final seconds of the episode, with Jaz counting down to her jump (and broken leg)? Surprisingly tense! On the whole, Jan 1 can't come sooner. ...But if they solve this cliffhanger the way they solved the 1.01 truck beach explosion, with the team chilling in Turkey and a different sniper joining ranks, I'll be really, really mad...
  5. Ariah

    The Brave

    I'm loving the fact that all the members of the team got their moments: Jaz was a bad@ss sharpshooter, Preach was the eyes and ears of the team, Mcguire the impromptu field hospital of one, Amir the invisible guy and Dalton the brains on-site. Yes, the dialogue is by the numbers ("No, it's you and your team who is courageous," says the brave wife of the ambassador) and the good guys can literary shoot through walls. But I'm enjoying the show for what it's worth (Eyecandy and guns). Some anvils being dropped with Preach talking of kids and relationships to Dalton and Jaz (me don't like that, show!), but I hope it was just making ground for them both saving the girl in the end. I'm willing to bet some extra change from my pockets that Patricia's son is not dead but kidnapped by Isis and will return in mid-season finale... But "Homelanded". Meaning, we would not know if he's turned or not...
  6. Ariah

    The Brave

    I have nothing against Ms Heche. I think she's quite believable as a competent woman in charge. On a side note: I remember some discussion on the forum around the inevitable hookup between Dalton and Jaz... I beg to differ. If I can see any chemistry on screen, this episode it was between Campbell and Dalton. I know she's older than him (her son must have been close to Dalton's age), but still. I'd dig that. I wonder which episode will touch upon Campbell's son's death. There's a mystery there to be explored.
  7. Well, they killed yet another named female character. That's progressive... I guess that's why in Kirk's times women are delegated to wo-manning the radio - that way they can't go and get themselves killed stupidly... I don't think I be much interested in a tv show that keeps doing that to it's female characters. It's like they thought "oh, we have a strong female-human-vulcan unyielding main character, yet another strong female would be too much". It's 4 episodes in and I'm still not taken with any of the crew, Michael included. The plot is very predictable - I guessed the 'Ripper' purpose from the moment Mike said it's not carnivorous... Boring. It's like they want to be so dark and brooding and ask questions what is morally applicable and whatnot, but it's war. People are dying. If there's a technology that makes it possible to jump behind enemy lines, it's no use to cry over a creature. Myself, I can cry over how terribly out of place the Klingon makeup is and how that plot makes me want to fast forward.
  8. Ariah

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    Euron keep reminding me of a cross between Captain Boomerang from Suicide Squad movie and young Sabretooth. I like the fact that Dany is losing. She's like a warrior with a lot of powerful weapons that she keep using the wrong way. Also, I was waiting for someone to point out to her that it's cute that the Dorthraki crossed the sea for her, but they're used to warmer climate and it's winter out here. Those guys and their horses will be dying of pneumonia soon. Dany and Jon did not disappoint in their script-fueled chemistry. I knew I was watching the beginning of mutual fascination and acceptance, that will lead to a fiery romance. (In other words - the Mother of Cliches) I understand people being frustrated with the show Jamie (my fav character from the novels by far) but I also acknowledge this Jamie is in a totally different spot that the book one: his Cersei remained saner for a longer period of time, he didn't learn about all her romances and he's getting some wins. In each episode he's pulling further away from his sister, but keeps turning back. This time Cersei simply f*cked the idea out of him. I do appreciate they keep showing him as stepping away from unnecessary cruelty, as opposite to Cersei. Finally: the Westerosi portals strike again! Some characters have the ability to bilocate and/or travel faster than light.
  9. Ariah

    Atomic Blonde (2017)

    Loved the look and feel of this film, how it sounded and blinded you with it's flourishes. But I much prefer the graphic novel version of the story. That would make the movie a solid 9/10 in my books, now it's just 6.5/10.
  10. Ariah

    Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    I was excited by the cast but now I'm bummed after the trailer. The floating names, the music, the quick montage... What was that?...
  11. Ariah

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    I also find it strange that Diana did nothing when General Zod was destroying the Earth. If it wasn't for Clark, our planet would have been doomed. Maybe she was at her mum's at that time and none of that shenanigans broke through Themiscyra's shield? Frankly, judging from BvS, i expected the ending of WW to be much more of a downer - everybody Diana knew dies, she's partially responsible for their deaths, she's broken and her soul is crushed. But the film finished with Diana sad, but still believing in love. Perhaps the sequel showing Diana in Hiroshima will explain some of the confusion I have now...
  12. Ariah

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    I was afraid Charlie would die just because she said that and made him go, pushing her more down the 'I don't care' spiral. As for the short amount of time regarding romance - it was about week and a half I think. And it was war, adrenaline was high. That's a relatively good time to fall in love and not fall out of love when one side of the couple dies (so you never got to learn their faults and reality never sat in). I have more problem with Clark / Lois romance in the DCU.
  13. Ariah

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    Well, I don't think Zeus is dead-dead, but I believe Hippolita thinks he's dead. But I also think the story she told Diana, though partly taken from Diana's origins in the comics, was a fairy-tale told to help the child sleep. And the movie Diana was not made of clay and brought to life by Zeus, but rather conceived by Zeus in the old fashioned way. Because if the whole clay sculpture thing was true, what was the thing Hippolita didn't tell Diana? Diana knew she was made by Zeus already and was in a way his daughter. The things she learnt from Ares in their final fight and the fact she could tap into her god powers shouldn't be a surprise to her... Unless she was not a clay-made but a flesh-made, a demi-goddess.
  14. Ariah

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    I think Thor and Vision are also not supposed to age and nobody's complaining. Same goes for Superman. But add a woman to the rooster and there's a 'oh my! She's 30? How can she be alive and well in 8 years time?'... Wonder Woman fighting age bias, that's new. - - - Anyhow - loved the movie, despite it's flaws. The final act was too CGIed for my taste, the whole Diana vs Ares fight looked completely artificial. The background of ever burning flames was just there (so they didn't have to render the airport?) but at least it was bright. I found some parts of the movie too dark - in colors department. I know it's DC's thing, but when you can't properly see if the characters are kissing or hugging, it's not a good lighting job. The concept of space and distances was also crooked, as some of you pointed out in the thread. The Turkey > Themiscyra > London trip took way to short, especially when juxtaposed to what was happening in the villains camp. I also have some issues with Themiscyra timeline and the question how long was Diana a child?... The narrative makes me believe Diana was barely in her adult years when Steve crashed by the island, but that would mean Hippolyta sculptured her out of clay 20 years prior... And Zeus was long dead by that time. Right? Themiscyra is an island where time doesn't take effect that much, so all the Amazons can be frozen in time, but was Diana a child for a longer period? - - - Still, I'm nitpicking. I really loved the movie, I loved Diana and her wonder at the world and the dread of realization that nothing is as easy as in the stories. To my surprise, I loved Steve, for the first time ever. I loved the band of misfits he called for and how not everything was a cliche there (the marksman did not fire a war-turning shot, for example). I loved Etta, for the little time we had her (wished we had more :) ). But what I loved most about the movie was the respect it gave to both women and men. Before this, i had to watch strong women being objectified (Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad), victimised (Black Widow kidnapped in the Age of Ultron) or relegated to sidelines, their stories left on the cutting room floor (Lois in BvS), while the men were heroes. But I didn't want a simple turn of the tables, with men helpless and women heroic. That's not the point. The WW movie shows me that it's possible to have a heroic woman and a heroic man at the same time on screen, without making one ridiculous and propping the other. Diana is a hero and Steve is a hero in their own right. He doesn't need to be stupid for her to be competent. She can be naive but still strong. He can pick her up from tarmac and she can fish him out of the sea. It's complimentary, even if she could easily juggle a tank. Now imagine Marvel doing that. Hopefully in the future.
  15. Ariah

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    The thing is, if the show's back for yet another season, the writers will just make Regina a Saviour. Or cast a curse that will make Emma look like Regina (oh, the possibilities of awkwardness in marriage with Hook!).