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  1. I’ve been on dating apps for us older folks. Let me tell you what, I am a relatively attractive 55 year old who would rather be single the rest of my life than date any of the losers I have seen! Single for 4 years now, I’d take a 30-something over these (mostly) troll looking dudes. Some of them can’t even be bothered to wear a shirt for their picture! Maybe I should’ve really thought about it before I left the non troll. LOL
  2. I thought the same thing....but I don’t think he is? I could be way off base but what is he doing there?!
  3. Byeeeeeee, Garth! Lu is totally banging nude the nude model guy.
  4. Why are we hugging strangers and shaking hands at the height of Covid?!
  5. I feel so old right now. Tom Green was once married to Drew Barrymore and was a pretty big mtv Star/comedian back in the 90’s.
  6. I Just watched the end of last week again and I can’t stop laughing. The dramatic talking heads are just brilliant(ly awful.) she’s a horrible actress.
  7. Now we know why Leah needs that glam squad. Yikes.
  9. Poor Portia, I will tell the kids who couldn’t afford to eat how horrible it’s been for Kyle and her family. Oh, and Erica.....in her sweats, poor thing.
  10. Pretty much, yea! Insecure I would call it, I am not surprised she’s divorced. I am far stronger than her, but maybe not thru the menopause times....I would just not hang with people who I thought sucked. I don’t have the gut for it.
  11. Because Kathy is the ditziest funniest dumb blonde-ish lady! Look, I feel how I feel, I won’t change your mind you won’t change mine. Attacking the queen bees sister could get her booted, and not have everyone around her trying to make her feel better. She’s not a strong person and shouldn’t be on this show, as someone who’s been thru menopause and the end of a long relationship, I just happen to feel her more so that the Lion King’s mean wife.
  12. You know who really started Sutton’s meltdown? KATHY for the Thomasina comment, and I am sure Sutton felt like everyone had still been talking about her creepy peeping Tom pop in. Just my opinion anyway, unfortunately I am a lot like Sutton and I get a good “read” when shit is going on around me. Call it paranoia but I am all about it. And crystal is mean, she’s obviously a much stronger person than Sutton. I don’t get why she’s has to cling to her word when she sees someone hurting. There is no compassion or empathy in her, I don’t like or trust people like that.
  13. Isn’t this the first season after the rumors that Harry lived elsewhere? I will say this, he is wasted on someone like her who refuses to digest solid food.
  14. Why is Erika’s voice more baby prostitute than ever?
  15. ALL.OF.THIS! I am old, but I remember when it was gauche to talk about who you voted for, or to ask someone that question.
  16. I hope none of Kyle’s girls ever steal the others GODDAMN HOUSE! 😆
  17. My uncle told me this awhile ago, like he’s shocked how I can not sound like an idiot even though I am not properly educated (in his eyes.) His kids are the picture of privilege and $$ I had to learn it on the streets!
  18. He just reads “disappointment” right now, and not because they are scum...gravy train, crash straight ahead!
  19. I was a lot put off at the “Jamie was helping men plate” comment. Like it wasn’t her fault for forgetting something. Disappointing because I’ve enjoyed this season so much and how they all really seem to like each other and help each other out. It’s refreshing there has been no blame gaming.
  20. You’re seriously killing me (in a good way!) I had to look up gelt. Lol
  21. I have a thousand purses most of which are Coach. My choo was a gift from my NY boss to bring a little of my New York back to Iowa...and like my NY, it sits in the dark closet being mean never seeing the light of day. Lol
  22. I really have very little taste, but I do have a beautiful Jimmy Choo that I am afraid to carry. Lol
  23. OT WHY IS THERE A KARDASHIAN REUNION? Make it stop......
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