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  1. I donno i thought it was a good episode. I like when its funny but also gets "real" about brockmires issues. He seems very self aware how fucked up he is. His whole people only like him when hes fucked up was so sad. To me there were still lots of funny parts like wheres this old guys drugs and raj and his fuck u to brockmire and brockmire really enjoying that were awesome! Pointing out everyones addictions was awesome too. Jim had so many interventions he could rate them.. bagels really? Lol is this crack or meth?
  2. https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/strike-back-season-seven-renewal-cinemax-spy-drama/ I was worried! But renewed!!! Hopefully with more scott and stonebridge. If blindspot gets cancelled i feel like i will get my wish https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/strike-back-philip-winchester-sullivan-stapleton-hope-return-missions/
  3. I loved the pilot exactly what i thought it would be/ what ive been waiting for since i heard about it. It hit all the scifi notes for me. To describe it i would just list all the great ones. So if the quality stays the same throughout, It looks like its gonna be one of my favorites. My favorite part was was the slow motion gun stuff looked sooo good! Also like others have said him being all high tripping out wandering the streets and the banter between him and the cop
  4. I agree it is predictable of course jane had the vial and of course the unpurified one worked etc. But i like that about strike back from season 2-5 it has been like that alot not always but alot just shut your brain off and enjoy fun. There are still twists and surprises like character deaths to keep you on your toes though making it more fun (like me thinking maybe they do kill reynolds and loving it when it saved her) Fair enough to me every season after season 1 (john porter and rick grimes) has just been following the formula season 1 set up but it doesnt matter to me this is not a "deep" show for the most part. I know im in the minority but i didnt enjoy season 1 very much.. too boring (good, deep etc but not fun) but i sat through because i knew how season 2-5 were gonna be.. that cinemax made them change it. That said i can recognize how season one was a "good" show. Just not entertaining enough in my opinion. Then there are shows like westworld, american gods, the deuce, the expanse, fargo, banshee, black sails.. and many more that mastered being both "good" and entertaining. For me entertaining is first then if it is deep, original etc great even better. To each his own though i used to watch alot of cop shows and thought they were good but now i have seen so much i fucking hate them sooo boring and cliche and almost all are garbage.. rewaching some stuff i used to watch i cant believe i liked it. Same with military dramas after watching seasons 2-5 of this most of them bore me compared to this. That is why i guess im biased when it comes to this i wanna love it so i do lol
  5. Again i have to disagree i felt the 6th episode was the best episode of the season! Lots of action, comedy, nudity! I laughed really hard at them saying will is too smiley (not that he has anything agaist happyness) and teasing her about it subtly, and also the ending novin pretending to let wyatt blow up the building but she did it! His face was priceless soo disappointed lol!!! Also mac gently sugessing.. u know ive been told im sort of attractive! Lol I felt realy bad for Reynolds though she really sold her pain about promising that girls sister but having to shoot her. The sex scene was nice (great body) but it was about more than that which i always like so that if u pay attention to what they are doing it adds meaning so that its not just porn. Then she got beat up by the guy but again with purpose so that he would throw her beside the gun. And i got so sad when she got exposed because i thought for a second they might actually kill her. Im glad that wasnt the case and they magically didnt have to purify the antidote lol Also twist the bad guys alive! Jane lowery still made it! (I like her great bad guy) They plot continues! Cant wait for next week!
  6. I really liked this episode they really showcased the two sides similarities and few differences. Nadia was so different but completly the same unfortunately i felt soo bad when i saw she was a cutter. Also showing both of them remembering the flashbacks and all their mannerisms was awesome. The funniest parts to me were all the times badass howard called them out for fucking up calling them amateurs all day. He looked sooo impressed/proud when the other hit kai proctor! It was also funny badass howards ex wife telling personnel to fuck off like he told kai last episode. I wanna know what substance she abused seeing as the cigarettes were "confiscated". The mystery surrounding pope looks like is gonna be epic. Is he playing all sides or what?
  7. I completely agree we've been sooo lucky to get to season 4, every year the librarians has gotten renewed ive been soo happily shocked because ive also heard tnt wants "dark" shows so when i heard that back during season 1 i thought for sure librarians is done since it is the exact opposite of what they are going for. None of their "dark" stuff has really worked out though has it? I wouldnt say USA network is ruined because i love mr robot and i like damnation (tough to watch more than one episode at a time since its heavy and dark as shit though) but i did watch more of their shows when it was the "blue skies" network. I think "dark and gritty" dramas are dope but so are some light and fun ones so i think all those cable ones should have both like usa should have a mr robot and a burn notice and tnt should have a librarians and a.. whichever one is the first to work out (the alienist looks like it could be good).
  8. I also thought it was genius for knightfall to be right after vikings because they could keep all the viewers but you are right i was so excited to watch the first episode expecting the quality to be on par with vikings that this meh stuff had me so disappointed. A few buddies of mine really like this show saying 2nd episode is better.. but they also liked the first so i donno if i can trust their opinion. I think im gonna continue frontier its only a six episode season 2.. i can do that lol
  9. Amazing show! I forgot they were showing the pilot early so great surprise! I laughed sooo hard when kai proctor asked which one was he and he just said "fuck off" everyone instantly knew!
  10. I wanna say its awful but maybe its because ive seen this so many times done better (game of thrones, spartacus, vikings, da vincis demons, bastard executioner, i even watched season 1 of frontier, and a few episodes of both taboo and the last kingdom). This to me is the worst of the bunch! Frontier i had the same feeling about but there was at least one scene in the pilot of that show that made me think it was special. This so just feels sooo generic not one "special" or "different" thing about it. Ill watch season 2 of frontier before i watch episode 2 of this show. I may watch again one day when i have nothing else and i hope to be pleasantly surprised by the increase in quality in episode 2 and beyond now that the world building (learning) part is over with.
  11. Loved it! So funny in a dark way. Made me laugh every time nick was like come on really these people just wont die.. and then being buzzkilled having to go finish them off why cant they let him be lazy ha! Also how he kept getting hurt when things are going well (like having the heart attack right after finishing the job, fainting right before fighting those 5, slipping on the ice just as he makes it outside the hospital, and getting hit by the truck just as he finds out about his daughter). All in all not as crazy as blood drive was but just as great! I wish blood drive didnt get cancelled so that syfy would have two batshit crazy amazing shows, two seriously great scifi shows (expanse 12 monkeys) and the magicians for me to enjoy. But its ok Happy! will fill the blood drive void nicely
  12. The way they described chris odonnell was spot on! Lol I really liked when brian said he hated the guy but man is he good. Had to give credit where credit is due ha! The middle finger was awesome too. Also i like that family guy doesnt pretend its right that he saved the school $200 (they are actually gonna serve that food?) So hes a hero everyone forgets racist tweets (just like peter saving the brewery got everyone to forget his comments about women simpsons crossover) i think in both instances lois pointed those things out! Mila kunis lois impression was dope! And i loved that she said it sounded nothing like her.. "he was gay the whole time" and peter taking his daughter out of the college party after using the beer bong was also funny in a messed up way...
  13. Im not wrong thats mark valley as the d.a. no? That gives me hope that its Christopher Chance (human target) saying wolf in sheeps clothing (lol). If they hadnt cast another guy on arrow as Chance i would automatically assume thats how barry is gonna get out of it... but in the arrowverse human target puts on other faces so maybe thats how they explain that :) Wasted opportunity if hes just another character (maybe they gave valley that roll as a consolation for recasting his character from human target) i donno just hoping they changed their minds and let Arrow get Christopher chance use his "real face" to get barry out of it! They got Constantine on legends so maybe they made another deal for the real Human Target!
  14. The thought i had was im glad they are getting drunk and not getting involved with the whole homeland sting. They could have added a line in there with micro and frank laughing drunkenly about how they are pretty sure frank is not buying ammo since he is there getting hammered. I really liked how panicked frank got when micro went to talk to his son... so much so that he was willing to do whatever he said to save the kids life! The jokes this episode were amazing and never in a million years would i have thought there would be a scene of a guy shaking his junk and ass in the punishers face and the punisher laughing about it ha! The one punch knockout was awesome! Also... "so thats how were dealing with this?.. thats how im dealing with this".
  15. I have to disagree im loving the new strike back! Its the same show as seasons 2 to 5! The banter between the two main guys is just as funny, the action is just as good (novin's fight scene in the last episode was awesome!), and the same amount of politics, just so far a little less nudity. To me its the exact same show with the wyatt and mac doing scott and stonebridge impressions well and the addition of novin and reynolds as main characters is the thing that makes the show better in my opinion. I like them more than i did richmond and martinez (who were also awesome!) maybe just because they are given more to do and more jokes to say but either way they definitely add to the show so that it is not just a well done knockoff scott and stonebridge. The "computer guy" is also a nice addition especially when he was in the field and when he told the guys to "shut the fuck up" in his own polite way ha! I just dont like their boss but its strike back so i dont see her making it. If it continues they way it is going i hope there is many more seasons to come because i could watch this all day!
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