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  1. Jazzy

    Good Girls

    It's as Ann as the nose on Plain's face.
  2. Jazzy

    Good Girls

    He's a man of many talents.
  3. Jazzy

    S03.E02: Brett Is Dead

    "Brett just sold a shelf. Not the items on the shelf...he sold an actual shelf".
  4. Jazzy

    S2.E00: Olympics 2016.08.19

    That's why he looked so familiar! I was trying to figure out where I had seen him before. I thought he was an actor from another show.
  5. Jazzy

    S04.E07: Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!

    I was disappointed as well. Those looks he was giving Titus would've fooled me.
  6. Jazzy

    S01.E03: Tape 2, Side A

    He will be unstoppable!
  7. Jazzy

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I am living with my parents right now (saving up money to get my own place) but it's the same where they live. I don't think we ever lock the door until it's time for bed which is usually around 10 pm for us. I've noticed my neighbors do the same. Not just locked but doors open for most of the day. There have been a couple of robberies too lately but it doesn't seem to have phased anyone in our neighborhood. I can tell you when I lived alone (I'm a single female in my 30's) I made sure to have that door locked but I didn't live in the safest neighborhood either because it was cheaper so I'm sure that didn't help. My mom sometimes will say "Lock the door!" and I just confusingly look at her and ask "why"? She's the paranoid one among us.
  8. Jazzy

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    This reminded me of an incident at the dental clinic we have in our office building. I work in a non profit agency and we have a dental office for low-income patients. Anyway they made the woman wait in the waiting room for almost 2 hours then once she finally sat in the dentist chair and the dentist was about to numb her with the needle she put her hand up to gesture that she needed a minute because she was scared. At that the dentist threw down the needle on the floor and yelled "I'm not dealing with this! You can work on your own teeth then!" Now I agree it's never a good idea to make too big of physical movements while getting your teeth worked on especially when there are needles involved but the reaction of this dentist was ridiculous. I swear some people need to rethink their professions especially if they are in health care supposedly to "take care of others."
  9. Jazzy

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Can't disagree with you there. I had a friend that was living with her boyfriend and while yes it might have been good for him to get a job since she was working and paying the rent he did help her. He fixed things, cleaned, made the meals, went shopping. I think that should count for something. It doesn't technically contribute into the monthly income but it's stuff that I wouldn't want to have to do when I get home or can't do like fix things around the house since I have no patience or skill in craftsmanship of any kind. This irks me as well so I'm glad you brought it up.
  10. Jazzy

    S02.E06: Eulogy

    It was better than I was expecting but mostly I enjoyed the scenes with Sam at the acting class and the car commercial. The eulogy part was a bit too sappy for me. Not saying it wasn't done well but it's just not my cup of tea. The episode got me more excited for the next one and I hope they have more with Sam's boyfriend. I like him.
  11. The fact that you would compare Lindsay Lohan to Molly Ringwald gives me a hollow feeling in my stomach.
  12. Jazzy

    S01.E05: Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis

    I never know how this works exactly but if it gets cancelled by NBC can Netflix revive it like legally? If they feel like it will be a good addition that is.
  13. Jazzy

    S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: Flying

    I loved that! The creepy clown music and Chidi's expression right after were spot on.
  14. Jazzy

    S02.E02: Rising

    I'm sorry but I disagree. Sam has done some things in the past that were questionable and she does tend to be very direct with people but before the parking lot scene at least I understood where she was coming from. I don't expect her to be perfect because we all know no one is but some basic human decency would be good. I hate that they painted the rant as if she was being "honest" with him so that makes her brave. If she really wanted to be honest she could have let him know at least a week or two after they started going out that she wasn't interested. But she let it drag on. It might be the guy's fault that he didn't pick up on the signals she was giving off but when he tried to bring it up she could have acted like an adult and let him know that things were not working out for her. Yelling at him in public and insulting him as if the whole situation is his fault and she had no part in it doesn't make for an engaging character. It just makes her a really shitty person and one that up until that scene I could at least relate to. When she called him a dick at the end when he drove out of the parking lot that was the last straw (not to even mention that woman clapping??) I was already in stunned mode that she was acting like this and proud of her behavior but her calling him a dick after what she just did put me over the edge. I also disagree that you couldn't have had an exchange between them discussing their relationship without drama and ranting and not made it interesting. That's where the writing comes in. You can make anything interesting with witty dialogue and humor which is why I enjoyed this show in the first place. This is just laziness..not being unpredictable. I am disappointed in this show if this is the direction they are going with her character. It's a shame because I was really enjoying it and since Season 2 it seems to have given up on itself.
  15. Jazzy

    S07.E18: Choose or Lose

    As soon as I saw Tanner I knew Marco was gone for good with some shitty excuse as to why he left. He still could have stayed on the case even with Tanner there. But this is Rosewood. They can't have any competent police detectives so obviously he had to go. I was starting to like him too and was disappointed when I realized that they just kicked him off the show.