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  1. "Matt Amodio’s history-making run on TV’s ‘Jeopardy!’ ends" (article) " ‘Jeopardy!’ champ Matt Amodio’s epic winning streak ends at 38 games and $1.5 million" (article)
  2. (note: possible correction to the article)
  3. " 'Jeopardy!' Will Go with Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings as Hosts Rest of Season" (article)
  4. (remembers having had found this part of the article to had been very unobjective)
  5. " ‘Jeopardy!’ begins season with already-ousted Richards" (article)
  6. " 'Jeopardy!' Never Considered LeVar Burton for Full-Time Host" (article)
  7. "She Wrote the History of ‘Jeopardy!’ Then She Changed It." (article)
  8. "Claire McNear on Her ‘Jeopardy!’ Reporting. Plus, Listener Mail." (article and audio)
  9. "This reporter upended 'Jeopardy!' and unseated Mike Richards" (article and video)
  10. "Why The 'Jeopardy!' Host Search Drama Outraged Fans" (article and audio)
  11. "Mike Richards Out As ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Amid Backlash" (article)
  12. "PREEMPTION ALERT - WEEK OF AUGUST 9, 2021" "FOX Sports Goes the Distance with First-Ever MLB at Field of Dreams Broadcast" (article)
  13. "Sony Pictures Television Names Mayim Bialik And Mike Richards As Jeopardy! Hosts" (article)
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