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  1. Nalan

    Most undeserving winner of all time?

    Noooooooot for me. Sorry. He won because he was lucky that the women's Eliza hate made them implode so badly. That is all.
  2. Nalan

    Most and Least Favorite Past Contestants

    Michael stole the women's ax at the beginning, which was part of the reason they suffered in the early goings, and patted himself on the back over it continuously. He wasn't cool at all.
  3. Nalan

    Season 35 Spoilers & Rumors

    Huh. I actually . . . didn't hate that planned concept. Would've been much better than the Worlds Apart idea.
  4. Nalan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think these writers want to. But either Frank, the network, or both are making them focus on those characters. Wouldn't surprise me, at least. Ever since networks have had more say, things have gone downhill on most soaps.
  5. I thought his portrayer was let go, anyway. Did that change?
  6. Nalan

    Favorite Survivor season ever?

    Yeah. . . . Not a good case for either. Loyalty is good in the early goings, but when you're trying to win . . . that's just dumb. Which is why Woo's far from one of my favorites. And Tony is easily one the worst, not best, winners, since his paranoia should've gotten him kicked weeks before the end, and he was saved by so many other stupid decisions and that overpowered idol. Without either, he's gone. He got LUCKY to win Cagayan, and his early flame-out in Game Changers just validated those thoughts. And I don't know where you got it in your head that he's charismatic. He's not. At all.
  7. Nalan

    Survivor In The Media

    Sorry. Can't agree. I wouldn't mind that twist cropping back up again. But not for a few seasons, because people would be expecting it now after seeing it in Game Changers.
  8. Is anyone a fan of her pairing with him? I've been all around the Web and haven't found a single damn person who seems to be.
  9. Nalan

    Favorite Survivor season ever?

    Dude. If you really think Natalie was undeserving of beating Russell, you really weren't paying attention.
  10. Nalan

    Favorite Survivor season ever?

    I don't know how that F2 can be anyone's favorite, but whatever.
  11. Nalan

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Okay. So it sounds like the island story will be winding down the week after next, which is good. Otherwise, I don't see how Chad could learn of Abigail marrying Dario or Sonny could make this "unpopular" move at Titan. And I'm glad we're picking up with Brady, Nicole, and Chloe. And it looks like the writers are going to try and clean up Claire's character a bit by having her give Ciara's letter to Theo. Let's see if they survive this. I'm impressed. I'm actually decently interested in these new spoilers.
  12. Nalan

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    You left out Rob, @ProfCrash.
  13. Nalan

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    You missed Michele, @peachmangosteen.
  14. Meh. They ruined Nick at both Will and Sonny and E.J. and Sami's separate and joint altars, so I found both couples eventually being destroyed themselves as a huge dose of karma.
  15. Nalan

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    I can actually rewatch South Pacific. I just enjoy seeing Sophie win after Coach and Albert essentially make asses out of themselves in the back half of the game.