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  1. You’re thinking of purity rings. Dads give them to their daughters in return for a promise that the daughter will remain ‘pure’ until marriage. Truly creepy.
  2. We have tornado warnings here and our programming was interrupted, so I missed Mikes big confession. What did he tell Hannah?
  3. My recording cut out early - what did she say?
  4. Corinne, in Nick’s season.
  5. Do you mean a Sib from Hope College? I’m a Sib from Hope College! From the early 90s.
  6. Got it, thanks for clearing it up!
  7. Remind me again who Daysha is? I’m drawing a blank.
  8. I think it’s Cassandra, from Juan Pablo’s season. She was the former NBA cheerleader who had a son.
  9. Family Chantel drives me nuts talking about how unnatural Pedro’s relationship is with his sister. You know if it was River visiting Chantel they would think it reasonable for them to stay in a hotel room together. I feel like I got an education as to the Amazing Feats of the vagina.
  10. I thought that most people password protected their phones and computer. That’s not shady at all. Also, Nicole: “I don’t get drunk and call other men.” No, sweetie, but if my memory serves me correctly you DO hook up with them.
  11. Was there a rose ceremony? If so, what happened? Our broadcast got all screwed up because of the North Korea summit.
  12. I noticed multiple guys shoving cake around with their hands, so Lincoln wasn’t the only one who “cheated”.
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