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  1. I am really liking how these four judges are interacting with each other-it's not too much or too over-the-top(yet). I had quit watching for quite a few seasons because the judges were annoying to me. I like Blake and Nick, though, so that, along with seeing a few promos with the singers, had me giving it another chance. It was entertaining, so they have me back (at least for now...)
  2. Or maybe Victim of Changes or The Immigrant Song 😁
  3. Is it bad that my main takeaway from this episode was "thank God Broadway girl didn't make it!"? I did like Jovin, he was my favorite for this episode I also miss having them show bad auditions-it kind of takes some of the fun/suspense out of it if pretty much everyone shown makes it through. I also agree with other posters' comments about too many judges' antics-it's annoying. I kind of worry about Hannah, the stress of Hollywood Week might not be good for her or that relationship...
  4. Finally was able to watch... This group as a whole was definitely more entertaining and just better in general ,imo, than group A, and I wish we could trade White Tiger for Elephant. I think the Mouse is someone older, and while her song wasn't bad, she just stood there and therefore was the least entertaining of the group. I don't think she'll last very long. I also think that the Banana could be Bill Engvall. Keira Knightley as the Kitty, perhaps? The Frog was my favorite of the night. Could the Taco be a celebrity chef?
  5. White Tiger was cringingly bad, but Miss Monster's performance wasn't that great, either. That being said, I also wasn't that impressed by the Kangaroo. The Turtle is the best of this group by far. Here's hoping the next group is better... I also would have liked to see what Drew would have done next.
  6. Yeah, not really liking this format...
  7. Props to those of you who guessed/knew that Llama was Drew Carey! I have no idea who it is, but so far the Turtle is my favorite for group A. White Tiger should have been eliminated, and hopefully will be the next to go. That was bad.
  8. I've never listened to Lil Wayne(or rappers in general, really), and after hearing him tonight, I find myself wondering how in the hell he has platinum records. He didn't sound good at all, IMO, and was rightfully the first one to leave. White Tiger wasn't really much(if any)better vocally but was at least a little more entertaining. Not too impressed by tonight overall-nobody really stood out to me as being great <shrug>.
  9. My off-the-wall guesses are: Llama-I get a Jack Black vibe, but could go with Drew Carey, especially since Wayne Brady was on last season... Ms. Monster-Missy Elliott Kangaroo-no ideas on names, but thinking maybe a UfC fighter or female boxer from all of the fighting references. Turtle-Agree with it probably being a boy-bander, but who knows which one No clue on White Tiger, either, but a lot of people seem to think it's Gronk, so...?
  10. I would think that that would make it a perfect way to throw people off, then. If he doesn't know who the other contestants are, it wouldn't affect his guesses as a judge.
  11. This was my thought as well. They guess him every season, so unless he is a guest judge at some point during all the groups, I think there is a chance he is actually competing this time.
  12. If you watch The Resident, she plays A. J. Austin's mother.
  13. He's already left, his last episode was when he brought all of the former patients to Meredith's trial. He's been the main reason I've kept watching for awhile, too, so I completely agree that it totally sucks.
  14. SO SO SO very much this! He'd become pretty much my favorite snarky character and it seems like they just decided midstream they needed him to be the asshole to make the other characters who kinda ARE assholes seem less assaholic and it is NOT WORKING FOR ME AT ALL. Bring back original recipe Koracik, please. I agree 1000%
  15. Does anyone know why Hulu isn't playing Season 3? I just found this show recently and finished through Season 2, but now I can't catch up with Season 3 😞 .
  16. Wayne can pretty much make his voice sound like anything he wants it to be-he is extremely versatile and talented.
  17. Sure did 🤣! I just thought it was his hair that made him look different...
  18. Well, ugh. Since James got unfairly knocked out, I was hoping Kel would win. Next season, can there please be no Bachelor/ettes? The judging frustrated me. Ally had two obvious fumbles, but still got a perfect score, Carrie Ann pointed out a mistake on Hannah's dance and then said "whatever" and gave her a ten anyway, and Kel's freestyle was well executed, but not Len's cup of tea, so he got a nine.
  19. Damn, Meredith, bitchy much? No Alex-boo! I just can't with most of what happened in this episode. As much as I want to say I'm done watching, though, I will probably watch to the bitter end because I am pretty much incapable of leaving things unfinished.
  20. Patti's song choice killed her in the smackdown, imo. I'm on board with Leopard being RuPaul--too many of the clues seem to be pointing at him rather than Seal.
  21. Well, hell, that's a good point. Double elimination, maybe?
  22. Did the judges know at that point, though? Serious question. I am under the impression that they didn't know about what happened until James' package for his second dance was shown.
  23. Ooh, there's an idea for next season(if there is one)--end up in the bottom two three times and you're automatically out! Take the judges out of it at that point.
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