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  1. TGinKY


    Wow. I was naive enough to think a big pregnant belly would cause Star to cut back on the revealing clothing. But there she is! Rocking that belly like it's the sexiest thing ever! I am female and have been pregnant. No one but my husband saw my belly, because not everybody wants to see that. Have some modesty.
  2. TGinKY

    S05.E04: Love All, Trust A Few

    Looks like Nicole Ari Parker dropped some weight. She looks more like her old self, circa Soul Food, my fav. I can't look at Mario and not remember his song Let Me Love You. When that song was big, I had a guy that I felt was too young for me putting the full court press on me. He was constantly sending me that song. Now it's become an unwanted earworm again (thanks Empire). I love Jussie Smollett so much. I saw him on the Harry show and appears to be the same way as he is on Empire. Very talented, sweet and soft spoken. I hope he's not up for more heartache on the show.
  3. TGinKY

    S05.E03: Pride

    I'm with phoenics - wtf
  4. TGinKY


    As a teen, I would not have been upset if told that I could not have children. The child that I had as a young adult, I love more than life itself, but the maternal extinct never kicked in until I had one.
  5. TGinKY

    S03.E13 From on the Pulse of Morning

    Agreed, which is why I have complained more than once on this forum and gave him the name, "Sugar Cane Whisperer". Thank God for closed captioning.
  6. TGinKY


    It was noted above that unlike Alone, none of these participants are trained survivalists, so the shelters and other things that will help them are planted here and there.
  7. Looks like a young Shirley MacLaine to me.
  8. Between David Poor and Paul, Louisville is really taking a beating.
  9. TGinKY

    S05.E08: The Bubble

  10. TGinKY

    S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll

    THIS! My friends, this is what Liza sees in Charles! **drooling**
  11. I help flip houses as my side hustle, so I saw great potential in the storage office apartment. I have seen some pretty sorry places completely turned around so that apartment - to me - has a ton of possibilities. I've read some comments stating it has no toilet or running water. It has both plus a shower - all it needs is a bigger water heater installed - no biggie. All the kitchen needs is a stove - again not a big deal. From what I observed, all they would need to do is move the fridge by the door and install the stove by the counter. Like everyone has already mentioned, with a microwave and maybe a toaster oven - Annie is set. Since the living area has so many windows and bright light, it is perfect for a lot of sun loving plants. Either Annie has zero imagination or it's all scripted. It has to be one or the other, or possibly both. There are manipulated story lines and there is pissing off your viewers TLC! You are totally insulting our intelligence and pissing us off! YES! We watch and? We hate ourselves. This forum is our therapy so thank you wonderfully insightful and intelligent people of this forum!
  12. She obviously is obsessed with a cartoon character because she is literally morphing into Jessica Rabbit.
  13. TGinKY

    Undercover High

    I would like to hear from people who teach on the college level. Are these types of things (tardiness, not paying attention to anything but their phones), a problem that carries over into college classes? Or do these kids not make it that far?
  14. TGinKY

    S03.E07 Study War No More

    I searched my usual place when I have a question about an actor, but IMDb did not list Hollywood's mom, but I KNEW I had seen her on some other show. Rose from Lost! Hey Rose!!
  15. TGinKY

    S03. E06 The Emerald City 2018.06.06

    I am getting caught up on this season, but I can't remember the Dalton situation. Can someone remind me?