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  1. Sasha has totallty wiped her IG and twitter accounts of anything to do with YR. I think she is a goner and thought as soon as they mentioned a restaurant in Miami. I sure won't miss her, I do wish Theo was going with her too.
  2. No not the only one. SC is meh in the acting game. WHen soaps are over so is her acting career.
  3. DG is freaky kinda scary.. I am so glad he is gone. I just wish they had killed that character off. With a bANG
  4. Laners are fucking nasty. The crap they are saying to Beth is off the charts. The crazy fans are guaranteeing that he will never be back. So thanks for that I guess.
  5. OMG yes!!! I have seen so many women trashing HK for turning that creep in. A WTF moment for sure.
  6. LOL I had a few of his freak fans freaking out on me on twitter . I was not hiding my joy. :P
  7. I blame the puke fest called Kola who have been shoved down our throats.. they have been pimped more than that creep DG
  8. Not a PB fan here. I haven't liked Jack since TL left the part.
  9. He is so gross.. they never should have brought the character back to life. What a waste. And the actor makes me hurl.
  10. The actor is great the character was lame. I won't miss her.. Altho leaving Devon and Elana is pretty weak.. they are horrible
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