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  1. Can this show please just stop with any high school football related story lines? They do them so badly, I can't imagine any of the series writers ever played a high school sport.(To be fair, few television shows portray high school sports w/ any accuracy).
  2. I don't see how "food supply" would have anything tho do w/ it, according to Gau dragons roamed the land ages ago and these bones are fossilized, they are clearly there long before New York City was even a glimmer of an idea, probably thousands of years. We don't even know if these dragons ate people, for that matter. I took it as the dragons lived and subsequently died in different places all over the world(I didn't get the impression the bones were transported there), and sometimes cities would happen to rise over or near their remains, close enough to be destroyed by their excavation(
  3. Anybody else ever wonder how awful the All Valley Tournament has been over the three decades between the movies and the show? None of the other dojos can manage to get anyone past the quarter finals against these 3 dojos full of students who have been training for just over a year at the most, many significant less. I know the whole mythology is built on the bullied outsider/underdog defying the odds, and I could accept Daniel, Miguel, and Robbie as exceptional students who went through intensive, one-on-one training(or close to it) with true karate masters. But when it gets to the point of Ke
  4. I have no idea. He just assaulted his sister's defenseless neighbor. The only thing that made his presence remotely tolerable was seeing him get run out of the dojo or beat down. The only times I have ever been on the side of Kreese or Silver. He's a creepy weirdo. I just want him to go away forever.
  5. Everything involving Stingray is pretty cringe. Let's not forget he was just on probation, and if there is not a warrant it for his arrest I will just be pissed. There is no way his sister's neighbor didn't file assault charges against him. That whole scene just made all the high school kids look like assholes, too. Cheering for this old weirdo while he assaulted someone who can't defend themself. Yeah, I get the guy was going go shut down their party, but these kids are way to desensitized to violence, even the ones that have nothing go do with Karate.
  6. I may have laughed out loud at the idea that anyone believes Kingpin is actually dead. Even w/o any knowledge of the comics or the characters or relevant storylines, it is just basic television storytelling. No actual visual confirmation, no body... almost certainly no death.
  7. Tom Welling returns to Michael's podcast. Couple of interesting things to note. 1. They talk briefly about the animated Smallville project they are developing and will be pitching next month. But a bit later Tom mentions that they have 2 projects that they are working on together. They never discuss the second one. 2. At the end if the interview, Michael asks Tom if he would be interested in playing Superman now (a live action version, one would assume, since we know they are already developing the animated version). Tom actually seems like he would very much be interested in pl
  8. But i think the key is that she IS a decent person, probably the most decent if all the mages we've met, and she absolutely would tell Geralt that Yen was alive if she knew that he had been looking for her. I highly doubt that she would have even propositioned him if she knew that he was mourning the death if someone he loved just weeks earlier, whether if had been Yenn or anyone else. I can't find any reason to doubt that she would have told him.
  9. I'd be fine w/ it if they didn't keep moving them close to it and them steering away. Triss starts listing off the names of dead mages an Geralt stops her before she is done and he can learn Yennefer is not among them.πŸ™„ Geralt talks about being at the aftermath of Sodden and is clearly affected by it on a personal level, but Triss doesn't seem curious why.πŸ™„ Triss puts the moves on Geralt and he rejects her, she's hurt by it, but he doesn't explain that he just lost someone he loves days earlier.πŸ™„ It's already a little silly that be wouldn't ask a
  10. Omg, did Christmas just come early!? I'm 5 minutes into the episode and please tell me they just showed us Wilson Fisk!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  11. Also, exactly how old is that pizza? Kate has been at school. Kate got into town, told her mom she was going to make a quick stop by her apartment and then come over. That led straight into the party and the rest if the nights events. Did Kate, during her quick stop, order a large pizza and eat all if it except for one slice? Possible, but when she is looking for something to feed the dog, I get the distinct vibe of "I wonder what I have in here, oh, just this old slice if pizza", which I would assume she would know already if she had just ordered and ate it and then put the leftovers in an ot
  12. Just looking at this title makes me all kinds of sentimental. Not because of anything to really do w/ the show, but because I used to have a Corgi mix named Calisto❀
  13. Which does beg the question, why does she need to tell her mom she needs a bow at the funeral? I would assume if she were that involved with and accomplished at archery, she would already own one.πŸ€”
  14. Not sure how I feel about Julia's heel turn. I had been kinda suspecting it coming for a few episodes, but her stated motives for turning on Spike were nonsense. 1. She was offended by the notion of Spike believing Vicious's words about her choosing Vicious. Seriously? You were willingly involved with Vicious for quite a while it seems, and appeared completely happy with the relationship. I don't think it was portrayed and being any kind if secret what Vicious did for The Syndicate. Now, just because you happen to see one instance of his violence in person, everyone should assume that the
  15. When Sarah is describing EPP, the disease that makes people extremely photosensitive and iron deficient, she suggests it is responsible for myths, which I take as a clear allusion to vampire lore. I don't make much of the fact they they can go into church or homes uninvited, or aren't burned by crosses, etc. Plenty of vampire fiction picks and chooses what attributes to portray as "true" and "myth" when it comes to vampires within a specific universe. We've seen plenty where they aren't burned by sunlight(Dracula, Twilight), even though that is one of the most commonly found attributes. I feel
  16. When Sarah is explaining what was happening to the blood that she took from her mother and Erin w/ them, she mentioned a disease that makes people extremely photosensitive and iron deficient, and that it is a the source of some myths/legends(I can't remember the exact wording sure use). I think that was a clear allusion to vampire lore and that it exists in the universe. I think the writers avoided using the word vampire purely for stylistic reasons, even though the concept exists in the universe and it doesn't make much sense that no one would just come out and say "jfc, the priest is turning
  17. All in for this adaptation, this is the story I've been waiting to see translated to live action for decades. Curious how ambitious the project is and how far into the story they would like to go. For those that see unfamiliar with the source material, it begins as a noir/crime thriller but evolves gradually over centuries into a post-nuclear apocalyptic world with warring clans, vampires and cyborgs.
  18. I'm just here to point it that carrying a monkey on a motorcycle by holding it in a cage with one arm behind your back would be sustainable for about 30 second. Don't get me started in how they try to pass off the motorcycle as some old beater that needs all kinds of work when it's actually like a brand new, $16,000 Triumph Scrambler.
  19. Just for reference, Netflix's Ragnorok was just a bit ahead of Disney on this, portraying Loki as gender fluid/pan or bisexual.
  20. He's a million times better than Smallville's Jor-El, who was a complete asshole, so I can't complain...
  21. There's a few weird premises that this show is built on. Even the fact that they had "play hide and seek in an empty house" on their to do list(and the list itself is weird to me). 1. They're about to be sophomores in high school and playing hide and seek is on their list?πŸ˜’ 2. An empty house sounds like the most incredibly lame place i could imagine playing hide and seek. You're literally just opening doors and looking in empty rooms or closets with nothing to hide behind/under/inside.
  22. The requirement of malicious intent only applies to public figures, which would certainly not describe Jeanette.
  23. I don't really see him buying stuff as that big an issue. I think people are elevating the level of celebrity a high school assistant principle has exponentially. Basically, high school students will recognize him. I doubt most of the parents of those students would, much less the rest of the town. And that's ignoring that we don't know how big this town is. It doesn't really feel "rural small town" to me, more mid-size suburb that's probably not immediately adjacent to a major metro area, but probably not in the middle of nowhere. My son just graduated last year, I consider myself pretty inv
  24. Not sure I can agree w/ this about informing Superman about these weapons. In the unlikely but potential catastrophic event that Superman were to go bad, I imagine you would want him to have little or no information about the existence of these weapons. Then learning that Jonathon built himself a little stash of "solar powered" weapons that could hurt Kryptonians makes him a bit of a hypocrite. How in the hell did he get those weapons, anyway? After he was barely rescued from the murder van, and then subsequently lambasted by Lois for going into the murder van alone, he snuck ba
  25. Pretty sure Jeanette doesn't think the snow globe can help her case, she wants to get it back from Mallory because she thinks it can tie her to Martin's house after that Christmas Eve call was made. Imo, it's a pretty big panicky mistake. All she is going to do is draw attention to the snow globe, which probably would have stayed under Mallory's bed until the end of time, she didn't seem to know It held any significance or that it came from Martin's.
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