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  1. I know I'm probably trying to apply logic to an illogical situation, but if you knew you weren't very motivated, why would you get multiple high maintenance animals? I'm admittedly a little lazy, but I just have 1 short hair cat with an automatic litter box. I would never get multiple long hair pets that need extra grooming plus walks because I know things would get overwhelming. Even if she likes animals she needs to admit she's just not up for properly caring for them. Also is she naked in the first pic? I know it's her house but maybe throw on some clothes before posting pics cuddled
  2. The whole moving downstairs thing makes no zero sense to me, even ignoring Whit's imposing lack of consent. If her parents couldn't feasible navigate stairs, wouldn't the best solution be for them to sell their house and move to a 1 level place? Who (apart from Whit ironically) wants to live in a place where you can only access half of it regularly? Why pay for the extra heating or a/c? Who is going to clean upstairs? If they are going to still use upstairs, just not as a bedroom, I don't see how that's any different than now.
  3. I agree Blur probably got bamboozled by TLC. The way he acts doesn't seem like a hired boyfriend (like Chase), but rather someone uncomfortable with her "flirting" and not sure what's going on. That's probably why he is the main storyline despite being weirdness of having him blurred- TLC was not expecting to have to do that until he wised up that they were pushing a romance angle and flat out refused.
  4. This show has a history of showing unbelievable scenarios and not even trying to pass them off well. Remember when they had Whitney, Chase, and Ryan all share a room in Paris? In any real situation, Ryan would not be bunking with the couple. Even if TLC only paid for the one in real life, they could have easily pretended it was theirs alone for filming and avoided viewers pointing out the obvious weirdness. Likewise, they are trying to pass off Whitney as having 5 months of French lessons but they show her poorly saying basic "my name is..." lines. They could have had her do one advanced line
  5. Did anyone peep the Reddit post that might have ID'd the French beau? It does look/sound an awful lot like him.
  6. Ah, TLC going back to it's original 90 Day Fiancée crowd of delusional large women chasing disinterested Middle Eastern men they keep on a leash. Truly a classic.
  7. Did anyone else see that cringe dance at the vaccine place? Can you imagine being in line behind her and having to wait for this foolishness? This was back in spring when people would line up for hours for the chance to get the shot. Plus the ridiculousness of her wearing a hoodie when she wears sleeveless shirts or sports bras virtually everywhere else. It's like she's trying to be as inconsiderate and attention seeking as possible. It's not funny or cute, you're a 37 year old women, get it together. Although Glen also has a long sleeve button down on. Did nobody take a second to think a
  8. I can kind of see someone struggling with their weight picking a slightly overweight trainer, to have someone to empathize with. However at 350-ish pounds, I think Whitney is far outside of the range people might think is the max reasonable amount to properly show form or consistency at keeping past weight off. We've seen her dance and her terrible form at weight lighting, can she even physically instruct someone if given the chance? A lot of the time personal trainers give verbal instruction and encouragement, but they often have to demonstrate the actions too, and I really doubt Whitney is a
  9. I don't understand why they are going with a new love storyline this season. After last year's disaster, it just makes her look silly to rush into yet another relationship. How many months separated the Chase news and/or crying in the rain to chatting up with this guy? I'm going to want a timeline, because we had the same sudden "oh, I've been dating this guy awhile, don't look into the real timeline" situation with Chase last year too. I'd love if they pivoted to an actual new premise, like showing her living her life by volunteering or taking up a new skill. The repeated focus on her p
  10. Why bother hiding his face last week just to post unedited ones today? The mask isn't a privacy filter.
  11. I love on Reddit that they've dubbed this new man 'the French Chase' i.e. "Chaise". 😂
  12. Plugging the new season date in the same post as announcing her new beau really isn't helping the argument that he's legit and not just another season filler. Right on the heels of her lost love Chase, she supposedly has another cool, conventionally attractive bodied guy (whose body language also looks super uncomfortable with all this) fall for her long distance. But conveniently this time he's shy and doesn't want his identity public. I guess TLC learned from Chase and finally figured how hard it is to keep the real lives of their scripted characters separate. Unless someone is really i
  13. What is that piece suppose to be? It looks like some YA futuristic movie costume. Is it suppose to be a modest/athletic swimsuit? It doesn't look comfortable to work out in as athletic gear, although it does kind of look like a dull version of the spandex workout suits from the 80s.
  14. I really hope she doesn't open the door naked, that's incredibly creepy (and arguably sexual harassment) for the unsuspecting person on the other side. Back when I worked in a restaurant, we actually had a list of people not to deliver to because they pulled stunts like this. It was mostly men, but with Whitney's past behavior I wouldn't be that surprised if she did the same. Even if she was a supermodel, imposing your naked body on others who did not agree to it is non-consensual and wrong.
  15. Ok, so the story is she hasn't met this mysterious French man? Then did we ever get an explanation as to what she, a woman who doesn't do anything without an entourage, ran off to Paris alone for? She left her family and new "fiancee" for their first holiday season together, a weird time to take a sudden trip. Awfully sus that she just happened to meet a French man right after online. And in filming time, isn't this again happening during those months when she had the meltdown over Chase's babies birth and claiming she still needed closure? TLC is really trying to gloss over the timeline
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