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  1. This show is going downhill rapidly. Pulling fingerprints off a photograph, especially one with terrible resolution, is just another "enhance... enhance... enhance..." nonsense macguffin. When the perpetually ridiculous events where characters, though fairly-well acted, behave in seemingly random and unbelievable manners which go against everything we've learned about them so far, it strains the credibility of the show far too much. I can suspend disbelief, but not enough to chop and change to adhere to the often-atrocious dialogue and writing. Speaking of which, there's an increasing amount of unnecessary Leftist narrative creeping into the script at exceedingly obvious moments - but I imagine everyone's noticed this already, as it's too painful to ignore. And there was I thinking nothing could be worse than the blatant cringeworthy advertisements we so often see crowbarred into shows with absolutely no relation to the product. Remember the Prius adverts in Warehouse 13, back in the day? Urrrgh. In this episode I'd finally had enough - when the "gender pay gap" was purposely mentioned front-and-centre by a main cast member, wielding the words with such poignant gravitas, I immediately switched off. Although a fictional series Is probably the best place for the fictional gender pay gap to exist, the fact that the hack writers put it in the script in the first place, and then that it managed to get past all the checks and balances to make it into the final broadcast says a lot about the political leanings of the show and those that make and support it. Won't be watching again, and will be spending those 42 minutes each week advising friends, family, and strangers to avoid the show like the plague. Though I am kind of curious to witness how off-the-rails this show gets - perhaps in a few weeks there'll be an alien invasion, or the First Son will have a difficult discussion with his parents about wanting to transition to female. Tragically, the more I think about it, the more likely I believe it is.
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