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  1. You might be thinking of the one that was Billy Ray Cyrus and LilNasX(sp?)called Old Town Road.
  2. I didn't mean to be repetitive-I was just reading back through the comments and saw that quite a few of you had already made the deer in the headlights comparison ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. My eyes! My eyes! For the love of all that's holy, what was up with the costumes this episode? Some of them were ok, but for the most part they were down right atrocious. I wouldn't have been sad to see Johnny go. Again, though, how is Chrishell still not in the bottom two? Skai had a deer caught in the headlights look on her face throughout her dance. The stumbles didn't help. I feel like Nelly is warming up, and I like that he's obviously having fun now. Poor Vernon, he tried. Monica is still meh to me, but I will admit she danced better tonight. I can see AJ being a surprise elimination. Justina, Jeannie, and Nev will probably be the ones in the top three, with Kaitlyn nipping at their heels(unless the Bachelorette Nation does it's thing again) Why was Sasha standing so far away from Justina when they were shown in the balcony? Sharna and Emma were there. Have no clue why. Say what you will about Derek, he's a fantastic dancer and I love watching him dance.
  4. Well, I guess this shows how (not) excited I have been to watch this season-I finally caught up with this episode.<shrug> The wigs were horrendous, especially Alan's-were they trying to make him look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future? If so, they failed. Nev's maniacal look throughout most of his dance creeped me out. To those saying that Tyra didn't mess up this week, she flubbed quite a few of her lines, plus her saying the. number. to. text. is. 7. 2. 9 (whatever it is) is really getting on my nerves. I know I should just start FF'ing her... Johnny was overscored Jesse was probably the right one to leave, but I'm kind of sad about it because I like Sharna How was Chrishell not in the bottom two? I just realized I'm typing this after the next episode has already aired. Maybe I'll catch up with last night's episode before next week๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. I knew I recognized his name from somewhere, thank you!
  6. Didn't realize that-I had never heard of him before this show...
  7. Did anyone else feel like this show was interminable? I kept thinking it had to be almost over, but nope-let's announce a few more dancers coming up next... My comments on the dances, in no particular order: Skai's dance did not deserve a 10, I feel like she got pity scores. She looked very stiff, even robotic, at the beginning. Nelly seems kind of disconnected to the whole thing, and doesn't appear to care for Daniella hanging all over/hugging him. Still like Nev, although wondering if he's a ringer. Kaitlyn doesn't do anything for me Did not need to see Chrishell injecting herself with whatever-tell your story, but I don't need the visuals. Her dancing is improving somewhat, though. Vernon is solidly in the middle of the pack for me. He seems like a really nice guy, and his dances so far have been good, but not stand-out. I keep forgetting about Jesse, so I guess that says it all for me. Monica, meh For some reason, all the J's annoy me. The Backstreet Boys being in AJ's routine the way they were was just distracting, and his going back up to the stage to do the solo part didn't gel with the rest of the dance. Like Bruno said-where was the Cha-Cha? If Tyra would just shut up for parts of the show, or take less time to announce who is safe, it wouldn't be so rushed at the end. Also, quit with the costume changes(as an aside, she really needs to fire whoever puts her in those get-ups). Speaking of announcing who was safe, what in the name of all that's holy happened?! Could she not see that there were 3 couples left when she started saying who the bottom two were(not to mention that one of the couples in the bottom two had already been announced as safe)?
  8. A few thoughts on this episode... I didn't know anything about Nev before this, but I'm somewhat impressed by him so far. His mannerisms as Jack Sparrow were spot on, and his dancing ability surprises me for some reason. Poor Pasha-what was up with that costume? I was embarrased for him. Did anyone else catch Bruno's face during their dance? It was priceless. Glad Carole is gone. Tyra sucks, and her outfits are horrible-BRING TOM BACK!!! I see Nev and Kaitlyn battling it out for first place-the rest of them are kind of middle of the pack or worse to me, altough I do like AJ, Justine, and Jeannie's enthusiasm(although Jeannie's taking the 8 paddle was a little much). Any one of Nelly, Anne, Chrishell, or Jesse should be the next to go, but Monica and Skai aren't too far behind them. I like having Derek as a judge-he gives good constructive criticism in a nice way. While Bruno does as well, he's a lot more elaborate about it. CAI is relatively useless as far as that goes.
  9. I'm really trying this season, but man, they're making it difficult. Tyra is just not good, and WTH was she wearing?! I have liked the addition of Derek-when he was given time to speak, he actually gave good constructive criticism/advice. Already tired of the cat theme for Carole. Don't really care too much about any of the contestants this year, so don't have anyone I'm particularly rooting for <shrug>
  10. Finally was able to watch, but it's late, so just a couple of quick comments right now... Tyra wasn't as completely unsufferable as I thought she would be(which was extremely), but she was still pretty bad and uncomfortable to watch. Bring back Tom! Have there always been that many crotch shots with the Tango dresses? Poor Pasha, I really enjoyed him last season, and seeing his reaction to his partner(and who could blame him? Also, they were the only ones that didn't hug<shrug>)made me kind of sad. I was hoping he would get a good partner this season. I am glad that they are bringing out the lower numbered paddles again, it gives them somewhere to go. Anne said her breakout role was Six days, Seven Nights, but I remember her mostly from Another World(yes, I'm that old ๐Ÿ˜‚) I felt so bad for him when I saw that ๐Ÿ˜ž
  11. Dang, just with Coulson and Sousa there are too many good lines to pick from, but... Mack: (after Sousa kisses Daisy) Impressive Sousa: Thanks
  12. Now I must watch Agent Carter because, you know, Sousa. Want to see more of him...
  13. As convoluted and weird as this show got at times, I'm going to miss it. There were a lot of humorous moments in these last two episodes, and I lol'd at the Lethal Weapon reference, but the group-meet at the end was kind of awkward...
  14. I can't believe I had forgotten about MDC3, as I have enjoyed all of their performances. Glad they won, their last dance was amazing!
  15. And, well, I forgot that this show didn't have separate threads for the different episodes, so after reading back through the comments, I don't feel the need to watch the last show, which kind of says something
  16. I agree with this, and with the comments about the woman's facial expressions, but even with that being said they were still better than the ones who didn't make it(except maybe Kurtis)<shrug>
  17. I'm honestly surprised that Savannah didn't get a higher score, what with the way the judges were talking about her. I liked Kurtis, and really liked this dance, but I'm also really tired of sob stories... I personally think the right two went through.
  18. Well dang, I couldn't even get through the opening without wanting to comment-what the hell are they wearing?! And yes, I'm just now catching up with the Semi-Finals...
  19. I was thinking, while watching, that they did a really good job of casting someone who resembled/had the same mannerisms as Bill Paxton. Found out by reading these comments that it is his son, so no wonder ๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. Poor Maddy didn't stand a chance. She wobbled, she missed her Aerial, and just overall wasn't very impressive. And dang, I was really rooting for James and Harris. I was happy when they got picked for redemption, and bummed when they lost(and contemporary isn't even really one of my favorite genres).
  21. First of all, I'm not really a fan of whatever dance style it is that Bailey and Kida are doing, although I can admit they do it well. I don't think it's quite fair to pit amateurs against professional dancers, so I hope that the guys get a redemption spot. I'm thinking, because they have professional dancers/groups as well as amateurs on the show, that they should have both an amateur and a professional category/winner, but maybe that's just me. <shrug> And now I'll go watch the rest of the show...
  22. A lot of you are saying you wished you had seen Mayfair. I thought I saw her in one of the scenes(maybe the car one?), but people flashed by so fast in this episode that I'm not sure. I would be all in for a Patterson/Rich spin-off, they were my favorite part and the main reason I kept watching. That being said, as a whole I'm glad this show is over. It got way too convoluted and the whole Madeline/Ivy/ZIP thing never made sense to me.
  23. OK, I'm sorry but I've lost the plot. How is Ivy connected to Dabbur Zann(and thank you to the previous poster who reminded me of that at least), and why do they want to ZIP everybody?
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