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  1. Hawkes

    Star Wars Resistance

    This looks so good! I can't wait :)
  2. My coven and I are loving the show. We know this is a work of fiction. :)
  3. Hawkes

    Star Wars Resistance

    I've been watching this with my son the day after it's on. We've both been loving the episodes. They're not like the Clone Wars or Rebels as it's on the Disney channel but the fact that it focuses around star fighters makes it appealing to me. I know the first episodes have been a bit slow but we're learning about Kaz and the rest of the characters. Rebels and Clone Wars felt the same to me in the first season. A lot of character build up has to take place.
  4. Thanks for this! There is a lot to learn but this is very informative. In my tradition of Wicca the term warlock describes an oath breaker as well. I refer to myself and other male practitioners as witches. Last I checked I'm human too. :)
  5. You're right that we don't but I look at this more from the viewpoint that it is a complete work of fiction and not showcasing real life witches. Even the use of the title warlock would never be used in Wicca. In my tradition of Wicca the title represents an oath breaker. While those in Wicca are Witches and use that name to describe ourselves (both women and men), not all witches are Wiccan. So there could be male practitioners that use Warlock as their title. The production designer is a pagan as well and she'll be bringing in a mix of different of the different pagan beliefs into the magical aspect of the show. I think that's very interesting to see how real life beliefs in magic are being weaved into the fictional aspect of magic in this show. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/sabrina-real-life-pagan-lisa-soper?fbclid=IwAR0o34I3AzeVKz87XFaoK1OISxYJx_up_tswO_Lip-8uB14KQQu9-UvpxJw I loved the first episode and I'm watching the second one now. :)
  6. Hawkes

    Season 1 Discussion

    Thanks! I saw the preview on Netflix and the checkbox. Now I'm just waiting for it to be released up here. I never understood why shows are delayed in other countries especially how spoilers are easy to find.
  7. Hawkes

    S14.09 The Newest Star

    I felt the same as well. I didn't care for Manny from the very start of the show. Out of the three I was rooting for Christian. I wasn't much of a Jess fan either. Now if Palak was in the top three she would have been my choice to win.
  8. Hawkes

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Awesome news! I can't wait to see where they go now that they're on Netflix.
  9. Hawkes

    Masterchef (CA)

    I'm cheering for both Beccy and Andy so whoever wins is fine with me.
  10. Hawkes

    S30.E01: "You're a Champion? Prove it!"

    First time watching TAR as I have never been truly interested in it. I have, though, watched all of the Canadian ones. I found the Canadian one to be more exciting but this was the only episode of TAR that I've seen. My family is cheering on Alex and Conor as we're huge Indycar fans. My son, Connor ironically, was able to meet Alex last year in Toronto and got his autograph too. Really nice guy.
  11. Hawkes

    Star Wars Rebels

    Kanan Jarrus isn't his original name. It's Caleb Dume. He changed his name to Kanan Jarrus so he could hide from those hunting down the Jedi.
  12. Hawkes

    Expedition Unknown

    I would love to see him take on the Knights Templar.